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Letter from JST to J W Kernohan

September 10th, 1920

Dear Mr. Kernohan:-
I trust that the political troubles in Belfast and elsewhere, of which I
read do much in the papers, do not affect you personally and that they
may be brought to a speedy termination. It would seem as though there has
been enough of strife in this world and that there should be peace

Among other things I think that I would like to give in my book the birth
dates and birth places of the descendants of Hugh Torrence, father of
Robert of Middlebury, who are now living in County Derry. How much of an
undertaking would that involve?

I am anxious to go to press with my book by the first of the year if
possible. There will be no delay beyond that time, unless it be
occasioned by your work in Ireland or my searching in County Wiltshire,
England for data concerning the antecedents of Lewis Hart.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your next letter, hoping that you
will have found something of more value than you have found hitherto.
While I am very glad to have the information that you have sent, I shall
be very much disappointed if your search does not reveal further facts
regarding Serg. Hugh and other family connections which would be of

Meanwhile I beg to remain, with kindest regards,
Very sincerely yours
J S Torrance.

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