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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

Many thanks for your letter and enclosures, which are all quite
legible. I am glad that the book was of interest, it was only recently
published here. I hope that Serena maintains her improvement, it is so
difficult in these cases to reach the ego and urge it to improve, it is almost
like a religious conversation. How are you in yourself have you got over your

The crest is not recognised by the College of Arms. Those mentioned
by Burke do not appear to have valid recognition. in the Book of Family Crests
published by Henry Washbourne, 1840, London there are given several differences
under spellings ~ens, ~ence, ~ance, a bulls head, a martlet, and laurel branches
in saltire, the mottoes also vary. The Very Rev. Thomas Torrance, recently
retired as Professor of Divinity at Edinburgh University has had a crest
registered, but I have not yet sen a copy. He has a copy of TAF, but has
been disappointing on his knowledge of family history. Unfortunately Burke
is a fairly old work and as with many books the date of publication is not
given. Your American edition is a modern reprint, and that also omits the
original date of publication. Apart from not being official  I would not
worry about the rings, as they must have come from somewhere, and if our
legend is correct they must have some validity. To prove anything before 1600
is very difficult. At least we have now traced the line back to 1495, it is
reasonable to assume that our story is nearly correct.

At the same time we have very little direct connection with Torrence
castle, which we lost through marriage of the heiress in 1468. The previous
history is obscure, and the date of the castle is later than the heiress above.

TAF mentions two books on the family, on page 39 and 40. Do you
know where I could get a copy or a xerox of these. Your father must have
seen them. In searching for these I found a 33 page book by Mrs Frank S
Torrens of Sparta, 1934. There is one copy in Tacoma Public Library. A
friend of mine got me a photo copy. Unfortunately his branch which came from Letterkenny does not seem to be near relatives.

Thats about all this time. I will be interested to have yor
comments on the information I sent when you have time to study it.

With best wishes, and hopes that your health has now improved.


R G Torrens

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