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About the book "The Descendants of Lewis Elliott and Anne Hart"

In 1923, the surviving wife of Jared Sidney Torrance published his posthumous genealogy book, The Descendants of Lewis Elliott and Anne Hart. Jared Sidney Torrance had died 29th March 1921. He was born 3rd August 1853 (data from

This book is a milestone not only in the genealogy of the (mainly American) lines of the families concerned but also in historical documentation and it has also been a central pillar in compiling the genealogy of my own family, see A genealogical search.
Letter 5 quoted in Genealogy or fiction? indicates clearly that Jared Sidney Torrence, as much as he wanted to find a connection between all Torrence lines, was not happy to invent one and this and other evidence leads this author to believe that JST's work is about as accurate as it can be.

The book has been transcribed, with the exception of part 3 which deals with the lines other than Torrens/Torrence/Torrance.

What you get

This book as published here is not merely a photocopy. An original copy has been scanned and OCR'd and then completely re-laid in a format similar to (but not identical with) the original. It is done in a commercial desk-top publishing program. However the full program is available as a free trial and may be used with little limitation for a long period: if you find it worth paying for - then buy it (and for what it is, it is extremely good value!). It is Ovation Pro and is available from David Pilling. The big advantage of this program is that it enabled the whole book to be easily printed out, double-sided on standard A4 paper, as a pamphlet. The re-laying has been done with a view to reducing the amount of paper needed for this! I suggest you download and play with Ovation Pro as you will need this to best view the book. If you want example files, I can supply many which will show you how easy the program is to use.

However the book is also available as two types of pdf: one as a pamphlet style, if you wish to print it and one for reading on screen.

Section (O-Pro) Pages Print pdf Read pdf
Part 1 Foreword, pages i-xix Print Read
Part 2 Pages 1-291 Print Read
Part 3. Not yet transcribed.
Appendices Pages 293-317 Print Read
Book Index Print Read

The pdf versions are harder to print prettily than is the free trial Ovation Pro version.

Book Contents

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