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Undated letter from JWK to JST. The handwritten original is in RGT's

Dear Mr Torrance

The enclosed speaks for itself pretty well. Yesterday I got another
return of some marriages which I was waiting for but none of them fits
into this chart. As you are probably wanting it I am sending it one
pretty much by itself, if you intend, as I hope, to print it as well. Mr
Hugh Torrens did what he could - he is not accurate - to help out, also
Dr. H R Torrens of Drumbo, helped with his end. His is the best known
family at present. I have still out some "trees" with members of families
but I fear I must at present abandon the attempt to connect, say the
separate Culnamen "tree" with yours. No memory is long enough. & the
names are so numerous about 1800 as to leave too much confusion. My
Dublin searcher has gone on other searches but I'll get him back again. I
hope. I met with an old Ms. volume of the 1670-80 times in Scotland. It
gives a Hugh Torrance, A covenanter in Ayrshire.

With kind regards
I an yours very truly


I have accumulated a considerable quantity of notes. I have gone over
then all (in a bag) to find if I could get the deeds copy that you asked
about. It is not among them, and I am sure I forwarded it seeing that I
kept the short note of it for use in working up the connected narrative.
Of course I have some letters and notes to send you yet.


footnote RJT 22nd March, 1999

attached notes from:
 Killyleague Presbyterian Church Register (1693-1756)
 Drumbo Presby Church Register (1699-1722)
 Ballykelly Presbyterian Register (1699-1740)

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