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James Torrance and his descendants

4. James Torrance2

(Sergeant Hugh1), who remained in Ireland, is believed to have settled in the Parish of Clogher, Tyrone County, Ireland. No authentic records can be quoted to establish definitely the names of his children. However, information obtained from members of the family, and the references quoted, indicate that his children were probably, eight. The order of their births is not known, nor is the name of his wife.

Children of James Torrance, eight:

  1. ¶64. i. Charles Torrance3 married Elizabeth Galbraith.
  2. ¶65 ii. James Torrance3 married twice. Married first, Drusilla Simmons; married second, Mrs. Mary Ann Law.
  3. ¶66. iii. Hugh Torrence3 married Isabella Tally.
  4. ¶67. iv. Albert Torrence3 married Elizabeth Hackett.
  5. v. A Torrence3 believed to be a son of James Torrance, of Ireland, came to America considerably earlier than the brothers above-mentioned. Records in the Court House of York County, Pennsylvania, show he was Supervisor of Highways in Mount Pleasant Township, York County, Pennsylvania, in 1751. He was Overseer of the Poor for the same township during the years 1758-59-60. In the Office of the Register of Wills, York County, Pennsylvania, we find: "Letters of Administration, in common form, were granted to William Torrence for the Estate of Aaron Torrence, deceased. Inventory to be exhibited in the Register's Office, on or before the 19th day of January next, and an accounting or reckoning, on or before the 19th day of November next. Given under my hand and seal. Office at York, the 19th day of November, 1758.

    Samuel Johnston, Deputy Register. Note 120-1

    No further references to this Aaron Torrence have been found.

    The above William Torrence, who acted as Administrator for Aaron Torrence, was a son of William Torrence, brother of Aaron; be was therefore a nephew of Aaron. This William Torrence named one of his sons Aaron, doubtless in honor of this Aaron. This will appear in following pages.

  6. ¶68. vi. William Torrence3 married Eleanor, surname unknown.
  7. vii. Samuel Torrence3 name appears on tax lists with Charles and Aaron.
  8. viii. Andrew Torrence3 remained in Ireland. Letters in possession of members of the family state that he was living in 1837. No authentic records concerning him or his family, have been found. In the Census of Coleraine, Londonderry County, Ireland, in the year 1821, there is found the following: "Andrew Torence, Mary Torence, wife. Mary Torence, Jane Torence, Elizabeth Torence, Martha Torence."

64. Charles Torrance3

(James2 Sergeant Hugh1), of Baltimore, Maryland, was born in 1745, died July 18, 1822. It is stated that he came from the Parish of Clogher, Tyrone County, Ireland. He is buried in the family vault in Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland, his funeral services having been conducted by the Reverend William Nevins, a close friend of the family.

The family Bible records of this branch, are preserved by the Maryland Historical Society, and have been very helpful in collecting this data. The exact date of the arrival of Charles Torrance in this country is not known, but judging from the records which follow, it must have been prior to 1767.

"Feb.19, 1779, James Torrence of Letterkenny Township, Cumberland County, Pa., farmer, sold land to Thomas and John Hope. Order of survey to Charles Torrence, who on Feb.25, 1769, sold the same land to James Torrence." Note 121-1

"Charles Torrence and his wife Elizabeth, of Baltimore, Md., sold a tract of 1800 acres to Thomas Grubb in 1804. They also sold a tract to James Galbraith. This latter was signed by the Mayor of Baltimore, Md., 'Thoroughgood'." Note 121-2

The U. S. Census of 1790 lists Charles Torrence, of Baltimore, Maryland, as having 2 white males over 16, 2 under 16, 5 females, and four slaves.

"Charles Torrence, in 1778, was one of 20 gentlemen, who came to Baltimore as residents, and by their wealth, credit and energy, did much to improve the affairs at that time." Note 121-3

Charles Torrance assessed in Peters Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1777; 270 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, and 1 slave. About the same for 1778; 300 acres in 1781; none thereafter. The names of Aaron and Samuel Torrence also appear on these lists at these same times. Note 121-4

March, 1767, Charles Torrence returned, August, 1789, to Joseph Wedner, 250 acres of land on the south side of Conococheagne Creek, 121 adjoining land of Albert Torrence and Benjamin Chambers, in Letterkenny Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Note 122-1

In these records, we find that Charles Torrance, who came to America much later than Albert Torrence and his family, is occupying lands adjoining those of his cousins, Aaron, Samuel, and Albert Torrence. Charles Torrance's name occurs in these early Pennsylvania records spelled with an e, whereas, he signed his will Torrance.

Charles Torrance, in the year 1777, married Elizabeth Galbraith, born 1758, in Deny, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died May 24, 1829, in Baltimore, Maryland. (See Galbraith Chapter).

From land records previously quoted, it appears that Charles Torrance was in Letterkenny Township and Peters Township, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, as early as 1767; that he disposed of his properties there, and removed to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1778, where he died.

His will is recorded in Baltimore, Maryland, and was probated August 3, 1822. He left his large estate to his wife, Elizabeth (Galbraith) Torrance, in trust for their children. Note 122-2

The will of Elizabeth (Galbraith) Torrance, probated June 12, 1829, is also recorded in Baltimore, Maryland. In it, she leaves her interests to her children, as named: Elizabeth, married to Alexander Mitchell; Ann, who married Andrew Clopper; Dorcas, Mary, Louisa, John, Charles Jr., and George Torrance. Note 122-3 Children of Charles and Elizabeth (Galbraith) Torrance were eleven:

  1. i. Elizabeth Torrance4 born July 11,1778, died November 7, 1848; married, December 19, 1799, Alexander Mitchell, born December 20,1776, died November 20, 1859. Issue, twelve:
    1. 1. Eliza Maitland Mitchell5
    2. 2. Charles Jeffrey Mitchell5
    3. 3. Alexander Mitchell, Jr5
    4. 4. Stephen Walker Mitchell5
    5. 5. Jane Ann Mitchell5
    6. 6. Margarett Mitchell5
    7. 7. William Maitland Mitchell5
    8. 8. George Torrance Mitchell5
    9. 9. Marie Chamberlain Mitchell5
    10. 10. Edmund Mitchell5
    11. 11. Laura Mitchell5
    12. 12. Patrick Henry Mitchell5
  2. ii. James Torrance4 born July 26, 1780, died an infant.
  3. iii. Ann Torrance4 born February 23, 1782, died January 28, 1850; married Andrew Clopper, born September 18, 1771, died June 23, 1824. Issue, 122 eleven:
    1. 1. Elizabeth Clopper5
    2. 2. Cornelius Clopper5
    3. 3. Charles T. Clopper5
    4. 4. Benjamin Clopper5
    5. 5. Mary Clopper5
    6. 6. Rachael Clopper5
    7. 7. Ann Clopper5
    8. 8. Andrew Clopper5
    9. 9. George Washington Clopper5
    10. 10. Amelia Clopper5
    11. 11. William Lorman Clopper5
  4. iv. Dorcas Torrance4 born November 24, 1783, died December 2, 1848.
  5. v. Mary Torrance4 born October 16, 1785, died January 14, 1865.
  6. vi. Charles Torrance4 born April 20, 1788, died September 22,1847.
  7. vii. George Torrance4 born January 9, 1790, died November 27, 1846; married, June 30, 1829, Eleanor Fulford, daughter of William Fulford, Esq., and Mary Frances Patterson, born 1812, died April 26, 1876. Issue, seven:
    1. 1. Elizabeth Galbraith Torrance5 married Charles Galbraith Hall. Issue, four:
      1. i. Anna Galbraith Hall6
      2. ii. George Duffield Hall6
      3. iii. Charles Galbraith Hall, Jr6
      4. iv. Elizabeth Galbraith Hall6
    2. 2. William Henry Torrance5
    3. 3. Mary Frances Torrance5
    4. 4. Eleanor Fulford Torrance5 married James A. Connor.
    5. 5. Georgianna Torrance5
    6. 6. Louisa Victoria Torrance5 married John S. Mooday.
    7. 7. George Torrance, Jr5
  8. viii. Harriet Torrance4 born May 24, 1791, died an infant.
  9. ix. James Torrance4 born May 11, 1793; unmarried.
  10. x. John Torrance4 born November 24,1794, died March 14, 1832; is buried In Westminster Churchyard, Baltimore, Maryland. His name is on a bronze tablet, with others, marked "A Defender of Baltimore in 1812." He married Rebecca Abbott. Issue, One:
    1. 1. Charles A. Torrance5 born March 10, 1831, died October 24, 1879.
  11. xi. Louisa Torrance4 born May 15, 1797, died, unmarried, May 5,1878.

65. James Torrance3

(James2 Sergeant Hugh1), according to family Bible records, died July 4, 1839. After his arrival in this country, and a stay in Cumberland County, with his brothers, he stopped in Baltimore, Maryland, and finally went to Frederick, Maryland, where he made his home.

His will was probated July 29, 1839. Note 123-1 Dr. Lloyd Dorsey was his executor. He married twice. His first wife was Drusilla Simmons, whom he married February 15, 1795. She was born November 19, 1776, and died August 21, 1830. He had, by this marriage, five children. He married second, Mrs. Mary Ann Law. No issue. Mary Ann Law Torrance's will was probated in Frederick, Maryland. John Simmons was her executor. Note 123-2 123

Mrs. Rebecca Ann Law Dorsey, a daughter of James Torrence, wrote a letter in 1839, to Mr. Albert Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina, saying that her two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, were with her, and that her father and mother were dead.

In October of the same year, she wrote another letter, in which she mentioned that Charles Hall's father had written a letter from Ireland, saying that "Uncle Andrew Torrance" and family were well.

These letters show the family connections between these Torrances of Frederick, Maryland, and those in Salisbury, North Carolina. They show also, that Rebecca Law Torrance had an Uncle Andrew Torrance in Ireland. This Andrew is thus a brother of James and Charles.

An autograph in a book belonging to Albert Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina, has the signature of George Torrance, stating he is a cousin of Charles Law Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina.

A letter from George Torrance, of Baltimore, Maryland, to Albert Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina, says he has a daughter Elizabeth Torrance, who is visiting Mrs. Dorsey, of Frederick, Maryland.

"Hugh Torrence, grantor, to James Torrence, his brother, recorded November 20, 1811, Toboyne Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania: This indenture between Hugh Torrence, of Mecklenburg County, in North Carolina, and Isabella, his wife, and James Torrence, of Frederick County, in the State of Maryland, of Newton-in-the-Trap.

This, for natural love and affection etc. . . . Location, Toboyne Twp. . . . bounded by a white oak at George Samll's land . . . same tract of land was surveyed to said Hugh Torrence on June 23, 1769, and is in the Surveyor's General's Office at Lancaster, in Pa.

Witnessed by one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, Samuel Laurie and James Latta." Note 124-1

James Torrance's will was probated July 29, 1839.

Wife was Mary Ann, to whom he left a clock "which I bought at a sale of her late husband's effects, now in my Mansion;" a slave called Jennie. To his daughter Rebecca Ann, who married Dr. Lloyd Dorsey, he left a slave; to his daughter Mary S., he left a slave. Will was witnessed by W. Ross and Wm. C. Hoffman. Bondsmen were Samuel R. Hogg and David B. Devitt. Dr. Lloyd Dorsey was executor. Note 124-2 124

The deed above quoted, Hugh Torrence to James Torrance, shows that Hugh Torrence of Mecklenburg, North Carolina, and James Torrance of Frederick, Maryland, were brothers. The letter from George Torrance of Baltimore, Maryland, saying he is a cousin of the Charles Law Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina, shows that Albert Torrence of Salisbury, is a brother of James of Frederick, and of Charles Torrance of Baltimore, Maryland. Hence, Hugh, Charles, James, Albert, and Andrew Torrence, were brothers. These families were closely connected, and corresponded. Children of James and Drusilla (Simmons) Torrance were five:

  1. i. Ann Torrance4 born November 20, 1795, died August, 1796.
  2. ii. James Torrance4 born January 20,1799, died May 1, 1808.
  3. ¶69. iii. Rebecca Ann Law Torrance4 married Dr. Lloyd Dorsey.
  4. iv. Elizabeth H. Ruth Torrance4 born October 80, 1809; married, November 17, 1842, Isaac Simmons, Jr. Issue, at least one.
    1. 1. Drusilla Torrance Simmons,5 married, February 3,1887, James Close. She died July 15, 1889.
      Margaret Welsh, a descendant, says: Drusilla Torrance Simmons, dau. of Elizabeth H. Ruth Torrance and Isaac Simmons, died on August 29, 1912.  It was her husband James Close who died July 15, 1889. There are photo cards of Drusilla (Torrence Simmons) Close and James Close at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, Maryland.
  5. v. Mary Simmons Torrance4 born December 1, 1814.

66. Hugh Torrence3

(James2 Sergeant Hugh1), in the year 1811, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, deeded land to his brothers James Torrance, of Frederick, Maryland. In this deed he was joined by his wife, Isabella Torrence.

"Hugh Torrence married Martha White in 1760, widow of Captain John White, of Frederick, Maryland." Note 125-1 It is probable that Hugh Torrence's associations in Frederick, Maryland, may have led his brother James Torrance to locate there.

"Hugh Torrence, 319 acres of land in Cumberland County, August 18, 1768. Patented to Hugh Torrence, August 22, 1768." Note 125-2

The U. S. Census of 1790, lists Hugh Torrence in Salisbury District, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, as having one male under 16, 5 females and 12 slaves.

"Hugh Torrence married Isabella Tally, May 29, 1783." She was evidently his wife from 1783 to at least 1811, when she joined him in a deed granting land "for love and affection" to his brother James Torrance of Frederick, Maryland. This deed was witnessed by Samuel 125

Laurie and James Latta. The name of Latta and that of Galbraith occur in his descendants' lines. Note 1265-1

At this point, it is of interest to mention some of the early settlers in Pennsylvania, whose names are also found in North Carolina; many of these intermarried with the Torrences.

"The North Carolina branch of the Torrences settled first in Pennsylvania. Many of the families that later intermarried with the Torrences also came from Pennsylvania. As early as 1730, Scotch-Irish settlers came to townships Coleraine, Leacock and Pequa, now Lancaster County. Coleraine was doubtless so named by those settlers who came from Coleraine in County Londonderry, Ireland. Their names appear among the Warrants for lands, prior to 1740." Note 126-2

Large numbers of Scotch-Irish from Donegal and Perry, Ireland, arrived at Newcastle, Delaware. All were Presbyterians. Among these were Richard Allison, and John Galbraith, who built the first grist and saw-mills there. The latter became a famous Indian trader and fighter. Note 126-3

Andrew Galbraith was an Elder in Donegal Presbyterian Church in 1721. Note 126-4

Many of the Scotch-Irish who originally settled in Pennsylvania, travelled the wilderness road to the South, where their descendants are now found. Prior to 1730, in Donegal, are found the names of John, Patrick and William Allison, John Davidson, John, William and Robert Spear and their sons. Note 126-5

"William Bertram was a minister in Donegal Township, which furnished Colonels Bertram and James Galbraith." Note 126-6

""Among those who made improvements in the Manor-of-Maske, prior to January 18, 1741, and took up Warrants for land between 1765 and 1775, were Thomas Latta; 200 acres in 1761, and 350 acres in October, 1774. This land was called 'Rapho', a name directly traceable to Ireland." Note 126-7 126

The names of the descendants of this Hugh Torrence of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, have been secured through the kindness and assistance of a descendant, Mr. Richard Torrence Banks, of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The previously quoted records concerning the marriage of Hugh Torrence are at variance with those used by Mr. Banks, in that it is his belief that Isabella was the widow of a Captain Galbraith Falls. Repeated efforts have been made to clarify this difference, without success. In a letter to the compiler, Mr. Banks quoted from a paper, said to have been brought to America by this Hugh Torrence, as follows:

"From infancy, until after August 1, 1763, he lived within Protestant Dissenting Congregation of Five Mile Town, in Parish of Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland." He said further, that Hugh is believed to have had brothers, James, George and Albert.

Mr. Richard Torrence LeGrand, of Shelby, North Carolina, another descendant of Hugh Torrence, sent a copy of a letter, which seems to be the same letter, but in more detail, as follows:

Five Mile Farm
Parish of Tyrone, Ireland.
August 20, 1763.

Hugh Torance is an unmarried person, descended from honest, reputable parents and from infancy lived in ye bounds of the Protestant Dissenting Congregation of this place and always behaved himself orderly and supported a very fair Character.

Certified to, by
Thomas Boyle, P.D.

The County of Tyrone, Ireland, is partly in the Diocese of Clogher, partly in that of Armagh, but chiefly in Derry. For the purpose of civil jurisdiction, it is divided into the Baronies of Clogher, Dungannon, Strabane, and Omagh. It contains the burough and market town of Dungannon, the assize and market town of Omagh, the disfranchised buroughs and market and post towns of Strabane and Clogher. .

Five-mile-town. . . . The principal villages are Claudy, Crogh, Dromore, Gartin, Pomeroy, Six-Mile-Cross (each of which has a subpost), Killeter, Newmills, Termonmaquirk, and Tullyhoge.


The first version says Hugh Torrence came from the Parish of Clogher, while the second version says he came from the Parish of Tyrone. Because of this difference in statements, which has not been explained, the exact location can not be determined.

Family tradition is, that Hugh Torrence had a brother James, who lived in Pennsylvania, and married a Galbraith; a brother George, who lived near Ellicott City, Maryland; and a brother Albert, who lived in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Because the previously quoted records very substantially establish the identity and relationship between these several brothers, they seem more convincing than the family traditions.

Hugh Torrence's widow, Isabella Torrence, is buried in the Hopewell Churchyard, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; her tombstone bears the following inscription:

"Isabella Torrence died February 1, 1816, aged 76."

This record would place her birth in the year 1740. The only son of Hugh 'Torrence and his wife Isabella Tally Torrence, was James Galbraith Torrence, who is also buried in Hopewell. His tombstone records his birth as of November 19, 1784, and his death as of December 12, 1847. His will, which is recorded in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was dated July 2, 1845.

Returning to the Rowan County Marriage Records, wherein Hugh Torrence's marriage to Isabella Tally is recorded as of May 29, 1783, we find, by comparing this date with the birthday of their only son, James Galbraith Torrence, which was November 19, 1784, that he was born one year and seven months after the marriage.

Since Isabella Tally was born in 1740, she was 44 years of age when her son, James Galbraith Torrence, was born. This fact may account for her not having other children. Because of her age when she married Hugh Torrence, it is very probable that this marriage was not her first. This possibility may account for the belief of Mr. Banks that she was the widow of Captain Galbraith Falls. It does not account for her name being Isabella Tally, when she married Hugh Torrence, unless she had a second marriage to a Mr. Tally, after the death of Captain Falls. Repeated efforts have been made to get the facts in this case, but without success. 128

Child of Hugh and Isabella (Tally) Torrence was:

  1. ¶70. i. James Galbraith Torrence4 married three times. Married first, a Miss Davidson; married second, Mary Latta; married third, Margaret Allison.

67. Albert Torrence3

(James2 Sergeant Hugh1), like his brothers Charles, Hugh, and James, was born in Ireland. His birth was in the year 1755. The date of his arrival in America is not known, but he settled in Salisbury, North Carolina, in 1774. His death, according to family Bible records of James Torrance, found in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland, occurred on December 14, 1825.

His will was probated in 1826, and named his wife Elizabeth; children Margaret, James, Charles, Elizabeth, and Albert. Note 129-1 His wife's will was probated in 1837. Note 129-2

The U. S. Census of 1790, lists Albert Torrence in Salisbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina, as one male over 16 years, with one slave.

Albert Torrence married, on October 27, 1791, in Salisbury, North Carolina, Elizabeth Hackett, who was born in Ireland in 1772. Note 129-3 She died September 8, 1837. Both are buried in the Old English Cemetery in Salisbury, North Carolina.

"The southwestern corner of old Rowan County, was occupied by a noble and patriotic race of people one hundred years ago. There you will find the original home of families known by the names of . . . Torrence." Note 129-4 "From Cowan's Ford, the British pressed on and soon met Colonel Webster's division, which had crossed at Beattie's Ford, at Torrence’s Tavern. . . . This place is about two miles above Davidson College, and within a quarter of a mile from 'Centre Depot', on the Atlantic, Tennessee and Ohio Railroad. They burned the houses of Mr. Torrence and John Bevard, General Davidson's father-in-law. . . . From Cornwallis's order book, we learn that the British encamped at Torrence's that night." Note 129-5

"From the Heights of Gowerie, generally known as the 'Torrence Place', the British, with their field glasses, could sweep their vision far over the famed 'Jersey Settlement', with its rich lands and substantial 129 farm houses. The Torrences, MacNamaras, Smiths, and other prominent families dwelt in that region. Note 130-1

"On the occasion of the visit of General Washington to Salisbury . . . that night, there was a grand ball given to the President at Hughes' Hotel, attended by prominent ladies and gentlemen, of Salisbury and vicinity . . . Maxwells, Chambers, Captain Beard, Mrs. Beard, Mrs. Torrence, Mrs. Giles. . . ."T COLOR="#F0000F"> Note 130-2

"Just below the Trading Ford, on a high bluff, stood the residence of Albert Torrence, still conspicuous from afar. It was from these heights, that Lord Cornwallis's artillery cannonaded General Green. Albert Torrence chose this airy bluff situation for a residence, from which he could watch the windings of the silvery stream, dotted with a cluster of beautiful inlets." Note 130-3

"At the organization of the Presbyterian Church, in Salisbury, Albert Torrence became a member, and one of the first ruling Elders. His remains, with those of his wife and several of their children, are sleeping in the English graveyard in Salisbury, under broad slabs, near the entrance." Note 130-4

Thanks are extended to Mrs. Margaret Allison Torrence, 1400 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina, for her interest and kindness in supplying, from Bible records, the names and connections of the descendants of Albert Torrence, her ancestor. In her possession, is a large silver spoon Note 130-5 bearing the initials of Albert Torrence, it being one of a number brought by him from Ireland, and given by him to his descendants. Mrs. Margaret A. Torrence wrote on September 17, 1935:" I know there were three brothers with him (Albert) ; Charles and James stopped in Baltimore, Maryland, and Hugh came on here to Salisbury, and it is he, who probably, sold the lands to James. Later on, James Torrence moved to Frederick, Maryland. They were connected with the Hall, Clopper, and Law families. In 1889, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Law Dorsey wrote to Mrs. Albert Torrence, of Salisbury, North Carolina, that her two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, were with her, and that her father (James Torrance) and her mother, were dead. In October, 1887, 130 she wrote that Charles Hall's father had written from Ireland, that Uncle Andrew and family were well. We suppose that Andrew Torrence was a brother of Hugh, Albert, James, and Charles."

Children of Albert and Elizabeth (Hackett) Torrence were five:

  1. ¶71. i. Hugh Torrence4 married Zilpha Simonton.
  2. ii. James Torrence4 born July 15, 1795, died January 26, 1827.
  3. iii. Elizabeth Sloan Torrence4 born July 31,1797, died July 14, 1840; married W. E. Powe, of Cheraw, North Carolina. Issue, three:
    1. 1 Dr. Albert Torrence Powe5
    2. 2. W. E. Powe5 married and had issue, at least one:
      1. (Daughter) Powe6 married Samuel J. Irvine, of Morgantown, North Carolina.
    3. 3. (Daughter) Powe5 married a Mr. Hackett.
  4. iv. Albert Torrence, JR4 born January 9, 1800, died September 8, 1853; lived in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Married Sarah Tooman. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Henry Torrence5
    2. 2. Richard Torrence5
  5. ¶72. v. Charles Law Torrence4 married twice. Married first, Lavinia Hayes; married second, Philadelphia Margaret Fox.

68. William Torrence3

(James2 Sergeant Hugh1), is believed to be a son of James Torrence, of Ireland. He settled in York County, Pennsylvania.

"William Torrence of Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, died in 1752, leaving two sons, William and John." Note 131-1

""William Torrence, of Shrewsbury Township, died December 26, 1751. Left a plantation valued at £50. Total value of inventory, £76-4-0. Eleanor Torrence, who later married a Mr. Lester, was made administratrix. They had two sons, John Torrence, born January 1, 1750, and William Torrence, Jr. William Torrence a/c filed June 19, 1753. Appraisement by Alexander Wallace and Wm. Gemmell." Note 131-2

Original papers in York County: Bond of Eleanor Torrence, administratrix of William Torrance, deceased, dated Jan. 27, 1752; amount of bond, £150 current money of Pennsylvania; sureties, Alex. Wallace and William Gammel (signed Gemmel). Eleanor signed her name Torrance. In the index, it is noted "William Torrence, date of account filed June 19, 1753."

"Memorandum that letters of administration in common form were granted Eleanor Torrence, on the estate of William Torrence, late of York County, deceased, inventory to be exhibited on or before the twenty second day of February next, and an account on or before the 131 twenty second day of January, Anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred and fifty three. Given under the Seal of the Register's Office at York, the twenty second day of January 1752.
Geo. Stevenson, Deputy. Rr." Note 132-1

"August 29, 1759, Came into Court Alexander Creighton, of Shrewsbury Township and informed the Court, that Eleanor Lester, the widow of William Torrens, late of Shrewsbury Township, cordiner, deceased, who died intestate, left her child named John Torrens, a minor orphan, son of the said deceased, about five years ago (i. e. 1754) at his house, on trial, in order to have him bound an apprentice to him, the said Alexander, that the said Eleanor soon after died, that the said child hath remained with him since. And the said Alexander prays the Court that the said child may be now bound an apprentice to him, agreeable to the intentions of his mother. It is considered by the Court, and the said John Torrence, aged nine years, about the first of January last, is hereby bound an apprentice to the said Alexander Creighton until he shall be aged 21 years. In consideration whereof, the said Alexander Creighton doth covenant and agree to teach or cause to be taught, the said apprentice, the art or mystery of a weaver, to read the Bible, to write, and arithmetic, as far as the rule of three, direct and to furnish and allow said apprentice sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing and lodging during said term, and at the expiration thereof, to pay unto him a good new weaver's loom, one good pair of temples and six new sleas of divers sorts and also two suits of apparel, one whereof, shall be new and of the value of five pounds, or five pounds in money, in lieu of the new suit, which the said apprentice, shall then choose." Note 132-2

"Dec.10, 1754, Upon the petition of William Lister (Lester) administrator of the estate of William Torrence, late of Chanceford Township, deceased, setting forth that he has maintained and clothed William and John Torrence, minor orphans, sons of William Torrence aforesaid, since the decease of their Father, praying that the Court will allow him compensation for the same. It is considered by the Court and ordered that he retain in his hands, the sum of ten pounds, in lieu of maintenance and clothing aforesaid." Note 132-3132

From the foregoing, it seems that after the death of William Torrence, of Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, his widow Eleanor married William Lester; that she died shortly thereafter; that the two sons of William Torrence, William Torrence, Jr., and John Torrence, were cared for by their mother while she lived, and that she had expressed her willingness that the son John might be apprenticed to Alexander Creighton. On December 10, 1754, their stepfather came into Court to ask for compensation for their support during the years following the death of their father. It further appears that on August 29, 1759, Alexander Creighton apprenticed the son John Torrence, from that date until he should reach the age of 21. The records do not state where the son William lived, while a minor.

The U. S. Census of 1790, lists William Torrence as having 3 males and five females in his family, and it appears that this reference is to the son of William Torrence, Senior.

Children of William and Eleanor Torrence were two:

  • ¶73. i. William Torrence4 Jr, married Ann, surname unknown.
  • ¶68.1. ii. John Torrence4 who, as shown by records previously quoted, was apprenticed to Alexander Creighton, his father having died in 1752, and his mother, who married again, having died shortly thereafter. He was born January 1,1750, in York County, Pennsylvania.

    He was a taxable in Monaghan Township, in 1771, and a subscriber to the Guinston Presbyterian Church, August 26, 1771. This church, in Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1745, and was first connected with the Associated Presbyterian Church, the history of which runs hack into Scotland as that of the Convenanters and Associators (Seceders), which was formed by a secession from the established Church of Scotland in 1733. Note 133-1

    John Torrence is listed as a taxable in Monaghan Township, York County, Pennsylvania, on December 11, 1771, for the year 1772. There is no record showing this tax was paid for that year. In fact, his name disappears from the records of the county, and nothing is definitely known regarding his whereabouts.

    Among the subscribers to the Guinston Presbyterian Church, are also found the names of Alexander Creighton, under whose care John Torrence was placed, and William Gemmil, who acted as one of the appraisers for the estate of William Torrence, the father of this John Torrence. Note 133-2 133

    1783, Alexander Creighton to Patrick Purdy; Hopewell Township; refers to grant 1750; lands adjoin Alexander Wallace and William Gemmil. Note 134-1 Tax lists for Hopewell Township, now York, Pennsylvania, show the names of Alexander Creighton and William Gemmill, December 6, 1771, for 1772 taxes.

    In the 8th, Congress, mentioned above, the name of Robert Crighton, is given among the settlers of the Manor of Maske, who made improvements before June 18, 1741. His date of settlement is given as June, 1739.

    "William Gemmell, a native of Scotland, came to America before 1750, settled in Hopewell Township, York County, Penna., in that part, known as Shrewsbury Township, 1000 acres." Note 134-2

    "William Gemmell, 150 acres, one slave, was a petitioner from Shrewsbury Township, in April, 1767, granted June 23, 1767. Original settlers In this district, were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians." Note 134-3 (See Torrence, Georgia branch.)  

    69. Rebecca Ann Law Torrance4

    (James3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born October 28, 1801, died September 14, 1878. On September 12, 1822, she married Dr. Lloyd Dorsey, who died in 1856.

    Children of Dr. Lloyd and Rebecca Ann Law (Torrance) Dorsey were five:

    1. i. Virginia Dorsey5 born June 24, 1823.
    2. ii. Nicholas Dorsey5 born February 15, 1825.
    3. iii. Lloyd Dorsey5 born February 15, 1827.
    4. iv. Rachael Dorsey5 born October 15, 1829; married, November, 1851, John Trafford
    5. v. William Nevins Dorsey5 born September 19, 1837.

    70. James Galbraith Torrence4

    (Hugh3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, November 19, 1784, died December 12, 1847, married three times. He married first, a Miss Davidson, who had a brother Franklin Davidson, from Iredell County, near Mount Mourne, North Carolina. By this marriage he had five children. He married, second, Mary Latta, born December 29, 1799, died November 26, 1821. By this marriage he had two children. He married, third, Margaret Allison, who was born January 6, 1798, and died January 19, 1880. She was a daughter of Richard Allison and a 134 Miss Neil, of Statesville, North Carolina. By this marriage James Galbraith Torrence had six children.

    Children of James Galbraith Torrence and his first wife, who had been a Miss Davidson were five:

    1. i. Dr. Hugh Torrence5 who was left several slaves by his father's will; was living in 1845; died in New Orleans, Louisiana, of yellow fever.
    2. ii. Franklin Torrence5 went to Mississippi to live, and was a railroad builder.
    3. iii. Camilla Torrence5 married a Mr. Latta, who died at York, North Carolina.
    4. iv. Isabella Torrence5 married twice. Married first, a Mr. Smith. Issue, two:
      1. 1. Jane Camille Smith6
      2. 2. James Franklin Smith6 married second, a Mr. Reid, of Mount Mourne, North Carolina.
    5. v. Jane Adeline Torrence5 born 1811, died March, 1820.

      Children of James Galbraith and Mary (Latta) Torrence were two:

    6. vi. William Latta Torrence5 born January 20, 1822, died May 20, 1852.
    7. vii. Jane E. Torrence5 married William Davidson. Lived near Hopewell, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Issue, one:
      1. 1. James L. Davidson6 who was left by his grandfather's will, slaves, also other property.

      Children of James Gaibraith and Margaret (Allison) Torrence were six:

    8. viii. Lettia Torrence5 married Dr. Edward S. Bratton, who lived in York, North Carolina; died in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    9. ix. MARY Torrence5 married twice. Married first, Robert Bratton. Issue, one:
      1. 1. Robert Bratton6

      Married second, Dr. Sidney Witherspoon, son of John Witherspoon. Lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    10. x. Delia Torrence5 married Dr. John R. Johnston. Their home was "Zuela," at Mount Holly, Gaston County, North Carolina.
    11. xi. Sarah Jane Torrence5 married Dr. John Brown Gaston, Jr., of Montgomery, Alabama.
    12. xii. John Andrew Torrence5 born January 20, 1839; unmarried. Died December 21, 1904, and is buried in Hopewell Churchyard, North Carolina.
    13. ¶74. xiii. Richard Alisson Torrence5 married twice. Married first, Bettie E. Reed; married second, Patience Eliza Gaston.

    71. Hugh Torrence4

    (Albert3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born May 16, 1793, died May 20, 1822; married Zilpha Simonton, of Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina, at which place their children were born.

    Children of Hugh and Zupha (Simonton) Torrence were two:

    1. i. Elizabeth Hackett Torrence5 born in 1817, died in 1912, aged 95 years. She married John Stokes Street, and lived in Galveston, Texas. Issue, five:
      1. 1. Margaret Ella Street6 married Dr. Charles Truehart, of Galveston, 135 Texas. Had issue.
      2. 2. William Simonton Street6
      3. 3. Judge Robert Gould Street6 of Galveston, Texas.
      4. 4. John Torrence Street6
      5. 5. Mumford Stokes Street6
    2. ¶75. ii. Margaret Simonton Torrence5 married Muscendine Ebenezer Matthews.

    72. Charles Law Torrence4

    (Albert3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born May 12, 1802, died July 6, 1865. He married twice. His first marriage was on April 2, 1839, to Lavinia Hayes, of Rowan County, N. C., by whom he had issue, four. He married second, Philadelphia Margaret Fox, Note 136-1 of Fredericksburg, Virginia. This marriage took place on October 5, 1847. Issue, by second marriage, was four:

    Children of Charles Law and Lavinia (Hayes) Torrence were four:

    1. i. Katharine Elizabeth Torrence5 born January 19, 1840, and died July 27, 1876.
    2. ii. Margaret Hackett Torrence5 born July 3,1841, died October, 1867.
    3. iii. Jane Manerva Torrence5 born November 3, 1842, died September 27, 1855.
    4. iv. Charles Law Torrence, Jr.5 born August 11, 1844, died August, 1911. Married twice.
      Married first, on June<SUP>4.1884, Cora Bell Skeene. Issue, two:
      1. 1. Mary Elizabeth Torrence6 born May20, 1885.
      2. 2. Belle Virginia Torrence6 born October 7, 1886.
        He married second, Charlotte Anne Clover, nee Troutman. Issue, five:
      3. 3.Margaret Clarkson Torrence6 born September 10, 1888, died December 13, 1891.
      4. 4. Catherine Torrence6 born July 15, 1890.
      5. 5.Charles Law Torrence, 3rd6 was born November16, 1893.
      6. 6.William James Torrencc6
      7. 7. Richard P. Torrence6

      Children of Charles Law and Philadelphia Margaret (Fox) Torrence, were four:
    5. v. Albert Fox Torrence5 born January 3, 1849, died January 27, 1893, unmarried.
    6. vi. Stephen James Torrence5 born November 22, 1850, died July 27, 1906, unmarried.
    7. vii. Walter Hugh Torrence5 born October 16, 1852, died May 5, 1909; married Margaret Torrence Allison, born April 10, 1867, of Charlotte, North Carolina, who has kindly given the data for this sketch. Their issue appears later in this work, under her name.
    8. viii. Andrew Fox Torrence5 born November 24, 1855, died June 26, 1857.

    73. William Torrence, Jr.4

    (William3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), was a tax payer in Mount Pleasant Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 136 (now Adams County) on December 11, 1771. Note 137-1 York County Records show he was Supervisor of Highways for Mount Pleasant Township in 1766; Tax Collector in 1774. His will, dated February 6, 1807, is recorded at Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Note 137-2

    He speaks of himself as of Mount Pleasant Township, and mentions his wife, Ann. He leaves his estate to his several children, stipulating that they shall look after their mother during her lifetime, and that no property shall be sold by them, until after their mother's death.

    Children of William Jr. and Ann Torrence were six:

    1. i. Jane Torrence5 married John Watson. Issue, one:
      1. 1. John Watson, Jr6 Her will, Note 137-3 was dated January 30, 1828, and carried out the stipulations mentioned in her father's will. She left her interest in her father's estate to her sisters, Mary and Rebecca, and to her brothers Aaron and John. By the records of the Reverend Alexander Dobbin, her marriage to John Watson took place December 22, 1791.
    2. ii. Aaron Torrence5 was the next of the family to die. His will was dated February 28, 1831. In it, he left his interest in his father's estate to his brother John Torrence, and his Bible to William Dysart. His brother John, and Joseph Coshum, were made executors.
    3. iii. John Torrence5 His will was dated May 8, 1841. Inventory filed May 9, 1841. He left his interest in his father's estate to his sister Mary. He left four hundred dollars to his" beloved friend Wm. Dysart," and the balance of his estate to the two sons of William Dysart: John W. Dysart and William E. Dysart.
    4. iv. Mary Torrence5 died, according to the records of the Conewago Prebyterian Cemetery, Straban Township, Adams County, Pa. (found in the York Historical Society), on May 9, 1849, aged 79. This would make her birth date 1770. There is a deed, in Deed Book 0, page 318, in Gettysburg, Pa., wherein she conveys to Aaron Watson, a tract of land, being part of that which she acquired by her brother John Torrence's will, and which he had inherited from his father by will. The patent for this land was dated August 1, 1809. It is believed that this Aaron Watson was a son of her sister, who married John Watson.
    5. v. Anne Torrence5 was born in 1778, and died October 9, 1827, aged 49. Her will is as of Mount Pleasant Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, in Book C, page 62, probated January 30, 1828.
    6. vi. Rebecca Torrence5 married Alexander M. MeGaughy, and had issue, one:
      1. 1.William McGaughy6 Her marriage is also found in the records of 137 the Reverend Alexander Dobbin, as of October 21, 1810, in Mount Pleasant Township, Adams County, Pa.

        No record has been found of the will of Ann, the mother of the above-mentioned children.

    74. Richard Allison Torrence5

    (James4 Hugh3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born December 7, 1833, at Hopewell, North Carolina, died May 22, 1927; removed to Charlotte, North Carolina; married twice. Married first, November 26, 1857, Bettie E. Reid, born April 29, 1836, died September 20, 1861. She came from Mount Mourne, North Carolina, and is buried at Richard, Texas. Issue, two. Richard Allison Torrence married second, on October 3, 1865, Patience Eliza Gaston, daughter of John Brown Gaston, and Folly Bulford, of Chester, North Carolina, who lived at Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Issue, nine.

    Children of Richard Allison and Bettie E. (Reid) Torrence were two:

    1. i. Minna Eugenie Torrence6 born September 2, 1858, died March 10, 1930. Married, October23, 1878, H. Eugene Le Grand. Issue, three:
      1. 1. Maggie Le Grand7 married Hugh Miller, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Issue, three:
        1. i. Hugh Miller8 Lives in Raleigh, North Carolina
        2. ii. Eugiene Le Grand Miller8 lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.
          Information on the third line is suplied by Carolyn Dowd
        3. iii. Emily Graham Miller. Children One:
          1. Carolyn Dowd
      2. 2. Richard Torrence Le Grand7 married Lillian Fain, lives in Shelby, North Carolina. Issue, six:
        1. i. Minnie Le Grand8
        2. ii. Elizabeth Le Grand8
        3. iii. Richard Torrence Le Grand8
        4. iv. Eugene Le Grand8
        5. v. William Le Grand8
        6. vi. Lillian Le Grand8
      3. 3. Flax Le Grand,7 married Isaac Pierson Caldwell, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Issue, three:
        1. i. Kate Caldwell8
        2. ii. Issac Caldwell8
        3. iii. Minna Caldwell8 married Howard Harrison; lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California.
    2. ii. Margaret Elizabeth Torrence6 born September 22, 1859; married, February 22, 1883, J. B. Houze. Issue, seven:
      1. 1. Cora Houze7
      2. 2. John Reid Houze7 married Mary Hozel. Issue, three:
        1. i. Joan Houze8
        2. ii. Woodward Houze8
        3. iii. Hazel Houze8
      3. 3. Lucas Houze7
      4. 4. Betty Houze7 married Ernest Hungerjeller, of Orangeburg, North Carolina. Issue, two:
        1. i. Irene Hungerjeller8
        2. ii. Margue Hungerjeller8
      5. 5. Susan Houze7 married Robert Lake. Live at Whitmire, North Carolina. Issue, two:
        1. i. Robert Lake8
        2. ii. John Lake8
      6. 6. Isaac Houze7
      7. 7. Richard Houze7

      Children of Richard Allison and Patience Eliza (Gaston) Torrence were nine:
    3. iii. Richard Allison Torrence, Jr6 born August 21, 1866; married Letty Nance, went to Lincoln, Nebraska, to live. Issue, two:
      1. 1. Ann Elizabeth Torrence7
      2. 2. William Tate Torrence7 lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 138
    4. iv. Dr. John Brown Gaston Torrence6 born September 20, 1808; married Anne Wilkeson. Live in Birmingham, Tennessee.
    5. v. Mary Bulford Torrence6 born December 4, 1869; married L. L. Moore. Issue, three:
      1. 1. Lysford Moore7
      2. 2. Eliza Moore7 married L. W.Pollard; live at Columbia, South Carolina. Issue, two:
        1. i. L. W. Pollard, Jr8
        2. ii. Eliza Pollard8
      3. 3. Wilson Moore7
    6. vi. Delia Isabell Torrence6 born December 27, 1871; married Howard A. Banks, who died in 1932. Issue, three:
      1. 1. Robert Banks7
      2. 2. Henry Howard Banks7 lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      3. 3. Richard Torrence Banks7 born September 8,1911, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    7. vii. Susan Camilla Torrence6 born December 26, 1874; married John W. Zimmerman, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    8. viii. James Galbraith Torrence6 born November 26, 1876; married Sophia Dunlap, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    9. ix. Kate Torrence6 born December 29, 1878; married Harry L. Sanders, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    10. x. Hugh Torrence6 born September 16, 1881; married a Miss Levi; lives in Sanford, Florida. Issue, three:
      1. 1. Jane Torrence7 married Peter Sehall.
      2. 2. Margaret Torrence7 married George Knight. Issue, One:
        1. i. George Knight7 lives in Sanford, Florida.
      3. 3. Mary Louise Torrence7 unmarried.
    11. xi. William Albert Torrence6 born May 16, 1881, is unmarried, and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    75. Margaret Simonton Torrence5

    (Hugh4 Albert3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born November 18, 1819, died November 6, 1862. She married, August 4, 1836, in Marengo County, Alabama, Muscendine Ebenezer Matthews. The marriage was solemnized by the Reverend Isaac Haddon.

    Children of Muscendine Ebenezer and Margaret Simonton (Torrence) Matthews were six:

    1. i. Hugh Torrence Matthews6 born March 11, 1838, married twice. Married first, on December 20, 1869, Caroline Craddock. No issue. He married second, on December 12, 1882, Anna Mims, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Issue, three:
      1. 1. Ebbie Matthews7 born May 4, 1884, lived at Milton, Florida.
      2. 2. Bessemer Matthews7 born October 31, 1887, lived at Bessemer, Alabama.
      3. 3. C. Laura Matthews7 born October 21, 1889, died September 2, 1890.
    2. ¶76. ii. Laura Jane Matthews6 married Dr. John A. Allison.
    3. iii. Mary Elizabeth Matthews6 born October 20, 1843, in Dayton, Alabama, died June, 1923; married, January 15, 1867, Dr. Charles F. Force, died 1883. Lived in Selma, Alabama. Issue, four:
      1. 1. Margaret Force7 born June 26, 1868; married a Mr. Hunter.
      2. 2. Mary Force7 born April 12,1870.
      3. 3. Zilpha Force7 born August 24, 1872, died 1906; married on November 21, 1899, in Selma, Alabama, Dr. John Matthews Allison, born May 20, 1869, died August 8, 1929. Issue, two:
        1. i. John M. Allison8 139] born April 25, 1901, lived in Denver, Colorado.
        2. ii. Zilpha Allison8 born in Denver, Colorado, July 25, 1902, died in Selma, Alabama, in 1903.
      4. 4. Laura Force7 (twin of Zilpha), born August 24, 1872, died, November, 1918. She married, on February 2, 1910, her sister's widower, John Matthews Allison. Issue, three:
        1. i. Laura Allison8 born December 21, 1910. Resides at Denver, Colorado.
        2. ii. Mary Elizabeth Allison8 born December 4, 1912, of Denver, Colorado.
        3. iii. Robert Hugh Allison8 born in April, 1916, also of Denver.
    4. iv. Margaret Knox Matthews6 born 1846, died February 8, 1856.
    5. v. Robert Porter Matthews6 born May 29, 1849, in Dayton, Alabama; married, June, 1874, Etta Hughes. Lived in Mobile, Alabama.
    6. vi. Ebenezer Matthews6 born April 4,1852, died September 16, 1875.

    76. Laura Jane Matthews6

    (Margaret5 Hugh4 Albert3 James2 Sergeant Hugh1), born October 21, 1839, died May 31, 1876; married, December 14, 1865, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Dr. John A. Allison, of Iredell County, North Carolina.

    Children of Dr. John A. and Laura Jane (Matthews) Allison were five:

    1. i. Margaret Torrence Allison,7 who has kindly furnished data for this branch of the family, and who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, was born April 10, 1867; married, February 23, 1887, Walter Hugh Torrence, born October 16, 1852 (see post page). Lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. He died May 5, 1909. Issue, six:
      1. 1. Charles Allison Torrence8 born October 7, 1888; married, November 16, 1915, Helen Buck. Issue, two:
        1. i. Elizabeth Allison Torrence9 born January 26, 1917.
        2. ii. Helen Buck Torrence9 born August 15,1918.
      2. 2. Walter Hugh Torrence1 Jr8 born September 9, 1891, married, December, 1917, Olga May Kerr. Issue, one:
        1. i. Laura Virgina Torrence9 born February 6, 1922.
      3. 3. Robert Matthews Torrence5 born February 2,1894, married, December 3, 1928, Maud Clover.
      4. 4. Laura Torrence8 born May 20, 1896, married, June 21, 1930, Walter Patterson Mitchell. Issue, one:
        1. i. Laura Torrence Mitchell9 born February 27, 1932.
      5. 5. Mary Torrence8 born December 4, 1898, married Leon R. Young. Issue, one:
        1. i. Mary Allison Young9 born January 6, 1928.
      6. 6. Margaret Allison Torrence8 born March 6, 1904.
    2. ii. John Matthews Allison7 born May 20, 1869, died August 8, 1929.
    3. iii. Robert Hugh Allison7 born March 11, 1871, died October 28, 1928, at Denver, Colorado.
    4. iv. Mary Allison7 born February 4, 1873; married, June 20, 1896, Ernest Bingham, of North Carolina, lives in Los Angeles, California.
    5. v. Charles Force Allison7 born November, 1874, died February, 1878. 140
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