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In presenting this volume of modest annals of the Torrence and Allied Families, may I be permitted a word of explanation of its genesis.

There was no thought of printing a book when the work was first undertaken. After charting the living members of my immediate family, there developed an interest in the earlier and still earlier generations. Inquiries were made; letters written; records searched; new facts found; different names added, each of which connected itself with others, and each marriage opened new vistas of opportunity for research. And so the story grew.

Accumulating data made orderly classification desirable, and as many interested persons, becoming familiar with what had been done, urged its publication for preservation and reference, the result is now before the reader.

No effort has been spared to insure accuracy in this outline of facts of family life, touched here and there by environmental influences that caused the flight of the fearless from fatherland to homes in new worlds. State muniments, source material, family records and traditions have been industriously examined. Where errors are found, the compiler begs indulgence and bespeaks correction thereof, so that any such may be rectified and notification may be sent to all recipients of the book.

I have had the pleasure of a wide correspondence and know the thrill of friendship begun by letter and added to by ties of blood and common interest. To these named and unnamed co-workers, it is my privilege to make most grateful acknowledgment for their unselfish assistance, without which present results would have been impossible.

During the period of my researches, I have seemed, in imagination, to watch the historic panorama of the ages unfold, and with it the cavalcade of ancestors, kin, and collaterals who had a role in its making. I have experienced an honest pride that so many have belonged to that class noted for industry, piety, probity, and thrift, upon which rest the foundations of our Christian society and democratic government, and from which are recruited the workers and thinkers of the world.

If this narrative shall stimulate their present and future descendants to follow their precept and practice, my labor will be amply compensated.

Robert M. Torrence

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Torrence and Allied Families Written by Robert McIlvane Torrence, published 1938
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