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12. The Honorable Joseph Torrence4

(Aaron, Albert2 Sergeant Hugh1), born in York, now Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, December 2, 1751; died in Fayette County, February 23, 1831. He accompanied his parents when they left Cumberland County to take up residence in the Redstone Settlement, prior to 1768.

Redstone Settlement was the name given to that territory in the southwest part of Pennsylvania, then claimed by Virginia, embracing what now constitutes the counties of Fayette, Washington, Greene and parts of Westmoreland and Allegheny. It took its name from a creek which enters the Monongahela River near Brownsville, Pennsylvania, and which passes by Redstone Old Fort, later Fort Burd.

Leaving this section, Joseph Torrence journeyed through the then wilderness trails, down through Virginia. While at Back Creek, in Frederick County, he met and became a friend of Captain George Paull, who had a large plantation at this place.52

Paull-Irwin, by Elizabeth Maxwell Paull, before referred to, says Captain Paull, youngest son of Hugh Paull, the pioneer, decided to take advantage of the lands opened to settlers in the northern part of Virginia at that time. He sold his plantation at Back Creek on November 21, 1768. By pack team, he and his family, accompanied by Joseph Torrence, travelled on until they reached the Redstone Settlement, and established themselves near the base of Laurel Hill. Here they became neighbors of Aaron Torrence and his family, whom Joseph rejoined, and remained with them until the death of his mother in 1772. Later, his father returned to his former home in Peters Township, Franklin County, with his four sons, where Joseph remained until he entered the Revolutionary Army. He was ensign in the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment, in 1777, under Colonel Irvine; 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Jeremiah Talbott's Company, as it stood, November 30, 1777, under Colonel David Grier, who succeeded Colonel William Irvine when he was made prisoner. Lieutenant Torrence was with the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment when it was under Washington at Valley Forge. Heitman Note 53-1 lists him as: "Penna. 2nd. Lt. Penna. 7th. June 1777, 1st Lt. 2 February, 1778. Resigned April 15, 1779." War service ended, he returned to Fayette County, where the United States Census of 1790 ascribed to him three white males over 16, two under sixteen, five females and one slave. He took a prominent part in State and County civil affairs and was elected to the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, October 12, 1784.Note 53-2 Other positions of trust followed in quick succession as set forth by Ellis:Note 53-3

On October 25, 1787, Joseph Torrence was elected Sheriff, re-elected November 5, 1788, and again October 30,1789.

In 1790, he was elected County Commissioner. In the years 1791-93, he was a member of the 'louse of Representatives of Pennsylvania. On September a, 1789, he was elected County Lieutenant. (An office that existed in Pennsylvania from 1776 to 1789, and carried with it the title of Colonel. It gave to the person holding it command of the Militia and the management of the military fiscal affairs for the county.)

He was elected a delegate to the First Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania, held at Philadelphia, Pa.7 during the winters of 1792 and 1793.

He was elected County Auditor for 1809-1810.


Meanwhile he acquired by grant and purchase considerable land not only in Fayette County, but also in Washington and Allegheny, and did much business in real estate as well as overseeing his plantations. His earliest warrants, grants or purchases were:

The Connellsville Navigation Company, formed October 8, 1816, carried on the first banking business in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Of this Mr. Torrence was a director, and acted as Chairman of its Board of Directors at the meeting when Isaac Meason, Jr., was made its president.

Mr. Torrence's activity in civic and business affairs was supplemented by his vital interest in the religious life of the Community and his Church. This was recognized in his selection and election as the second Ruling Elder of the Laurel Hill United Presbyterian Church, succeeding Mr. Samuel Finley and serving acceptably until his death.On January 18, 1781, he was married by the Reverend James Dunlop54 to Mary Paull, second child of Captain George and Martha (Irwin) Paull. She was born in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1762 and died September 30, 1842. Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Torrence resided on their plantation "Peace", where they long dispensed a charming and wide hospitality. Both are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, as are the parents of Mrs. Torrence, whose gravestones are marked:

In Memory of George Paull
who departed This Life on the
81st Day of March, 1778.
In the 44 Year of his Age.
In Memory of Martha Paull
who Departed This Life on the
11th Day of May, 1802.
In the 69th Year of her Age.

The Will of Colonel Joseph Torrence, dated January 25, 1827, proved April 15, 1831 is of record at Uniontown.Note 55-1 By it he gave the plantation on which he lived to his wife and son, Joseph; his bank stock of the Old Bank of Pittsburgh to his daughter Clarissa; lands in Hamilton County, Ohio, to son, George Paull Torrence. Bequests were made to his daughter Jane, wife of Colonel William Ludlum Miller; to his son Aaron the house in which he lives; $2000.00 and a house and lot to his son Samuel, His grandson, Joseph Torrence Power was also a devisee.

    Children of the Honorable Joseph and Mary (Paull) Torrence, all probably born at "Peace Plantation", ten:

  1. ¶20. George Paull Torrence,5 married Mary Brownson Findlay.
  2. ¶21. Susannah Torrence5 married James Power, M.D.
  3. iii. Clarissa Torrence5 born 1793; married Samuel Russell. No issue.
  4. ¶22. Jane Torrence5 married Colonel William Ludlum Miller.
  5. ¶23. Joseph Torrence5married Catherine Rogers.
  6. Samuel Torrence5 born 1806; was graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, in Class of 1828; was lieutenant in the Army, and died of Yellow Fever at flock Island Arsenal, September 1, 1832; buried at Fort Armstrong, Illinois.
  7. Aaron Torrence, M. D5 born in 1812; died June 7, 1880; married Mary Gibson Rogers, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Gibson) Rogers. She died at Mount Pleasant, October 26, 1846, in her fortysecond year. In a letter written by her to her husband, dated February 21, 1829, addressed to 341 Market Street, Philadelphia, she asks,"what prospect have you of bringing to me your miniature?" He was graduated, Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania in 1829.Note 55-2 55
  8. Elizabeth Torrence5 married John B. Trevor, son of Samuel and Sarah Trevor of Philadelphia. They took residence at Connellsville, between 1794 and 1795, where he was cashier of the Connellsville Navigation Company; was elected State Treasurer in 1820; served as Prothonotary. of Fayette County, and became a bank president in Philadelphia.Note 56-1 His son was a member of the firm of Trevor & Colgate, New York.
  9. Mary Torrence5 died an infant.
  10. Martha Torrence5 married Joseph Guthrie.

13. Captain Samuel Torrence4

(Aaron3 Albert2 Sergeant Hugh1), was born 1755, in that part of Pennsylvania now Peters Township, Franklin County, established in 1784, but at the time of his birth embraced in Cumberland, created in 1750.

As a lad of thirteen years, he accompanied his parents to the Redstone Settlement, now Fayette County. After the death of his mother in 1772, he returned with his father and brothers to Franklin County, where he is listed as a taxable in Peters Township in 1781; in Franklin in 1783, 1785, 1786.Note 56-2

Sometime after 1781, he resided for a short period at Lexington, Kentucky, where his brother John had located, but returned to Fayette and resided at Seven Mile, a small place west of Uniontown. The first United States Census of 1790, allots to him: "One white male over sixteen years, four white males under sixteen and three females"

In 1793, "A Return of Militia Officers of the First, Second and Third Regiments and Four Companies of the Fourth Regiment of the Militia of the Fayette County. Brigade," ranks him as Samuel Torrence, Captain, Sixth Company, First Regiment, Lieut. Colonel William Lynn commanding.Note 56-3

He was a Ruling Elder in the Dunlop Creek Presbyterian Church, organized in 1774, by the Rev. James Power, and was buried in its graveyard, having died June 24, 1795. In 1936 his gravestone was still standing.

Samuel Torrence was married December 31, 1778, in Upper West Conocoheague Presbyterian Church, Mercersburg, by the Reverend John King, to Jean McConnell, who died November 29, 1808, daughter of his father's second wife, Elizabeth Irwin, widow of Captain William McConnell.56

    Children of Captain Samuel and Jean (McConnell) Torrence, nine:

  1. i. Aaron Torrence5 baptized July 4, 1779; was president of the Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Manellen Township, which failed and caused the loss of his fortune. A deed, of record in Uriontown, by Aaron Torrence and Elizabeth his wife, dated March 3, 1817, was, doubtless, executed to meet creditor claims; married Elizabeth Mills and lived in Richmond, Jefferson County, Ohio; both died after March 3, 1817. Issue:
    1. 1. Aaron Freeland Torrence 6 of Richmond, Ohio.
  2. ii. William Torrence5 1789-1837; resided in Richmond, Ohio.
  3. iii. Susanna Torrence5 married Robert Thompson, of Upper Ten Mile, Pennsylvania; moved to Senecaville, Ohio, where she died in 1813. Issue six:
    1. 1. James Thompson6
    2. 2. William Thompson6
    3. 3. Harrison Thompson6
    4. 4. Robert Thompson6
    5. 5. Mary Ann Thompson6
    6. 6. Jane Thompson6
  4. iv. Elizabeth Finley Torrence5 married John Symington.
      Issue, one:
    1. 1. Samuel Symington6 lived in Richmond. There may have been others.
  5. v. James Torrence5 died in 1849, member of Rocky Springs Church, Franklin County; resided in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He married first, Rosannah McConnell, his cousin, daughter of Captain James and Rebecca McConnell and a granddaughter of Captain William and Elizabeth (Irwin) McConnell. He married, second, Margaret, daughter of AndrewNote 57-1 and Jane (Bingham) Brown. His will of June 3, 1848Note 57-2 devised to his wife Margaret, his farm in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio; to his nephew, Aaron Freeland Torrence, his books, and the residue to Foreign Missions, The Board of Education, The Presbyterian Church and the American Bible Society. The will of his widow Margaret was probated in Washington County, July 14, 1876.Note 57-3 No issue known to have lived to maturity.
  6. 24. vi. Joseph Torrence5 married Mary McCreary.
  7. vii. John Torrence5 born 1793; died 1864; married in 1819, Mary Power, born March 12, 1798; died in 1865, of West Newton, Pennsylvania, daughter of Colonel John and Margaret (Finley) Power.Note 57-4 Both husband and wife were members of the Old Redstone Presbyterian Church.
      Issue, five:
    1. 1. Samuel Torrence6 1820-1896.
    2. 2. James Torrence6 born 1821.
    3. 3. John rower Torrence6 born 1825; died 1848.
    4. 4. Mary Jane Torrence6 born57 1832; died 1882; married, October 14, 1852, Hiram Gamble.
        Issue, five:
      1. i. Hesekiah D. Gamble7 born 1833.
      2. ii. Power T. Gamble7 born 1856.
      3. iii. Elliott A. Gamble7 born 1859.
      4. iv. Oliver Power Gamble7 born 1804.
      5. v. Mary E. Gamble7 born 1866.
    5. 5. William Torrence6 born 1834; married in 1858, Margaret Stowell.
      Issue, seven:
    1. i. Charles Willis Torrence:7 1859-1887.
    2. ii. Phoebe Jane Torrence7 born 1862.
    3. iii. Mary Ellen Torrence7 1864-1883.
    4. iv. John Finley Torrence7 born 1867.
    5. v. Francis Stowell Torrence7 born 1869.
    6. vi. Laura Ida Torrence7 1872-1877.
    7. vii. Ethel Anna Belle Torrence7 1877-1887.
  8. viii. Ebenezer Torrence5 died March 13, 1808, aged thirteen years. He had been named for Ebenezer Finley.
  9. ix. Samuel Finley Torrence5 born 1787; died February 19, 1869, aged eighty-two years.

¶14. John Torrence4

(Aaron8 Albert2 Sergeant Hugh1), was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, October 6, 1759, and died June 29, 1840, in Xenia, Ohio, where he was buried in the Seceder's Graveyard on West Market Street. Later, his remains were removed to the lot of his son Aaron, in Woodlawn Cemetery.

He accompanied his parents in or about 1768, from Cumberland County to the Redstone Settlement, now embraced in Fayette County, but after the death of his mother in 1772, returned with his father and brothers to the former home in Peter's Township, Cumberland, later Franklin County. From here, in 1777, he enlisted for service in the Revolution.

His pension papers, on file in the Revolutionary War Archives in Washington, D. C., Navy Building, Wing 8, under Numbers S 6257, 13026, give many interesting facts as can be surmised from the few excerpts given:

John Torrence, of Green County, Ohio, Was a Sergeant in Company of Capt. Eskew, of the Regiment commanded by Col. James Dunlop, Pennsylvania Militia; served for seven months. Subscribed on Roll of Ohio, rate $35.83 per annum, to commence 4 March, 1831. Certificate of Pension issued a May, 1833, sent to Xenia, Ohio. "Declaration: 15 September, 1832, personally appeared John Torrence, aged 74,Note 58-1 in November; entered services of United States, month of August in 1777; militiaman under Capt. Eskew, in regiment attached to Col. Dunlop; that be lived in Cumberland County, Pa." Then follows a detailed account of their marching from Shippensburg to Carlisle, Lancaster, and Marcus58 Hook, where they were under General Potter. Next, the army marched to Chester and Philadelphia. Here he took sick and in consequence thereof was sent home, his time being nearly out. In the Spring of 1780, he thinks he went to Lexington, Kentucky, where he, with others, lived at "the station," until the Spring of 1783. "Every man, at that time, was a soldier and under arms on call for excursions against the Indians." In the Fall of 1782, he was in the campaign of General George Rogers Clark. His Captain was under McConnell and he thinks that Col. Robert Patterson commanded the regiment to which his company was attached. During the three years he remained at "the station," he was subject to frequent emergency calls which were all under the command of Col. John Todd, who was, at that time, County Lieutenant. "There was not an inhabitant on the north side of the Kentucky River, who to his knowledge and recollection did not live in forts or 'Stations'." Subscribed to.

Personally appeared John Torrence, of Green County, Ohio, 19 March, 1833. "I served as a private soldier and drafted militiaman under Capt. Eskew for two months until discharged on account of sickness. I served under General Clark as a Sergeant.

Family letters clearly prove that John Torrence lived for a time at Lexington. Unfortunately, the Court House at Lexington was destroyed by fire January 31, 1803. But the records saved show him to have been one of the original settlers of that town. His name appears in the list placed on the books of "Town Trustees" under date of March 21, 1781. He drew "In-Lot-No. 82" and was awarded "Out-Lot-K." His receipt for these indicate be had been in Lexington at least six months earlier, as he had planted crops the year before, hence there in 1780. Later, he exchanged his first lots for "In-Lot 27, Out-Lot 16".

The County Records also show that John Torrence on August 13, 1804, sold his properties in Lexington to William Mitchell, after which be went to Ohio, settling in Sugar Creek Township, Green County. The Court records of Xenia, Ohio, disclose that he acquired land there through a grant from that State.

His will, dated August 9, 1838, was admitted to probate in Green County Court, August 24, 1840.Note 59-1 Among the papers filed with the account is a receipt for digging grave of John Torrence, June 80, 1840, indicating that he died on June 29.

He married in 1785, possibly, though not certainly, at Lexington, Jane (McConnell) Jolly, widow of Captain Jolly, of Xenia; born June 24, 1762; died July 18, 1840. Diligent search has not disclosed her59 parentage. A present-day historian of Lexington is authority for the statement there were four distinct McConnell families there. One, Captain William McConnell, known as "Buck" McConnell, established McConnell Station in 1779.Note 60-1 It is his belief that these McConnells came from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.

By her first marriage Jane (McConnell) Jolly had one son, John Jolly, born March 22, 1782; killed in the War of 1812; married a Mrs. White and had four daughters: Martha Richards, Hilda Irwin, Mary Jolly and Dalla Jolly.

    Children of John and Jane (McConnell) Jolly Torrence, ten:
  1. i. Susan Torrence5 born at Lexington, Ky., April 19, 1787; married William Andrew.
      Issue, two:
    1. 1. John Torrence Andrew6 married and had eight children:
      1. i. Robert McClellan Andrew7 married and had
          issue, three:
        1. 1. Elizabeth Jane Andrew8 married Robert Thompson, and had
            issue, two:
          1. i. Rebe Thompson9
          2. ii. Robert Andrew Thompson9
        2. 2. George M. Andrew5 married, and had one child:
          1. i. Edith Thompson Andrew9
        3. 3. Mary Matilda Andrew8 married Floyd Sturkhard; had two children:
          1. i. Floyd Sturkhard9
          2. ii. Dora Sturkhard9
      2. ii. Susan Ruth Andrew7 married Mr. Kuntz.
      3. iii. Elizabeth Rebecca Andrew7 married Mr. Dunn.
      4. iv. William A. Andrew7
      5. v. John Torrence Andrew7
      6. vi. Mary Matilda Andrew7
      7. vii. Margaret Jane Andrew, 7 married Charles Montgomery and had one son:
        1. 1. Charles Montgomery8
      8. viii. Hugh Rankin Andrew7 married and had seven children;
        1. 1. Albert Andrew8
        2. 2. Gertrude Andrew8 married Mr. Armstrong.
        3. 3. George Andrew9
        4. 4. Viola Agnes Andrew8 married Mr. Wheeler.
        5. 5. Edward Andrew8
        6. 6. Margaret Andrew8 married Mr. Glascock.
        7. 7. Dora Andrew8 married Mr. Barnard. Issue, three:
          1. i. Gertrude Barnard9
          2. ii. Elizabeth Barnard9
          3. iii. Martin Barnard9
    2. 2. Elizabeth Morrow Andrew6second child of William and Susan (Torrence) Andrew, married Mr. Davidson and had four children:
      1. i. Margaret Matilda Davidson7
      2. ii. William Andrew Davidson7
      3. iii. Susan Jane Davidson7
      4. iv. Martha Eliza Davidson7 married Mr. Wolfe. Issue, one:
        1. i. Edith Fiorella Wolfe8 married Mr. Maddux and had issue, one:
          1. Etta Bell Maddux9
  2. ¶ 25. ii. William Torrence5 married
  3. iii. Jane Torrence5 born at Lexington, Kentucky, November 29, 1791; married James Currie. No issue.
  4. iv. Betsy Torrence5 born at Lexington, Ky., January 15, 1793; married George Junkins. No issue.
  5. ¶ 26. v. Mary Torrence5 married Hugh Tate.
  6. ¶ 27. vi. Aaron Torrence5 married Mary Jane Winter.
  7. ¶ 28. vii. Anne Torrence5 married
  8. viii. John Torrence5 born at Lexington, Ky., November 10, 1801; died January 1, 1856; was Colonel of Militia; married in 1837, Catherine Foster. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Henry Torrance6
    2. 2. Ellen Jane Torrence6 married James Carson and had issue, one:
      1. i. Eva Carson7who married Matthew J. Donaldson of Pittsburgh, Pa.
    3. 3. Fannie B. Torrence6 born 1851; married, May 8 1878 in Xenia, Ohio, the Rev. Seth Reed Gordon, Presbyterian clergyman of Mercer, Pennsylvania. Issue, three:
      1. i. William Edward Gordon7 born at Pittsburgh, Pa., August 19, 1881; died January 14, 1917; married, April 3, 1907, Emma Byer, of Punxsutawney, Pa., three children:
        1. 1. William Edward Gordon, Jr8 born at Tulsa, Okla., April 7, 1908.
        2. 2. Torrance Byer Gordon8 born at Tulsa, Okla., February 14, 1912.
        3. 3. Frances Jane Gordon8 born at Tulsa, Okla., June 28, 1915.
      2. ii. Frances Katharine Gordon7 born at Parnassus, Pa., 7 May, 1884; died April 17, 1907; married, June 20, 1906, Arthur E. Crow, M.D., of Uniontown, Pa.
      3. iii. Seth Paul Gordon7 born at Parnassus, Pa., September 18, 1885; died August 2, 1908.
  9. ¶ 29. ix. David Torrence5 married
  10. x. Clarissa Torrence5 born at Xenia, Ohio, October 29, 1806, died October 29, 1869, unmarried.

15. John Torrence4

(Captain James3 Albert2 Sergeant Hugh1), born, probably in Franklin County, February 19, 1768; removed with his daughter to Allegheny County, where the United States Census of 1790 lists him with one free white male over sixteen in Mifflin Township and there he is assessed in the following year. Note 61-1 His wife's name was Mary and there was at least one son, probably more.

Child of John and Mary ________ Torrence:

  1. 1. John Torrence5 married Mary Wallace Bingham, daughter of Mary (Wallace) Bingham and granddaughter of William and Mary (McClelland) Wallace; had resided in Rochester, Pennsylvania. Issue, two:
    1. 1. The Rev. Hugh Wallace Torrence6 born at Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, September 28,1842; died in 1896; married, July 23, 1872, Laura Estelle Winans, of Dunkirk, New York, and resided first at Ovid, New York, later at Charlestown, West Virginia. Issue, six:
      1. i. Mary Torrence7
      2. ii. Eugenia Torrence7 married the Rev. Harvey W. Young;.61
      3. iii. Lucretia Torrence7 died April 12, 1936; married the Rev. Harvey W. Young, and had one son,
        1. 1. H. Torrence Young8 of Red Bank, New Jersey.
      4. iv. Anna Torrence7 married James W. Wooster.
      5. v. Alida Torrence7 married Charles D. Brockway.
      6. vi. Elsie Torrence7 married Frederick Sanderson.
    2. 2. Mary Isabelle Torrence6 died 1879; married the Rev, Samuel Bigger of Washington, Pennsylvania. Issue, two:
      1. i. Jean Bigger7
      2. ii. Mary Isabella Bigger7 married Mr. Campbell.

16. David Torrence4

(Captain James1 Albert2 Sergeant Hugh I), youngest child, was born, probably in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, August 9, 1792, and died January 10, 1864; buried in the Old Lebanon Churchyard. He married, first, in January 1818, Jane McElheny, born in 1786; died April 1, 1889. His second wife, Emaline Mackey, was born January 17, 1820, and died October 7, 1899.
Children of David and Jane (McElheny) Torrence, five:
  1. i. James Torrence5 born March 10, 1820; died September 5, 1825.
  2. ii. William Torrence5 born June 1, 1822; died July 19, 1822.
  3. ii. Victor K. Torrence5 born December 10,--; died in infancy
  4. iv. Albert Torrence5 born April 7, 1825; died June 28, 1871.
  5. v. John Torrence5 born November 12, 1820.

Children of David and Emaline (Mackey) Torrence, seven:
  1. vi. Mary Elizabeth Torrence5born February 6, 1843; died May 7, 1915; married, January 7, 1864, John Miller. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Frank H. Miller6 born January 22, 1865; died August 22, 1920.
    2. 2. Emma Torrence Miller6 born August 3, 1871; living 1987.
  2. vii. William Mackey Torrence5 born June 27, 1844; died March 9, 1872. Civil War Service in Company G, 101st Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment.
  3. viii. Henrietta Torrence5 born July 4, 1846 died June 26, 1926; married, April 20, 1871, Joseph Pierce, born April 21 1824; died November 3, 1903; resident of Pittsburgh. Issue, three
    1. 1 William Torrence Pierce6 born March 27, 1872;
      • married, first, September 30, 1903, Mary Virginia Clingan, who died October 80, 1908
      • married, second, July 29, 1915, Pearl Lewis Anderson.
      Issue, two
      1. i. Richard Torrence Pierce7 born April 6, 1917.
      2. ii. Helen Marjorie Pierce7 born December 8, 1918.
    2. 2. Joseph Audley Pierce6 born August 81 1874;
      • married, first, June 28, 1904, Edith Crombie, who died January 6 1906;
      • married, second, June 1, 1907, Harriet Ann Stewart of Baltimore Maryland; resides at McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
      Issue, three
      1. i Joseph Audley Pierce, Jr7 born December 12, 1908.
      2. ii, Caroline Stewart Pierce7 born January 20, 1912; married, June 8, 1936, Robert Arthur May.
      3. iii. Elisa Torrence Pierce7born August 21, 1916.
    3. 3. Andrew Craig Pierce6 born May 21,62 1884; married, December 9, 1915, Margaret Adele Moore. Issue, four:
      1. i. Laura Allison Pierce7 born September 8, 1916.
      2. ii. Henrietta Torrence Pierce7 born December 6, 1918.
      3. iii. Lucy Adele Pierce7 born February 9, 1920.
      4. iv. Mary Margaret Pierce7 born October 21, 1921.
  4. ix. Jane Torrence5 born March 25, 1849; died February 9, 1986; married, January 21, 1883, Benjamin McVay. Issue, One:
    1. 1. William M. McVay6 married, October 28, 1908, Laura McVay.
  5. x. Katherine Torrence5 born March 6, 1853; died January 5, 1888; married, June 9, 1875, Knox Miller. Issue, four:
    1. 1. Mary Katherine Miller8
    2. 2. James Smith Miller6
    3. 3. David Torrence Miller6
    4. 4. Ruth Miller6
  6. xi. Carrie Torrence5 born April 11,1856; died June 22, 1858.
  7. xii. David Dinwiddie Torrence5 born June 1, 1800; died July 21, 1923; married Catherine Williams.

17. Timothy Torrance5

(Samuel4 Thomas3 Albert2 Sergant Hugh1), was born September 1, 1782; died at Roxbury, Connecticut, July 21, 1878, where he had settled on a two hundred and thirty acre tract of land in 1824, which tract is still in possession of his descendants. He served in the War of 1812. His wife Zervina Hitchcock was born October 28, 1787; died in 1867. Children of Timothy and Zervina (Hitchcock) Torrance, born in Connecticut, two:
  1. i. Seymour Torrance6went to Michigan. No further record.
  2. ii. Garwood Mitchell Torrance7 born at Henrietta, New York, August 4, 1814; died June 15, 1885; married Percie Bassett, born April 5, 1817; died October 1, 1890. Had eight children:
    1. 1. Joel Bassett Torrance1 born October 28, 1839; died December 23, 1903; served in the Civil War, Company II, 154th New York Volunteers; married Eleanor Wallace.
    2. 2. Garwood M. Torrance7
    3. 3. Mitchell T. Torrance7 born July 3, 1845; died in 1927; served in the Civil War, Company H, 14th New York Artillery. It was he who wrote the letter to Mrs. Garlough, previously referred to. He married on January 8, 1861, Sarah Cross, born September 19, 1845; died June 4, 1923. Issue, six:
      1. i. Elwane E. Torrance8 married Agnes Valentine; resided in Los Angeles, California, and had issue, four:
        1. 1. Elton Torrance9
        2. 2. Earnest M. Torrance9
        3. 3. Retta Torrance9
        4. 4. Arlene E. Torrance9 married a Mr. Lane.
      2. ii. Nelson H. Torrance8 married Sally Deag, of Findlay, Ohio; had two children:
        1. 1. Leone P. Torrance9
        2. 2. Dona Torrance9
      3. iii. Irvine C. Torrance8 married Clare Young.
      4. iv. Authur J. M. Torrance8
      5. v. Pierce E. Torrance8 married George H. Shannon; resided at Carnway, New York; had two children:
        1. 1. Ralph Torrance Shannon9
        2. 2. Eva J. Shannon9 married _________ Nickerson.
      6. vi. Caroline T. Torrance8 married J. D. Raymond; resided at Randolph, New York; had two children:
        1. 1. Donald Raymond9
        2. 2. Carleton E. Raymond9
    4. vii. Ethel L.63 Torrance8 by adoption.
    5. 4. Lucy Torrance7 married a Mr. Gross.
    6. 5. Emeline Torrance7 married a Mr. Boynton.
    7. 6. Carrie P. Torrance7 married J. H. Fosher.
    8. 7. Mary Torrance7 married D. C. Babcock.
    9. 8. Rennie Torrance7 married A. Gilbert.

    18. Ezra Benedict Torrance5

    (Thomas4 Thomas3 Albert2 Sergeant Hugh1), called Captain, was born March 7, 1774; died September 28, 1828, at Canandaigua, New York. He married Jemima Morehouse, born July 19, 1773; died January 1, 1830, daughter of James Morehouse, of Roxbury, who died January 6, 1777, by his wife Laurena Kimberley, born August 24, 1755; died May 17, 1822, married, November 5, 1772. Children of Ezra Benedict and Jemima (Morehouse) Torrance, eight:
    1. i. Asher Torrance6 born 1797; died 1809; married,
      • first, Cynthia Cowing;
      • second, Mrs. Drake.
      Issue, two by first marriage; three by second:
      1. 1. Albert Torrance7
      2. 2. Mary Torrance7 born 1824; died 1899; married Joseph Latting and had issue, one:
        1. i. George Torrance Latting8 resided at Lockport, New York.
      3. 3. Helen Torrance7
      4. 4. George Torrance7
      5. 5. Ezra Torrance7
    2. ii. Ezra Benedict Torrance, Jr6 died 1869; married, and had a daughter:
      1. 1. Caroline Torrance7 married Robert Gilliland and resided in Adrian, Michigan.
    3. iii. Polly Torrance, born, Sandgate, Bennington County, Vermont, December 19, 1796; died 1867; married at Reading, Schuyler County, New York, March 12,1812, Nathan Gregory Benedict, Sr., who died in Yates County, New York, May 24,1871. Issue, ten:
      1. 1. Nathan Gregory Benedict, Jr7 born Jerusalem Township, Yates County, March 10, 1833; married, December 25, 1854, Grace S. Renesellaer, daughter of the Reverend Stephen and Lucy Stiliman Smith Renesellaer. She died October 20, 1911; issue, one:
        1. i. A. L. Benedict, M.D8 of Buffalo, N. Y., married, November 8, 1910, Vida Grenville Meister.
      2. 2. Anna Maria Renedict7 born February 19, 1813; died April 30, 1867; married, January 1, 1833, Ira C. Williams, descendant of Roger Williams; died 1890.
      3. 3. Ezra Torrance Benedict7 born January 9,1814, at Reading, Schuyler County, New York; died January 1, 1868; married, January 1, 1837, Olive Loomis.
      4. 4. William Norton Benedict7 born October 13,1819; died September 2, 1878; married Hulda A. Green.
      5. 5. Lucy Pamela Benedict7 born February 9, 1827; married, November 5, 1840, Daniel C. Crane.
      6. 6. Harriet Evelyn Benedict7 twin, born February 9, 1827; married her first cousin, Asher T. Strong, April 8, 1846. He enlisted in the 18th Michigan Volunteers, Company G, August 6, 1862, and died in service, October 26, 1862; buried in Lexington, Kentucky.
      7. 7. Laurena Benedict7 born March 14, 1829, at Jerusalem, N. Y.; died October 23, 1883; married, April 17, 1873, William Wilcklow, who married respectively, Linda and Carrie Cowing, daughters of Albert R. and Sally (Torrance) Cowing.64
      8. 8. Catherine Eliza Benedict7 born at Jerusalem, January 10, 1835, died at Campbell, N. Y., May 14, 1898.
      9. 9. Richard Lacy Benedict7 born May 15, 1839; died December 14, 1848.
      10. 10. Polly Benedict7 born October 9, 1843, at Jerusalem; died at Troupsburg, Steuben County, N. Y., January 29, 1844.
    4. iv. Sally A. Torrance6 married in 1825, Albert R. Cowing, born 1804, son of James Cowing, of Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, by his wife, Sarah Randall, who died in 1807. Issue, twelve:
      1. 1. Linda Cowing7, married William Wilcklow.Note 65-1
      2. 2. Carrie Cowing7 married William Wilcklow.
      3. 3. Marie Cowing7 married Alfred Baldwin. Issue, one:
        1. i. Oren R. Baldwin8
      4. 4. Sophrania Cowing7 married Charles Bellis. Issue, two:
        1. i. Cornelius Bellis8
        2. ii. Albert Cowing Bellis8
      5. 5. Rhoda Cowing7 married Granger Bates. Issue, two.
        1. i. Mary S. Bates8
        2. ii. Grace Bates5
      6. 6. Sarah Cowing7 married Dr. Philo X. Stoddard.
      7. 7. Albert C. Cowing7 married Alice Myers. Issue, one:
        1. i. Frederick M. Cowing8
      8. 8. Mary Cowing7 married Mr. Frey.
      9. 9. Caroline Cowing7
      10. 10. Margaret Cowing7
      11. 11. Helen Cowing7 married Abraham Slaght.
      12. 12. Celinda Cowing7
    5. v. Nancy Torrance6 married Daniel Strong. Issue, one:
      1. 1. Asher Torrance Strong7 married Harriet Evelyn Benedict, her first cousin, q.v.
    6. vi. James Torrance6
    7. vii. Richard L. Torrance6
    8. viii. Laurena Torrance6 married George Barnard. Issue, one:
      1. 1. Martha Barnard7 married Charles Ezra Benedict.

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