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Letter from JST to J W Kernohan

January 18th, 1921

Dear Mr Torrance:-

I received your letter containing your interesting and very satisfactory
introductory article of the Torrance family. I dare say that you have
covered the ground very thoroughly and it will be read with pleasure by
many of the descendants of those Scotch-Irish progenitors.

The letter was a long time in coming, I suppose on account of the press
of mails over the holidays. The package was somewhat mutilated, but I
think the contents were intact and that I have everything which you

I wrote you a letter about the first of December advising you that you
might have some additional time in which to bring your labours in my
behalf to a conclusion, which I hope was duly received. Following the
publication of the volume, I will be very glad to send you a copy as it
may be of some use to you at some future time.

The proper names mentioned in your letter are all of them so legible that
I fancy it will not be necessary for you to read a proof thereof.

On page 42 of your article you inserted a pencil note as follows: "you
will get a longer abstract of the above lease in what I have already sent
you." You were referring to the lease of the twenty acres, dated April 3,
1808, wherein Alexander Orr of Landmore, Co. Derry, Esq. in consideration
of 600 pounds assigned to James Torrance of Mayoughill that piece of
land. This is the first reference to that lease that I have received from
you, and I am apprehensive that you may have written me one letter which
I never have received.

I hope very much tht you will be able to purchase from Mr. James Torrence
of Mayoughill, nephew of my ancestor Robert, the indenture of lease
described in your letter. You are authorised to pay him a reasonable
price to secure it.

The additional papers which you were to forward after Christmas have not
yet arrived, but they doubtless will be forthcoming within a few days.

I regret very much that the Bill search did not disclose more information
and I am half hoping that when you received my letter giving you
additional time that you gave instructions to continue the work, at least
down to 1750, or later.

My ancestor Robert was born about 1731, and if his name occurred in any
documents, either of a legal or otherwise character, it would necessarily
be after that date and prior to 1754. I never like to give up and
acknowledge myself being stumped in an endeavour to accomplish certain
things, and even though I do not delay the publication of my book, I am
half inclined to say to you that so long as you think there are any
chances of proving up your provisional tree and of obtaining information
extending back a generation more from Robert, to keep the work going
until the last possible source of information has been exhausted. As you
say, sometimes at the last moment one will find a clue that will give
them just what they have been searching generally for some time.

I appreciate very thoroughly the efforts which you have made in my behalf
and cannot but most heartily commend the character of service which you
have rendered and your methods of doing business.

Very cordially yours
J S Torrance

Note by RJT...

JST died on March 29, 1921 a few weeks after this letter.

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