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Dear Sir

Some days ago I sent you some material. Now I forward results of further
search. *Most important is the document relating to Sergt. Hugh, but it
is provoking that no place of location is given to identify his family
by, except his regiment. However, I am trying to see if we cn get
anything to supplement it. As a rule, we have only names in the
regimental lists.

The other Freeholders' Lists give all the families of Torrens and their
location in the County, some of which we have had before. Your Hugh
shows farthest back and we have the advantage of the townland places
here. You will notice that a ew particulars from the leases are given
chiefly about 1800 and later, which I was glad to see, as possibly there
may be a leasehold document obtainable in the landlord's office, the
present agent of which I am acquainted with. He lives in Liniavady,

Faithfully yours
J W Kernohan

*Documents of 1705 or thereabouts are very rare.


attached documents:
Co Derry Register of Freeholders 1761-71 thro to 1819 (4 sides)
Exchequer Bill, James Byrne 28 Nov 1700
Exchequer Bill, Willoam Taggert. 18 May 1705
Derry Registry Book 1721-1773

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