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Letter to JST from JWK


Dear Sir:-

I have your letter of Mar. 30th, and note what you say about applying to
the families still residing in Co. Derry. It is not a very satisfactory
affair. I visited, I suppose, the most educated man of the whole
connection a few years ago, and he knew very little about the earlier
history. He is a retired medical doctor. But I shall try him again. From
the enclosed you will see I have been drawing a rather fine comb thro the
public records, with unsatisfactory results. There is only one abstract
of real interest - the memorial of deed (Orr to Torrens) It shows there
was a lease in this case. The line here was

Hugh Torrens
James Torrens (see above and abstract)
John Torrens of Gorton, later of Coolyrammer
Dr. Torrens (See above)

I am now seeing what the landlord's rentals or records or leases can be
got at. Owing to land troubles they are not easily accessible, if they
exist at all. It is regrettable that these do not help us in the
provisional chart.

I got the wills of the wives' names looked up in Dublin. There is only
one giving the name, but without fresh light. Notice one of the wills of
Torrens sent before - Alex.r Torrens of Mullahinch, par. of Aghadowey.
His son-in-law, Samuel Heslet is mentioned. I think I sent you previously
the marriage entry (probably the same) of Samuel Haslet from Boveva
Register, dated Mar. 8, 1761. The wife, Elizabeth Torrens is named as of
the par. of Aghadowey in 1770. These changes of residence are perplexing.
Let me say now that following on the getting of another name or two the
search in the Bills is nw going on. The document about Sergeant Hugh,
which I hope reached you, was only got by this search in Bills, which had
to be suspended through one or two dropping out. I have a letter from Mr
Hugh Torrens in reply to an inquiry about graveyards. My letter on the
newspaper drew a few answers, but they were useless.

Faithfullly yours,
J W Kernohan


Attached documents:
Derry Will book 1786-90
 James Cochrane of Drummore, Macosquin. 7 Mar 1778
 John Haslett 29 Jul 1785
 Samuel Miller of Drumlaghlin 8 Nov 1786
 Rev Thomas Torrens of Rowleybroook. 8 Nov 1786
 Thomas Torrens of Ballinascreen 24 Sep 1794
 Samuel Haslet of Tullyherin 20 Oct 1803
 Samuel Haslet of Drumneery 4 Jan 1810
Exchequer Bill: James Cresswell et all. 3 Jul 1711
Exchequer Bill: Alex Torrens of Dublin 26 Oct 1725
Registry of Deeds: Memorial of Lease Alex Orr to James Torrens 7 May 1808
Assignment Rev John Torrens 13 Nov 1775
Release, Richard Hunter, 16 Nov 1786
Lease Paul Torrens of Ballymacran 7 Apr 1800
Letter to JWM from Mary Torrens Martin 20 Mar 1920

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