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Letter from J W Kernohan to JST

November 16th, 1920

Dear Mr Torrance:-

I am pushing ahead with the completion of the work so as to come with in
your date. My Dublin man is pretty fully engaged, but I hope to have him
at the Bills, or at least a part of them. Thank you for cheque received.
The chart of the present family from Hugh and Eleanor downwards is in  a
forward state, It is trying sometimes to get details from the families in
the country, as they have so little knowledge and take small interest in
the matter. I did not know when I was in Garvagh that you were coming
down to the present families here. but I doubt if I could have done the
matter there more economically. I have been obliged to pay this time for
extracts from Church registers, so much per extract. As it comes within
the legal period, the Minister of Moneydig has, I suppose, the right to
charge an official fee, but I fancy he will meet me reasonably enough,
and I myself, where I made extracts from Church registers only counted
for the time spent on search. I will do the chapter on Torrens families
as requested. I had been searching books for the Torrance places in
Scotland but you have succeeded better, judging by the extracts you send.
Such books are not to be got here, I am sorry to say.

With kind regards, I am

Yours very truly

J W Kernohan

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