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Letters between Robert George Torrens and Robert Grier Torrence

During the years 1978 to his death in 1981, Robert George Torrens (1903.08.04 - 1981.05.12) held a busy pen-friendship with Robert Grier Torrence (b. 1923.07.04 - d. unknown).

Robert George Torrens is the father of Richard John Torrens (b. 1943.11.11), author of this site.

Robert Grier Torrence is the son of Robert McIlvane Torrence (1873.02.03 - unknown) who wrote the book Torrence and Allied Families which has been re-published in part on this site.

These are, for the most part, the transcripts of those very letters. E signifies a letter from RGT in England, A a letter from RGT in America.

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