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Letter from JWK TO JST

Dec. 9, 1919

Mr. J S Torrance
Dear Sir

Your letter stating that my full report had not reached you surprised me.
A  letter a few days later I though contained the announcement of it
having arrived. I was particularly careful about how I sent it off, so
that I believe it will turn up all safe It contained a full report of
what has been done and contained some copies that I did not do any more
than retain notes of for my use in what follows, so I appealed to my
Dublin searcher to let me have at once, although he was immersed in two
big searches, the abstracts of documents for which we have searched for
references. At first I thought you wished to see the refernces to (your)
Torrens records, and then ask for extracts - not a bad plan. The result
of the full abstracts as enclosed now herewith is quite satisfactory and
has opened up almost a century of your people. The name Carnroe was
indexed wrongly, but I had an idea from by local knowledge that the
corruption was intended for Carnrol, and so we have two excellent wills
relating to it.

I have made a provisional "tree" which you will find interesting. Of
course it will be tested (and possibly supported) by more evidence. This
is better than to send over again my first report until we see if it
turns up. Carnrol is almost the next townland to Culnanain and Mayoughill.

Your request about a copy of lease I am. of course, watching; one such
lease was at any rate registered but a late one will report on that later.

What a long time it takes for a letter to California.

Faithfully yours

J W Kernohan.


Note by RJT..
notice the mis-spelling of Carnroe, twice, as Carnrol!

attached docs:
Connor Admon Bond: Samuel Torrens and Marey Walker. 16 Jun 1739
Derrywills: Abraham Torrance of Ballymecran. 3 Aug 1763
Raphoe Admon Bonds: Moses and Mary Torence of Conwell. 16 Jul 1747
Connor Admon Bond: Rachel Torrens 1803

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