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MS copy, letter from Hugh S Torrens to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

I write to send the very sad
news that my father, Robert George, died
on May 12. He had a slight stroke
over a year ago from which he made
a fine recovery but in April he
has a second very severe stroke
affecting te left hemisphere which
paralysed his right side and more
distressing rendered him  speechless.
He seemed to be making progress but
it was no to be maintained and
he died last week. He was 77 had
had a very good, fulfilled life and
after the shock and pain of losing him
is over I think we will regard
his death as a merciful release
from a paralysed, dysphasic existence
after his stroke.

I am his eldest sin born 20.11.40
and am directly responsible for your
making contact as it was I who found
your father's very fine book in a
London library to my father's great surprise
and delight. It was also I who photocopied
portions of it without authority!1

I think you should know how very much
my father enjoyed your friendship and
your letters. His Genealogical work
really gave an added dimension to his
life and we are all very grateful for
your part in this.

As a historian myself as well
as a scientist here I am determined
to continue our family enquiries for
the benefit of Robert's grandchildren
(2 sons, 1 daughter) if no-one else. The
papers you so kindly sent my father
are all safe and in my keeping and
I await your instructions for their return.
My father was for long seeking copies
of the books mentioned on pages 30 and 40
of your father's book. If you can track
down copies I would be deeply grateful
to learn. All my enquiries for my
father failed to trace either! But I
am used to Torrence family histories
being excessively rate. I have often
wondered how many copies of your father's
book were printed? the copy I found
was no 73.

I conclude with heartfelt hope that
your own and your daughter's health have
shown some improvement in the last few months.

With kindest regards
Hugh Torrens.

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