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Transcript of Letter from JW Kernohan to JST

Dear Sir:-

   I am sending you a chart of the family of Torrens that we are
knocking up against constantly in our search. You areas well to have it.
They were a rather prominent line. I got a defective and incorrect
chart, and with some little trouble I was able to make it, I believe,

   The other matter if from our earliest census returns 1821 which are
in MS in Dublin. The trouble is the great number of families of
Torrance. I have been endeavouring to place among them the families
mentioned in the letters to your ancestor from Ireland. I have put on a
few conjectural notes. I am trying again the Presbyterian Church of
Garvagh for more particulars. It is impossible, till better weather
comes, to do anything at graveyards, tho I have heard of more headstones.

   Unfortunately my Dublin searcher is not making progress. He assures
me he will soon be able to do better. But searchers are hard to get just
now. The co-operation we werer trying to make up has had to be suspended
thro two backing out from the united work. Two of Torrens have been
disclosed, however. I myself will be relieved of some work shortly, and
with the coming of better weather it will be possible to do some outside
work. Try what you can make out of the particulars enclosed.
   With regard to your desire for the name of a searcher in S of
England, I thought at first you might have to go to a London agent, but
I learn that there is (or was a few years ago) a professional gentleman,
          Rev. Edmund Nevill
          43 High Street
who is interested in (among other names) Hart, of Harts and Wilts. I do
not know aught of him, but you may care to try him.

		I am, Yours faithfully
From the reference by Robert to address reply to John or Robert, it
would seem as if Jean's husband was "John". There are Derry Grant Books
that will be searched. Pleasse be patient a little longer. There is a
book on the Harts, including out Co. Donegal Harts.

**(Note:- letter to Mr Neville was returned on account inability to
deliver.- J.S.T.)

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