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Torrens Families Genealogy
Families Trees

These are a collection of Torrens family trees which give the state of our current knowledge on the Bann Valley and other Torrens families.

There is no reason why other named families should not also be presented here - but this will not happen until someone presents me with a suitable tree so if you have a relevant GEDCOM file, use the Contact button!

Much of the early data is highly speculative. Therefore there are copious notes in the trees to indicate why we think the data fits like this. I welcome any feedback, corrections, additional data or different ways of viewing the known facts.

3 wills of Alexander and Archibald Torrens of Carnroe and Alexander Torrens of Mullahinch
These three wills from the 1700s connect to make one of the earliest available trees of the area and take us back to around 1650.
Mayoghill, Hugh
This is my own line so is quite full. It provisionally connects three brothers, Hugh (of Cahenny c. 1650-1712), Alexander (of Carnroe, c.1650 - 1716, and Wiliam (Vow, death date unknown). The family of Hugh (of Mayohill, 1695 - c.1799) is well documented although Hugh's dates are not well established. These descendants include Jean (1729-1902) who married (possibly her cousin) John. ancestors of the Culnamen line), Robert (1736-1916) who founded a well documented American line.
Mayoghill, Hugh
Robert (1736)
Robert, the brother of Jean of the following Culnamen line, founded an American line. Data mainly taken from Jared Sidney Torrens' book.
Alexander Torrance (b. c. 1713) is an American line which may well connect with this tree.
Culnamen, John and Jean
There are too many descendants for a single tree, so this is the (highly speculative) ancestors tree and (eventually) trees of the five sons who had families. Jean is a daughter of Hugh of Mayoughill. John is brother to Samuel and Thomas Torrens.
  1. John's line
  2. Samuel's line
  3. Hugh's line
    1. Hugh Torrens of Drumsara
  4. Thomas' line
  5. Robert's line
Dungiven line
This line has very nearly died out - only one branch is known to still survive. However it contains most of the famous Torrenses including the Australian explorer and many military and clerical gentlemen.
There is an essay concerning a putative daughter of Sir Robert Richard John Torrens
American lines
Thomas Torrens of Larkhall
This is the Canadian branch of the Torrence family. They originated from Larkhall, Scotland. This area of Scotland south of Glasgow is the source of most of the Torrens lines.

A www search reveals trees that connect:

Frances Torrens of Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland
Another known line - of which I have no detail but descendants can usually be contacted via the Torrens mailing list (use the "Join Us" button at top of page).

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