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Hugh Torrance and his descendants

3. Hugh Torrance2

(Sergeant Hugh 1), was born in Londonderry County, Ireland, October 10, 1701, and died July 22, 1784, at the home of his daughter Mrs. Sarah McClintock, who was living in the Conococheague Settlement, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The exact date of his arrival in America is not known, but, since all of his children were born in Ireland, and the date of the birth of the last child was September, 1746, it is assumed that his arrival was subsequent to this date.

He settled in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Although advanced in years, he enlisted and fought valiantly in the Revolutionary War, receiving his honorable discharge at the remarkable age of 88. Hugh Terrance is mentioned as a taxpayer in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, as early as 1751. Note 94-1 He is listed as having 319 acres in Cumberland County, on August 18, 1768. Note 94-2 Again, in 1778-1779, Hugh Torrance, Senior, is listed as having 100 acres; and Hugh Torrance as having 819 acres, 3 hones, 4 cattle, and 2 negroes, in Letterkenny Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Note 94-3

The record of this branch of the family, with the exception of the facts relating to Adam Torrence of North Carolina, is credited to Miss Elizabeth Hannah Kier Torrance, born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, January 12, 1860. She fortunately made a copy of the following family records, which were in an old Bible, since lost, but which at the time the records were copied, was in possession of her aunt, Mrs. Hannah Gray Torrance Greer. The Bible had belonged to Hugh Torrance, born in 1745, and had been handed down through several generations.

Through the kindness of her sister, Miss Ella Torrence, and her nephew Mr. Frank M. Torrence, of State College, Pennsylvania, these records were placed in the hands of the compiler. A copy of them follows: 94

Family Records


Hugh Torrance, born in Ireland, October 10, 1701. Sarah (Cunningham) his wife.
Their children
James' Children

Hugh Torrance, born November 5, 1745.

Hugh Torrance, born October 27, 1782.



Hugh Torrance2 married three times.
He married first, Elizabeth, surname unknown, of whom he had four children.
He married second, name of wife unknown. There was no issue by the second marriage.
He married third, Mrs. Sarah Marjory Cunningham, whose children by her first marriage will be found in the chapter on Cunningham..
Hugh Torrance had three children by his third marriage.

    Children of Hugh and Elizabeth Torrance were four:
  1. ¶45. i. Adam Torrance3 married Ann, Surname unknown.
  2. ii. Elizabeth Torrance3 married Joseph McClintock, and had fourteen children. They settled in Kentucky. Little is known of them. Of their children the names of but four can be given:
    1. 1. Samuel McClintock4 settled in Kentucky.
    2. 2. Hugh McClintock4 settled in Kentucky.
    3. 3. Joseph McClintock4 also settled in Kentucky.
    4. 4. Sarah McClintock4 97 married Alexander Clark, lived and died in the Shenandoah Valley. Left issue.
  3. iii. Eleanor Torrance,3 married James Overstreet. Issue, three:
    1. 1. William Overstreet4
    2. 2. Sally Overstreet4
    3. 3. Betsy Overstreet4 married a Mr. Lynch.
  4. iv. George Torrance3 was drowned near Fort Littleton, Pa.

    Children of Hugh and (Mrs.) Sarah Marjory Cunningham Torrance were three:

  5. ¶46. v. James Torrance3 married twice. Married first, Mary McConnell; married second, Margaret Stewart.
  6. ¶47. vi. Hugh Torrance3 married twice. He married first, Mary Fenton; married second, Mrs. Mary (Boreland) Gray.
  7. vii. Sarah Torrance4 born September 22, 1746, died October 19, 1806. Married a Mr. McClintock. No issue. It was with this daughter, who lived near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, that her father made his home, after the death of his third wife, and until his death in 1784.

45. Adam Torrance3

(Hugh2 Sergeant Hugh1), is mentioned as having 300 acres of land in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in June, 1762. Note 98-1 Note 98-2 He married Ann, surname unknown, who was born in 1736 and died November 3, 1802, aged 66. She is buried in Center Church Graveyard, in Iredell County, North Carolina, at which place these dates were obtained. Her will was dated September 5, 1802.

I. D. Rupp, in his History of Dauphin and Cumberland Counties, (Vol.1), gives an account of the part taken by Adam Torrance in the first Indian Massacre, which occurred at Mahahany Creek, Penn's Run, a branch of the Susquehanna River, on October 26, 1755. It is a long account, and will not be repeated here. Had it not been for his knowledge of the Delaware Indian dialect, he and his associates would not have escaped the ambush prepared for them. As it was, a number of them lost their lives. Note 98-3

He sold his lands in Pennsylvania, and went to North Carolina, where he became the proprietor of Torrence Tavern, in Iredell County, one half-mile south of Mourne, where Cornwallis and his men camped on their way to Salisbury, in pursuit of General Green. This tavern was 98 destroyed when the British passed through this section in 1781. A tablet marks the spot where it stood. Note 99-1 Note 99-2

Adam Torrance joined the Revolutionary Forces of North Carolina, and was killed at Ramson's Mills, North Carolina, on June 20, 1780. His body lies there in an unmarked grave. He left no will, but an inventory of his estate is on record at Iredell County, North Carolina, dated as of March 23, 1808. The apparent discrepancy between the date of his death and that of the inventory cannot be accounted for, except by a deduction that the inventory was brought to light after the death of his wife (who died on November 3, 1802) because of litigation incident to the settlement of her estate.

Children of Adam and Ann Torrance were seven:

  1. i. Hugh Torrance4 born in 1754, in Pennsylvania, died December 2, 1797; is buried in Center Churchyard, Iredell County, North Carolina, about one-half mile from the spot where Torrence Tavern stood. A deed was witnessed for this Hugh Torrence, by his brother Barnabas Torrence on April 29,1789, wherein it was stated that they were brothers. In a suit to recover some negroes, Adam Torrence testified that he had a brother Hugh Torrence. Hugh Torrence's name appears in the U. S. Census in 1790, as of Iredell County, North Carolina; 4 males over 16, none under, a females over 16, and five negroes. "Torrence was Sheriff of Rowan County in 1786, and was made an allowance in that capacity." Note 99-3 He was said to have been the first Sheriff of Iredell County. Note 99-4 There is no record of his issue.
  2. ii. Adam Torrence4 was born in Pennsylvania, in 1755, and died July 13, 1M4, aged 89. His will, dated February 20,1844, was signed Terrence, and was administered by his nephew, David Lawson Torrence. In connection with his pension papers, in Washington, D. C., numbered 1101, there is an affidavit signed by Adam Torrence, of Mount Mourne, North Carolina, dated 30 November, 1824, in which he states that he saw his father fall on the field of battle, being shot through the head by a ball, and a few moments afterwards, was shot in the hip, the result of which had disabled him through life; that at the age of 67, he found himself forced, by entire disability, to ask for a pension, because of wound in hip, received in the battle of Ramson's Mills.

    Another affidavit concerning Adam Terrence, of North Carolina, is numbered S-14663, and dated October 5, 1824. It was signed by Adam 99 Brevard, of Mount Mourne, North Carolina. "Deponent says Adam Torrence was with him in the battle of Ramson's Mills, in County of Lincoln, in the summer of 1780, as volunteers under Colonel Lock; that applicant received a wound from a bail which entered his left hip; that he had been a citizen of the State for fifty years." Another states that Adam Torrence was a private in Captain James Armstrong's Company, under Colonel Francis Locke. Lieutenant Galbreath Neal made a similar statement.

    Adam Torrence's will was witnessed by Jane Johnson, and A. D. Torrence. He married Margaret, surname unknown, who died September 2, 1840, aged 67. Issue, six:

    1. 1. Adam Torrence5 married and had issue, two:
      1. i. Adam William White Torrence6
      2. ii. George Torrence6 died July, 1835, aged 25 years.
    2. 2. Ann B. Torrence5 died January 10, 1847, aged 56.
    3. 3. Elizabeth Torrence5
    4. 4. Sarah Torrence5
    5. 5. Lovy Torrence5 died March 12, 1838, aged 58.
    6. 6. Margaret Torrence5 married a Mr. Jamison.
  3. iii. Barnabas Torrance4 born in 1761, died February 29, 1840, aged 79, in Iredell County, North Carolina. His will was administered by Alexander Torrence, who was probably his son. He is buried in Center Church Graveyard. Name of wife not known. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Alexander Torrence5
    2. 2. Catherine Torrence5 married a Mr. Johnson.
    3. 3. Ann Torrence5 married a Mr. Caldwell.
    iv. George Torrence4 married Margaret McKnight, on November 14, 1787, in Rowan County; moved to Mecklenburg. His will was dated March 11, 1843. He acted as executor to his mother's will. Issue, eight;
    1. 1. Nancy Torrence5
    2. 2. Tilliam Torrence5
    3. 3. Joseph Torrence5
    4. 4. Adam Torrence5
    5. 5. Mary Torrence5 who married William Emerson.
    6. 6. Barnabas Torrence5
    7. 7. Margaret Torrence5 married a Mr. Young.
    8. 8. Eliza Torrence5 who married a Mr. Sloan.
  4. ¶48. v. Alexander Torrence4 married Catherine, surname unknown.
  5. vi. Margaret Torrence,4 born in 1774, died, unmarried, on September 2, 1841, aged 67. Her will, dated April 1, 1841, mentions the names of all of her immediate family, including her nieces and nephews, and it has been possible, through her references, to properly place those mentioned.
  6. vii. Elizabeth Torrence,4 married, on September 10, 1801, the Reverend James McKnight. She died or November 30, 1880. It seems that her mother had loaned her several negroes, and after the death of Elizabeth, her brothers brought suit against the estate of the Reverend James McKnight, through his executor William Graham, to recover them. The testimony in this suit brought to light many relationships that were not known to the present descendants. Adam Torrence testified that he was a brother of the said Elizabeth, and that his mother was Ann Torrence, the mother of Elizabeth; that his mother, Ann, was the widow of Adam Torrence, Senior, who was killed in the Battle of Ramson's Mills in 1780; that George Torrence, brother of Adam Torrence Junior, had 100 bought negro Diana at the sale, and that he, Adam, had bought other negroes. These statements were verified by reference to the inventory of the sale. The original documents, from which the above facts were obtained, are in the possession of Mr. Harry Grady Torrence, of Beatty's Ford, North Carolina.

46. James Torrance3

(Hugh2 Sergeant Hugh1), born in Ireland, on. February 12, 1744, and died in Washington County, Pennsylvania, May 12, 1826, aged 83. One account states that he was born in Ireland, came from Cumberland County, to Peach Bottom, York County, Pennsylvania, in 1772; later going to Tyrone Township, Fayette County, Pennslvania, where he patented a claim in 1795. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. for fifty years; township auditor in 1789, 1797 and 1800; Overseer of the Poor in 1785; County Auditor in 1801-7; and on tax lists in 1808. He came to Tyrone Township with his half-brother Barnett Cunningham. . . Note 101-1

"In Consideration of moneys paid by James Torrence, there is granted to Alexander Torrance, a tract called 'Copeland' Note 101-1 situated on Peters Creek, Washington County, Pennsylvania, being 96 acres. Warrant dated September 28, 1786, signed April 18, 1798, by Thomas Mifflin". Note 101-2

"James Torrence, Peters Creek, 180 acres, April 13, 1786, called 'Copeland'.Note 101-3" James Torrence, March 11, 1182, of Peters Creek, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, farmer, stiller, 1st from Washington County, Pennsylvania. Freeholder, 1789-94-96-97, and 1800. Note 101-4

The U. S. Census, 1790, lists James Torrance with 4 white males over 16, 3 under, 4 females over 16.

"James Torrance was a private in Captain Joseph Strahan's Company, 1812." Note 101-5 "James Torrance was in Tyrone Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania; James Torrence was in service 1778-1779, first rank of Captain under Colonel James Smith". Note 101-6

James Torrance's name appears in Captain John Rea's Company of Militia, First Battalion, under Colonel James Johnston. 101

His will is recorded in Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Note 102-1 It is dated December 24, 1825 and proven May 30, 1826. In it he devises to his second wife, Margaret Stewart, the family Bible, house, and contents. To sons, Hugh, Alexander, James, John, William, Robert, to daughters Peggy, Margery (Cannon), Mary, Betsy, Ann Smith; to son Cunningham, 100 acres; to grandchild Peggy Collins, to grandson William Clark and to grandson Joseph H. Torrance.

James Torrance married twice. His first wife was Mary McConnell, born February 24, 1744, died May 15, 1778. His second wife was Margaret Stewart, born October 10, 1761, died May 18, 1848. Her will is recorded in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Note 102-2 Issue by first marriage, five; by second marriage, ten.

    Children of James and Mary (McConnell) Torrance were five:

  1. i. Hugh Torrance4 born June 29, 1770, died September 7, 1848, aged 73; married on May 15,1798, a Miss McKee, daughter of David McKee, who had a ferry at the junction of the Monongahela and Youghiougheny rivers. In 1769, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, was named for him. Note 102-3 He was the first white settler there. Issue, nine:
    1. 1. Hugh Torrance5 born 1799, went west at the age of 21.
    2. 2. David Torrance5 born 1800, lived on his father's farm; married and had issue, five:
      1. i. Mary Torrance6
      2. ii. Elizabeth Torrance6
      3. iii. Hugh Torrance6
      4. iv. Matthew Torrance6
      5. v. Martha Torrance6
    3. 3. Robert Torrance5 born 1802.
    4. 4. William Torrance5
    5. 5. Nancy Torrance5
    6. 6. James Torrance5
    7. 7. Margaret Torrance5
    8. 8. Mary Torrance5
    9. 9. Peter Torrance5
  2. ii. Alexander Torrance4 born March 18, 1772, lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania; died prior to 1 841. His wife's name is not known. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Mary Torrance5 received land by her father's will, in 1841.
    2. 2. Margaret Torrance5 lived in Tyrone Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Will was dated October 5,1839, proven August 23, 1843.
  3. iii. James Torrance4 born February 13, 1774 (twin); married and lived at Georgetown, Virginia. Name of wife not known. Issue, one:
    1. 1. (daughter) Torrance5 married John McCormick.
  4. iv. John Torrance4 born February 13, 1774 (twin); married and raised a family near Lancaster, Ohio. No record can be found of the names of his wife or children. In connection with the name John Torrance, the following references are found, and are entered here as they may be of interest, although it is not certain that they apply to this John. "John 102 Torrance had 600 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, and is listed for taxation in Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania;" Note 103-1 and elsewhere, "John Torrance, tract of land called 'Peace Grove' on the Great Road from Union to Cheat River, in George's Township, Fayette County, Pa., 161 acres, April 10, 1793." Note 103-2 John Torrence paid for Warrant #7, for 90 acres, February 11, 1790. Note 103-3 Commonwealth granted to James Torrance, March, 1803, by deed from John Torrence, in Tyrone Township, Fayette County, Pa. Note 103-4
  5. v. Prudence Torrance4 born April 12, 1776, died September 6, 1820, at Georgetown, Virginia. She married George Collins. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Peggy Collins5 married Matthew Coles; lived near Dawson, Pennsylvania.

    Children of James and Margaret (Stewart) Torrance were ten:

  6. vi. William Torrance4 born November 18, 1784; married, and lived in Brown County, Ohio. Issue, four:
    1. 1. James Torrance5
    2. 2. John Torrance5
    3. 3. Mary Belle Torrance5
    4. 4. Emily Torrance5
  7. vii. Sarah Torrance4 born March 10, 1786, died May 17, 1820. She married, on March 10, 1814, John Clark. Lived in Brown County, Ohio, Issue, one, a son, whose name is not known.
  8. ¶46.1 viii. Ann Torrance4 married, George Smith.
  9. ix. Cunningham Torrance4 born June 7, 1789, died December 10, 1863; married, February 28, 1820, Margaret Cunningham, who was born April 17, 1798 and died June 21, 1883. Lived in Pennsylvania, but went to the west in 1847, where his children scattered. Issue, ten:
    1. 1. James Torrance5 born January 30,1821, died June 1,1907, in Calhoun County, Ohio.
    2. 2. Hugh Torrance5 born June 7,1824, died June 7, 1899.
    3. 3. Sarah Torrance5 born March 9, 1822, died March 4, 1890, in Horton, Kansas.
    4. 4. Mary Ann Torrance5 born October 30, 1826, died April 10, 1885, in Delaware County, Ohio; married Rufus Dike. Issue, one:
      1. i. Frank Dike6
    5. 5. Samuel Wilson Torrance5 born October 1, 1830, died August 26, 1884, at Wabash, Indiana.
    6. 6. Aaron Barnett Torrance5 born June 24, 1833, died September 16, 1859, at Mount Vernon, Ohio.
    7. 7. William Stewart Torrance5 born April 2, 1834, died August 4, 1913, Springfield, Iowa.
    8. 8. John Torrance5 born November 5,1835, died October 15, 1889, In Arkansas.
    9. 9. Alexander Torrance5 born September 27, 1837, was living in Iowa in 1917.
    10. 10. Boyd Cunningham Torrance5 born March 1,1841, died September 8, 1863; in U. S. Army, Vicksburg, Mississippi. 103
  10. x. Margaret Torrance4 born April 3,1791, died March 24, 1873. She married her cousin, Hugh Torrance, born in 1782; died January 11, 1868; a son of Hugh Torrance, born November 5, 1745, died June 28, 1830. By his previous marriage Hugh Torrance had a daughter Hannah, who married a Mr. Meaner.
  11. xi. Robert Torrance4 born April 24,1793, married, August 31, 1817, name of wife unknown. Lived in Madison, Indiana. Issue, eight.
  12. xii. Joseph Huston Torrance4 born April 26, 1795; married Rebecca Norris;

    The following information is supplied by Douglas A. Andrijasevich (3rd March, 2000)

    In a letter, dated February 18, 1861, from Joseph H. Torrance, Tyrone, PA, Note 104-1 to his nephew, Alexander Torrance, Joseph lists the names and DOB of his children. He also lists the DOD of several whom died very close together from illness. Alexander was the son of Joseph's brother, Cunningham Torrance and his wife Margaret Cunningham. The names and dates are:

    1. Rebeckah, born September 16, 1828, died March 13, 1860
    2. James, born November 18, 1830
    3. Mary Ann, born June 14, 1832
    4. Adam, born April 5, 1834
    5. Thomas, born January 3, 1836, died March 16, 1859
    6. Eliza Jane, born December 24, 1837, died June 28, 1860
    7. Betsey, born June 26, 1839, died January 29, 1860
    8. Joseph, born March 10, 1840, died May 24, 1860
    9. Joshua, born March 21, 1844
    10. Caroline, born August, 5, 1845
    11. Samuel, born September 20, 1848

    He also notes that James married Sarah Elenbarger, August 4, 1853 and had four daughters. He lists his DOB as April 26, 1795 and his wife Dorcas as May 17, 1806 and that they were married November 27, 1827. I have been told that her name was Dorcas Rebecca Narris (might have been spelled Rebeckah as the named their first daughter.)

    issue, eleven (all of whom lived in Fayette County, Pennsylvania):

    1. 5. Rebeckah Torrance5
    2. 4. James Torrance5
    3. 6. Mary Ann Torrance5
    4. 11. Adam Torrance5
    5. Thomas Torrance5
    6. 8. Eliza Jane Torrance5
    7. 9. Betsy Torrance5
    8. 10. Joseph Torrance5
    9. 1. Joshua Torrance5
    10. 3. Caroline (Carrie) Torrance5
    11. 2. Samuel Torrance5
      RMT has Charles instead of Thomas
    12. 7. Charles Torrance5
      The names of the above have been rearranged in accordance with the letter, the numbers are RMT's original.
  13. xiii. Mary Torrance4 born April 17, 1797; married, February 14, 1816, John Cunningham; lived in Trumbell County, Ohio. They left four daughters and one son. No record of names.
  14. xiv. Margery Torrance4 born June 4, 1800, died May 18, 1884; married, December 30, 1823, Alexander Cummings. They lived in Sidney, Kentucky.
  15. xv. Elizabeth (or Betsy) Torrance4 born January 7, 1802; married a Mr. Wilson.

46.1 Ann Torrance4

(James3 Hugh2 Sargeant Hugh1) born January 15, 1788, Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, died July 7, 1876, Cass Twp. Ohio Co. Indiana, buried Beatty-Smith Cemetery, Randolph Twp. Ohio Co. Indiana. Married July 4, 1811, Union Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, George Smith, born August 11, 1786, Tyrone Twp. Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, died 21 Oct 1825, Cass Twp. Ohio Co. Indiana, buried Beatty-Smith Cemetery Randolph Twp., Ohio Co., Indiana. Ann and George were married in Fayette Co, where the first of their 9 children was born. In 1812 George and his older brother John Smith traveled down the Ohio River to Rising Sun, Dearborn Co. Indiana. They returned to Fayette Co. and in 1813 along with their older sister Margaret and her husband, Hugh Beaty (Beatty) moved their families to Dearborn Co. The section of Dearborn Co. they settled in was later renamed Ohio Co.

Children of George and Ann (Torrance) Smith. All with the exception of the first, John Hancock, were born in Cass Twp., Ohio Co., Indiana.

  1. 1. John Hancock Smith5 born April 5, 1812, Tyrone Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. Died May 14, 1889, Rising Sun Ohio Twp. Indiana.
  2. 2. James Torrance Smith5 born November 21, 1813, died Dec 1, 1860, Rising Sun Indiana. Married Eliza A. Thayer, December 10, 1834. Issue, 7.
  3. 46.2. 3. George C. Smith5 born December 22, 1815.
  4. 4. Cunningham Smith5 born December 17, 1817, died August 27, 1891, buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Ohio Co. Ind. Married November 5. 1837, Dearborn Co. Indiana, Susana (Jennie?) Read. Issue, 4.
  5. 5. Margaret Smith5 born April 8, 1820, died February 8, 1896, buried Cedar Hedge Cemetery Ohio Co., Indiana. Married January 1, 1846 Ohio Co.. Robert McCloskey. Issue, 1.
  6. 6. William Ban Smith5 born April 12, 1822, died February 12, 1898, Chewelah, Stevens Co., Washington. Married September 5, 1847, Ohio Co., Eliza Jane Cole. Issue 10.
  7. 7. Rosannah B. Smith5 born February 27 1824, died September 1, 1918, buried Cedar Hedge Cemetery, Rising Sun. Married August 21, 1841, George Beaty, issue 9.
  8. 8. Matthew Ray Smith5 born May 30, 1826, died April 22, 1851, married April 22, 1851, Ohio Co., Emily Conway, issue 3.

46.1. George C. Smith5

(Ann4 James3 Hugh2 Sargeant Hugh1) was born December 22, 1815, Cass Twp., Ohio Co., Indiana, died September 14, 1879, Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., Iowa. He married first, Harriet Read, born June 3, 1819, died January 7, 1848, Linn Co. Iowa. Buried Bell Cemetery. Issue 4: Children of George C. and Harriet (Read) Smith:
  1. i. Benjamin Franklin Smith6 born December 6, 1837, Ohio Co., married March 13, 1861, Mary Eliza Thompson
  2. ii. Robert Bruce Smith6 born February 12, 1842, Ohio Co., died January 29, 1923, Plattsmouth, Cass Co., Nebraska, married 1871, Martha Ellen Knapp, born September 17, 1849, died October 26, 1921, Plattsmouth, issue 10.
  3. iii. Mary Ann Smith6 born April 16, 1845.
  4. iv. Isaac Read Smith6 Born December 31, 1847, died, July 14, 1848.

    Harriet died 7 days after giving birth to Isaac Read. Isaac Read died at age 7 months, 14 days.

    George married, second, Sara Torrance, May 16,1848, Marion, Linn Co., Iowa. This was 4 months after the death of his first wife and 2 months before the death of Isaac Read. Sara was George's first cousin, the daughter of Cunningham and Margaret (Cunningham) Torrance. Sara was born March 13 1822, Fayette Co., Pa., and died March 4, 1890, Horton, Brown Co., Kansas.

    Children of George C. and Sarah (Torrance) Smith:

  5. i. George Wilson Smith6 born November 12, 1850, West Point, Linn Co., Iowa, died April 2, 1918, Montesano, Grays Harbor Co., Washington and is buried there. Married Jan 25 , 1877, Troy, Doniphan, Co., Kansas, Nancy Ann Hall, born September 28, 1853, Sweet Home, Nodaway Co. Missouri, died 22 Aug 1932, Montesano, Washington, issue 5, all born Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., Iowa:
    1. 1. Baby Smith7 born August 30, 1877, died same day.
    2. 2. Theodocia Smith7 born December 31, 1878, died January 7, 1879
    3. 3. William Stewart Smith7 born May 21 1881, died 1945, Grays Harbor Co., WA, married December 9, 1918, Norma Belle Wilder, issue 2.
    4. 4. Nellie Stella Smith7 born April 2, 1884 died October 4, 1966, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Co., WA, buried Wynooche Cem., Montesano, WA. Married December 10, 1902, Colorado City, El Paso Co., Colorado, Joseph Marshall Brown, born Mar 2, 1876, DeSota, Jefferson Co. Missouri, died July 8, 1938, Hoquim, WA, buried Wynooche Cem., Montesano, WA. Issue 5.
      1. i. Robert Wilson Brown8 born May 25, 1911, St. Maries, Benewah Co., Idaho, died Jun 9, 1993, Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. Married Amilla Maria Vezina, Colorado, born Dec 8, 1914, Delores, Colorado. Issue, 4
      2. ii. Joseph Lamont Brown8 born March 22, 1913, St. Maries, Benewah Co., Idaho, died September 18, 1972, Aberdeen, WA, buried Cosmopolis, WA. Married Goldie Lindsay, issue 1.
      3. iii. Mable Byrene Brown8 born Nov 21, 1915, Cosmopolis, WA, married Feburary 21, 1941, Hoquiam, WA, William Hiram Smith, born May 19, 1916, Edomonton, Alberta, Canada, died August 24, 1969, Montesano WA, issue 2.
      4. iv. William Edward Brown8 Born May 25, 1917, Cosmopolis, WA, died May 17 1980, Montesano, WA. Married Vera Wertz, no issue.
      5. v. Anna Comeleete Brown8 born August 3, 1922, Montesano, WA. Married Sept 4, 1942, Reno, Washoe, Co., Nevada, Frank Alex Andrijasevich, born Feburary 2, 1917, Aberdeen Washington, issue 3.
        1. 1. Douglas A. Andrijasevich9 Note 104-2 born January 1, 1946, Aberdeen WA. Married April 30, 1966. Cupertino, CA. Margery Alraine Gardiner, born January 25, 1947, San Francisco, CA, issue 2.
          1. i. Matthew Frank Andrijasevich10 born September 20, 1971, Mt. View, CA.
          2. ii. Lara Alraine Andrijasevich10 born Febuary 13, 1977, Mt. View, CA.
        2. 2. Frank Gary Andrijasevich9 born August 14, 1948, Aberdeen, WA.
        3. 3. Becky Jo Andrijasevich9 born October 8, 1950, Aberdeen, WA, married October 2, 1983, Pacific Grove, CA, Michael Anthony Gangitano, born January 18, 1952, Chicago, Illinois, issue 2.
    5. 5. Irving Sanford Smith7 born June 10 1886, died July 15, 1905, Spokane, WA.
  6. ii. James Torrance Smith6 born October 2, 1853, died December 13, 1856.

47. Major Hugh Torrance3

(Hugh2 Sergeant Hugh1), born in Ireland, November 5, 1745; died June 28, 1830. He first went to Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, but later, in the year 1780, went to Fayette County, Pennsylvania. In 1787, be occupied a tract of land in Franklin Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where he remained until his death.His Revolutionary War records show that he was in the Regiment of Colonel Cadwallader, and that he held a commission as Ensign in Captain Shannon's Company of Cumberland County Associators, in 1776. He fought in the battle of Amboy; was commissioned Adjutant of the First Battalion of Cumberland County Militia, under Colonel Dunlap, July 31, 1776; in 1777, he took part in the battles of Middletown, and Redbank, capturing one hundred wagons loaded with provisions; served in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth, Standing Stone and Germantown. He was commissioned Major in 1778. He was a man of remarkable appearance, tall and straight. Up to the time of his death, he continued to wear a black coat, knee breeches, white or black stockings, and low shoes with buckles. His hair was braided in the back, and tied with ribbon. He was associated with the Marquis de La Fayette during the war, and renewed the acquaintance when that distinguished gentleman visited Pittsburgh, 104 Pennsylvania, to which place he came, as an honored guest of the nation, in 1825.

During the General's drive through the streets of Pittsburgh, Hugh Torrance saluted him, and was invited to occupy a seat in his carriage. Note 105-1

Major Hugh Torrance married twice. His first wife was Mary Fenton, born November 6, 1753, died January 18, 1795. They were married April 13, 1776. He married second, after the death of Mary Fenton, Mrs. Mary (Boreland) Gray. The marriage took place February 28, 1797. She was the widow of William Gray, by whom she had had three sons, James, George, and John Gray. She was born December 25, 1766, and died December 16, 1838, at New Alexander, Pennsylvania, at the home of her son, the Reverend Adam Torrance. She is buried in the Presbyterian Churchyard. Hugh Torrance's issue by his first wife were six; by his second wife, five.

    Children of Major Hugh and Mary (Fenton) Torrance were six:
  1. i. Sarah Torrance4 born July 30, 1777, died July 25, 1815; married Matthew MeKeever, October 15, 1799. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Hugh MeKeever5
    2. 2. Nancy McKeever5
  2. ¶49. ii. Samuel Torrance:4 married Jane McKeever.
  3. ¶50 iii. Hugh Torrance4 married twice. Married first, Mary Gray; married second, Margery Torrance, his cousin.
  4. iv. Mary (or Polly) Torrance4 was born in Manor, Weatmoreland County, Pennsylvania, February 24, 1785, and died February 6, 1851; married, October 9, 1817, William Parks. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Mary Parks5 married Joseph Clark; issue, six:
      1. i. Moses Clark6 married Margaret Ellis.
      2. ii. William Clark6
      3. iii. Walter Clark6
      4. iv. George Clark6
      5. v. Daughter Clark6
      6. vi. Daughter Clark6
  5. v. Jane Torrance4 born July 7, 1787.
  6. vi. Isabelle Torrance4 born March 5, 1789, died September 22, 1793.
    Children of Major Hugh and Mary (Boreland) Gray Torrance were five:
  7. vii. James Torrance4 born December 4, 1797, married, December 7, 1819, Mary J. Peoples. Issue, seven:
    1. 1. Josiah Scott Torrance5 born May 25, 1833; served as Forage Master with General Burnside's Corps in the Civil War; lived at Penuville, Indiana; died March 7, 1917. On October 21, 1863, he married Mary Elizabeth Biser, of Dayton, Ohio, who died July 16, 1884. Issue, four:
      1. i. John Scott Torrance8 died an infant.
      2. ii. Mary 105 Cullen Torrance,6 died aged 24.
      3. iii. Eleanor Rose Torrance6 died age 24.
      4. iv. Fenton Lamont Torrance6
    2. 2. Silas Torrance5
    3. 3. William Torrance5
    4. 4. Monroe Torrance5
    5. 5. George Torrance5
    6. 6. Ella Torrance5
    7. 7. Eli Torrance5
  8. ¶51. viii. William Gary Torrance4 married Margaret Riddle McCabe.
  9. ix. The Reverend Adam Torrance,4 born in the Manordale district, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, near the present town of Export, on April 24, 1801; died October 18, 1881, at New Alexander. He married, November 5, 1832, Elizabeth Graham, born July 31, 1810, died April 23, 1883. Issue, ten:
    1. 1. Mary Boreland Torrance5 born October 28, 1833, died September 5, 1840.
    2. 2. James Torrance5 born August 16, 1835, died an infant.
    3. 3. Martha Torrance5 born September 14, 1836; married, on October 31, 1861, the Reverend Thomas Freeman Wallace, who died in 1910; both were missionaries, first in Bogata, South America, and later in Mexico. Issue, five:
      1. i. James Wallace6 lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
      2. ii. William Wallace6 is a missionary in Mexico. He married, and has issue, four, names unknown to compiler.
      3. iii. Elizabeth Wallace6 unmarried. Was connected with the University of Chicago for many years.
      4. iv. Thomas Wallace6 of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
      5. v. Frank Wallace6 of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    4. 4. Matilda Carothers Torrance5 born October 25,1839, died May 15,1856.
    5. 5. James Graham Torrance5 born October 30, 1840, died August 27, 1842.
    6. 6. John Boreland Torrance5 born November 7, 1842, died August 8, 1843.
    7. 7. Judge Eliakim (Eli) Torrance5 of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was born at New Alexander, Pennsylvania, May 16, 1844; married, September 22, 1868, Anna McFarland. He served during the Civil War, and was wounded several times; was Commander-in-Chief of the G. A. R. Was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, No.3936, Minneapolis. Issue, five:
      1. i. Graham Torrance6
      2. ii. Alice Torrance6
      3. iii. Mustaugh Torrance6
      4. iv. Hester Torrance6 born May 8, 1880.
      5. v. Eli. Torrance, Jr6 born August, 1881.
    8. 8. Elisha Swift Torrance5 born April 6, 1846; Judge of Circuit Court of San Diego, California; married Virginia Stewart on February 1, 1877. She died in 1912. Issue, three:
      1. i. Virginia Torrance6
      2. ii. Dessah Torrance6
      3. iii. Elisha Swift Torrance, Jr6 married, and lives in San Diego, California.
    9. 9. Adam Graham Torrance5 born July 11, 1848; married, June 8, 1871, Alice McConaughy. Issue, four:
      1. i. Bertha Torrance6 lived in Springfield, Missouri; unmarried.
      2. ii. Frank Torrance6 married, and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.
      3. iii. Richard Torrance6 married, and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.
      4. iv. Sophia Torrance6 married, and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.
    10. 10. Eliza Martin Torrance5 born January 20, 1851, married Thomas Davis Wallace, brother of the husband of Martha Torrance, her sister. The marriage took place October 19, 1875. Issue, one: a son, name unknown to the compiler, who is married, lives in Los Angeles, California.
  10. ¶52. x. Albert B. Torrance4 married Elizabeth Larrimer.
  11. ¶53. xi. Joseph Torrance4 married Sarah Peoples.

48. Alexander Torrence4

(Adam3 Hugh2 Sergeant Hugh1), born in 1772; died November 20, 1844, as given on his tombstone, in Center Church Graveyard, North Carolina. His will was dated November 18, 1843; administered by David Lawson Torrence, his son, and witnessed by O. E. Davidson and N. A. White. He married Catherine, surname unknown. Children of Alexander and Catherine Torrence were eight:
  1. ¶54. i. The Reverend David Lawson Torrence5 married Elizabeth Johnson Douglas.
  2. ii. Alexander H. Torrence5 died March 5, 1846.
  3. iii. Rebecca Torrence5 married W S. Potts.
  4. iv. Margareta Torrence5 died October 23, 1826, aged 19.
  5. v. Ann Torrence5 married James Johnston.
  6. vi. Jane Torrence5 married A. Douglass; died prior to 1843.
  7. vii. Samuel Lawson Henderson Torrence5 born July 23, 1833, died August 20, 1883, of wounds received while serving in Company D, 34th Regiment, North Carolina, C. S. Army. Note 107-1 He married Elizabeth Addle Graham, born October 26, 1826, died May 21, 1870. Her will, dated in 1870, is recorded in Rowan County, North Carolina. Note 107-2 Issue, five:
    1. 1. Margaret Elizabeth Julia Torrence6 married Mr. McNeely.
    2. 2. Leonora Caroline Torrence6
    3. 3. Mary Jane Torrence6 married a Mr. Alexander.
    4. 4. Ida Loula Torrence6 married a Mr. McCubbin. Issue, one:
      1. i. Judge Benjamin D. McCubbin7 of Salisbury, North Carolina; President of Historical Society.
    5. 5. Sara Linnia Henderson Torrence6 married a Mr. Plasterer.
  8. ¶55. viii. James Alexander Torrence5 married three times.

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