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Letter from J W Kernohan to JST

December 18th, 1920

Dear Mr Torrance:-

The appointed day has come. This morning I got the Dublin Bill search
report for another 10 years, 1731-1740. I'm sorry it gives little
information. I had hoped to get it to 1750, but the searcher did in this
a large quantity of volumes, and regrets a negative result. I had gone on
with what you wanted as introduction. I made an energetic search in
Scotch books, but found little additional. I got the volume of Burke's
Visit of Seats, but you had already sent me an extract. I made some
corrections in it which I will send you. So as to anticipate the
Christmas rush I am sending it to you registered. I did my best to give
the necessary colouring in absence of more definite data. Of course. you
will use it just as you desire. I have added notes which you may not
choose to insert. It would take some days more to have it typed, and I
thought you would care to read it critically before putting it into type.
There is much pressure of work now, and I could only manage it in spare
time, usually at night. I am rather glad it has reached this stage. The
chart of present descendants of Hugh is not quite complete, but I suppose
you will add it in the appendix, and it will not keep you back. I think I
should not continue the search in Bills. It is rather expensive for only
two names, and gives little result.

I have for long tried to get a look at the indenture you suggested. Only
this week have I got the loan of one of James Torrens of Mayoughill,
nephew of your ancestor Robert - date 1832. It is rather a triumph for me
to get such a loan from a landlord here. I'll try and procure it
altogether for you to purchase. It would be interesting. More papers will
follow after Christmas. You will see I used an abstract of a deed in what
I send you. It is not so good as this indenture for giving you an idea of
a lease.

Please excuse the form of enclosed. But it is clearly written, which is
the chief thing. Mistakes always occur (in American books) in the
spelling of our names of places. But that could be made right if I saw
the proof, or carbon copy. But that is for you to decide.

With best wishes
I am
yours faithfully
J W Kernohan

I made it full length even tho' you may choose to strike out parts as

I have some notes showing Torrenses in a few places not already known,
but they are distant places - a Bill showing John Torrance of Maddykell,
the same probably as Torrance of Finvoy Parish (see 1740 list in note
enclosed) just across the river from Culnamen. You will think of possible
typical illustrations. There is one of old Aghadowey in Bolton's Scotch-
Irish Pioneers (Boston-Bacon and Brown 1910). The whole Ms. enclosed
would divide into sections or chapters.
Last week I got hold of an old book og Ballykrelly nearly contemporary
with the Siege of Derry, I thought I might get Hugh Torrance's child
(Sergeant) baptism in 1701, but it is not there. See note to be made
about it.

documents attached: most separated except

List of volumes searched in Bills, 1741 through 1751. No reference to
Torrens. Signed Philip Crossle.

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