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Robert G. Torrens
Blake Hill - Route 4 East
Vermont 05091

April 24 1891

Dear Bob

I returned from my trip south three
weeks ago, developed a hernia which
required surgery and have just returned from
hospital a few days ago.

I must thank you again for your letter
of the 16th of March and its very interesting
enclosures, as well as the information concerning
the crest.

You asked about two works mentioned
in TAF. The one referred to on page 30
Miss Elizabeth H K Torrence, published by
Frank M. recalls to mind your letter of
November 26, 1979 addressed to Mrs Paul
E Nelson of State College, PA. Did you
ever receive any reply, as she would appear
to be the best, if not only, source which
might lead to the information you seek. 

Concerning the references on page 40
I presume you would be interested in both.
Now that I am forced to be inactive for
some periods of time, I will try to track
these down. It would seem likely that
the Historical Societies of the two States
should be able to assist. We will see.

I will be in touch again shortly. I find
I tire easily after this operation, but did
want you to know I am still among the living.

Hope this finds you in good health
and enjoy a lovely English Spring.


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