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Letter from J W Kernohan to JST

Aug 24 1920

Dear Mr Torrens

I have your letter asking if there is likely to be much additional
information to glean. I fear we have almost exhausted the public
records - - except the Bills that we were searching. We got to 1730 and
among these was the Sergeant Hugh document, but there are many  years yet
to do. There are also Chancery Bills which we did not touch. There are
only two names in the searches now and I have not asked searcher to
continue till I learn your mind. It will cost more on that account.

I have made a discovery of two Torrens tombstones in an old graveyard on
the side of the River Bann opposite to the Torrens country. Following a
clue given me I had a friend who says there are at least two stones of
the early date of1720 or so. But it is difficult to have a place like
this property searched unless one does it oneself. I am trying to get
there myself soon. It is not near a railway. I think these stones should
be photographed. I doubt if there is
as much money in hand as will do Exchequer Bills and the trip to the
graveyard, but it would be well to run through the rest of the bills from
1730 to 1800. To search the Chancery Bill list would probably be as large
a thing as the excheq. bills. Please let me know your mind. I note that
you desire to go to press by January, but we can arrange to get all
before then. I got two monumental inscr. from from Aghadowey Churchyard,
where I would have expected more. They are rather late.

Believe me. Yours faithfully
(signed) J W Kernohan

It is quite a catch to have early stones, such as I reported above, they
are so uncommon. There is an abstract that I was waiting on, but the
Dublin man has not yet sent it. Will go with next.

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