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Hugh Torrance of Gaston County, N. C.

Up to the present time, it has not been possible to establish a connection between this Hugh Torrance and the other branches of the family of this name in America. They all doubtless came from the same source.

The following information concerning Hugh Torrance and his issue, has been compiled principally from data supplied by Mrs. Marie Torrence Lattimore, of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, to which additions have been made, as supplied by other members of the family.

101. Hugh Torrance1

was born October 15, 1732, of Scotch-Irish parents, who lived in the northern part of Ireland, and, according to family tradition, came to America, first stopping off in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, where earlier Torrences are known to have located, to whom he was probably related. Later, he settled in Lincoln County, N. C., where his will, dated November 23, 1803 (probated in 1813), has been found recorded in Lincoln County, N. C. The will is as follows:

Be it known to all whom it may concern, that I, Hugh Torrance, Senr. of the State of North Carolina and Lincoln County, being of sound and perfect mind and memory, though in a weakly State of body, do make, ordain, constitute, and appoint this Instrument of writing to be my last will and testament and do hereby dispose of my Estate in the following manner:
1st, I order my body to be decent interred by my Executor.
2nd, I order all my just debts to be payed.
3rd, I give and bequeath to my four daughters, Ann, Isabella, Ruth, and Mary, to each of them, one crown.
4th, I give and bequeath to my son John, all my land, excepting that piece at the beginning corner, be it more or less, running agreeable to the conditional line, my three sons made, which I will to my son Hugh, and I also give and bequeath to my son Mathew, a small part of the same tract of land I now live on, it being found on the second, and their lines, at the third corner tree of the plantation running from the third corner tree back the second pine to the branch, and from the same corner along the third pine to the branch, the branch being the line, be the quantity more or less.
5th, I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Polley, my son John's daughter, my bed with all the furniture thereof.
6th, I allow my books to be equally divided between my three sons and also my body clothes and all the rest of my unwilled property, I give to my son 153 John... and I do hereby appoint my three sons, John, Mathew Brown, and Hugh, Executors of this my last will and testament and do hereby revoke and disannul all former wills and testaments and declare this and this only, to be my last Will and testament, in witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23 day of November, 1803.

HUGE Torrance (Seal)

Signed, sealed, published, & delivered in presence of
John Berry, Jurat
Adam Baird
Nathan Baker.

The finding of this will establishes the names of his children as mentioned therein, as well as enabling one to understand more clearly the entries found in the old family Bible which has come down to Leonidas C. Glenn, Dean of Vanderbilt University, at Nashville, Tennessee, as follows:

These entries, being the earliest, would indicate that the first is the birth of Hugh Torrance, the earliest known ancestor of this line; that Mary was his wife, and that her maiden name was Brown; that Matthew Brown was her brother. The name Brown continues in the next generation, and was evidently a family one.

The next entries in the Bible, as follows, are the birth-dates of the Note 154-1 children of Hugh Torrance and his wife Mary (Brown) Torrance, being seven:

  1. i. Ann Torrance2 born October 5, 1762.
  2. ii. Isabella Torrance2 born February 3, 1765.
  3. iii. Ruth Torrance2 born April 4, 1768.
  4. ¶102. iv. John Torrance2 married Martha (Chain) Wilson.
  5. v. Matthew Brown Torrance2 born September 2, 1773; died January 15, 1845; married, name of wife unknown. Moved to Illinois.
  6. vi. Mary (or Polly) Torrance2 born December 27, 1775; married John Little; went to Spartanburg County, S. C., and later settled in Missouri.
  7. ¶103. vii. Hugh Torrance, Jr.2 married Peggy Ashe.

102. John Torrence2

(Hugh1), was born March 20, 1771; died May 31, 1849; lived near Gaffney, South Carolina. He married, in 1789, 154 Martha (Chain) Wilson, who was born March 14, 1772, in Ireland. She came in the year 1788, when she was 16 years of age, to Charleston, South Carolina. Both are buried in the Old Olney Churchyard in Gaston County, North Carolina, about three miles south of Gastonia. The following inscription is on John Torrence's tombstone:

In Memory of John Torrence, who departed this life May 31, 1849. Aged 78 years. Of strict integrity, his veracity was proverbial. He lived a devoted and exemplary Christian and died in the blessed hope of a happy Immortality beyond the Grave.

It will be noted that the descendants of Hugh Torrance adopted as the spelling of their name, Torrence, as shown on tombstones and written documents.

Children of John and Martha (Chain) Wilson Torrence, nine:

  1. i. Polly (or Mary) B. Torrence3 born February 12, 1799; died March 9, 1879; married Nathan Mendenhall. Lived in Gaston County, North Carolina. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Nathan Mendenhall4 married Rebecca Gemima Torrence, who was born September 13, 1841.
    2. 2. Meek Mendenhall4 unmarried.
  2. ii. William Torrence3 born Saturday, April 18, 1800; died before October 5, 1805, of a snake-bite; is buried in Olney Churchyard.
  3. iii. Hugh Torrence3 was born Wednesday, March 17, 1802; met an accidental death.
  4. iv. John Torrence3 was born Wednesday, September 28, 1803; married Jane Lynch. They had eight children. All of them went west with their father, excepting Vashta. The names of but two are known, as follows:
    1. 1. John Torrence4 went to live in Arkansas.
    2. 2. Vashta Torrence4 married Newton Ashe, and lives in McConnellsville, South Carolina.
  5. ¶104. v. William Wilson Torrence3 married Sally Ann Wilson.
  6. ¶105. vi. Ephriam Torrence3 married Polly Wilson.
  7. vii. Ezra D. Torrence3 born August 28, 1810; died May 10, 1859; moved to Arkansas. No further record.
  8. viii. Edwin B. Torrence3 born Tuesday, April 29, 1812; married Isabel Wells, of Rutherford County, North Carolina, and lived in that county, west of Shelby. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Knox Torrence4 died, aged sixty, unmarried.
    2. 2. Mary Ellen Torrence4 died, aged sixty-five, unmarried. She gave the John Torrence (1771-1849) family Bible to Mr. L. C. Glenn, 2111 Garland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, where will be found the original records of the births, marriages, and deaths of the members of his family.
  9. ¶106 ix. Lawson Harvey Torrence3 married Harriett Robinson. 155

103. Hugh Torrence, Jr2

(Hugh1), was born June 21, 1778; died December 11, 1848; is buried in Old Olney Churchyard. He married Peggy Ashe. Children of Hugh and Peggy (Ashe) Torrence, Jr., eleven:
  1. i. Mattie Torrence3 married Thomas Lovey; removed to Arkansas.
  2. ii. Jane Torrence3 married Zimra Robinson. Had issue, names unknown to the compiler.
  3. iii. Polly Torrence3 married Samuel Robinson, and is the grandmother of J. Lee Robinson, banker, of Gastonia, North Carolina; no record of intervening generation.
  4. iv. James Torrence3 married Ann Ashe. Issue, two:
    1. 1. James Torrence, Jr.4 died young.
    2. 2. Anne Torrence4 married John Tipton. Issue, one:
      1. i. John Tipton, Jr5
  5. v. Betsy Torrence3 unmarried.
  6. vi. Hugh Torrence3 married Miriam Robinson, removed to Arkansas.
  7. vii. William Torrence3 removed to Arkansas.
  8. ¶107. viii. John C. Torrence3 married Mary Smith.
  9. ¶108. ix. Samuel Torrence3 married Rixie White.
  10. x. Jameson F. Torrence3 married Fanny Smith; died July 26, 1856, aged 31 years.
  11. ¶109. xi. Robert (Robin) Torrence3 married Delilah Falls.

104. William Wilson Torrence3

(John2 Hugh1), was born Friday, October 4, 1805, and died April 5, 1875. He is buried in Olney. He married Sally Ann Wilson, born May 14, 1813, and died February 7, 1880. She was a daughter of William J. Wilson and his wife Sarah (Baird) Wilson, who were married October 22, 1799. Sarah Baird was a daughter of Adam Baird, of Catawba Creek Section, and inherited the original family silver.

Children of William Wilson and Sally Ann (Wilson) Torrence, four:

  1. ¶110. i. Dr. William Junius Torrence4 married twice; married first, Isabell Falls; married second, Elizabeth Moore.
  2. ¶111. ii. Sarah Priscilla Torrence4 married William D. Glenn.
  3. iii. Clementine Torrence4 born in 1834; died in 1851; unmarried.
  4. iv. Leonidas Torrence4 was killed in the Civil War.

105. Ephriam Torrence3

(John,2 Hugh1), born Sunday, November 29, 1807; died January 8, 1850; is buried in Olney Churchyard, Gaston County, North Carolina; married Polly Wilson (who is spoken of as "Aunt Polly" by the members of her family). Polly Wilson was born 156 May 12, 1811, and died in 1899. She was a sister of Sarah, or Sally Ann, Wilson, who married William Wilson Torrence.

Children of Ephriam and Polly (Wilson) Torrence, six:

  1. i. Clizbe Eusebius Torrence4 born May 1, 1845; married three times. He married, first, Emily Ferguson; issue by first marriage, five:
    1. 1. Rush Torrence5 married Adah Rhyme; lives at Greenville, South Carolina.
    2. 2. Wright Torrence5 married, March 6, 1909, Irene McLaughlin, of Thomasville, Georgia.
    3. 3. James Torrence5 married Miss Cheney; lives in Pisgah, North Carolina.
    4. 4. Oscar Torrence5 married Mabel Pearson; lives in Pisgah, North Carolina.
    5. 5. Mollie Torrence5 married Madison Kendrick, of Gastoma, North Carolina. Issue, two:
      1. i. Ralph Kendrick6
      2. ii. Jane Kendrick6 married a Mr. Owen. Clizbe Eusebius Torrence married second, a Miss Neigle. No issue. He married third, a Miss Holland. No issue.
    6. ii. Tarrissa Torrence4 born August 29, 1839, married a Mr. Parker.
    7. iii. Jane Wilson Torrence4 born March 3, 1830; married, April, 1851, John R. W. Grissorn; moved to Gainesville, Florida, February 25, 1859. Issue, two:
      1. 1. W. F. Grissom5 born January 1, 1853; died in 1859.
      2. 2. Eliza Wilion Grissom5 born July 29, 1854; died 1856.
    8. iv. William Marcus Torrence4 born August 25, 1841; was killed while serving in the Confederate Army, at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862-Colonel Newton's Regiment.
    9. v. Lawson Courtsworth Torrence4 born February 14, 1843; was killed at the same time and place as was his brother William Marcus Torrence.
    10. vi. Sally E. C. Torrence,4 born December 22, 1848; married Pinkney Bryson; lived below Union Church, near the South Carolina line.

106. Lawson Harvey Torrence3

(John2 Hugh1), born seven miles south of Gastonia, near Crowder's Mountain, in Gaston County, North Carolina, October 4, 1814; died January 26, 1884; married Harriett Robinson, and removed to Arkansas.

Children of Lawson Harvey and Harriett (Robinson) Torrence, seven:

  1. i. John Albert Torrence4 born July 19, 1842; died August 5, 1886; married, August 7, 1872, Alice Jernigan, born April 22, 1856; lives at 624 North Fishburn Avenue, Bell, California. Issue, five:
    1. 1. Rupert E. Torrence5 born July 27, 1873; died August 12, 1875. 2. Virginia Albertine Torrence5 born November 4, 1886; married, November 11, 1897, Eugene Knowlin Stannard.
    2. 3. Harriett Alice Torrence5 born June 20, 1879; married, May 25, 1899, William Francis D. Finley.
    3. 4. Mamie Ann Torrence5 born October 14, 1882; married, December 4, 1907, William E. Evans.
    4. 5. John Albert Torrence5 born February 8, 1886; married, January 17, 1921, Bernadette Esther Dillon, born November 8, 1888; lives at Bell, California 157 Issue, two:
      1. i. John Albert Torrence6 born March 3, 1923.
      2. ii. Edward Dillon Torrence6 born May 28, 1925.
      3. ii. Monroe Torrence4 died at the age of 20.
      4. ¶112. iii. Joseph Lambert Torrence4 married Sarah Ann Cloninger.
      5. iv. Emily Torrence4 married Seborn B. Withers. No issue.
      6. v. Ann Torrence4 married twice; married, first, Albert Cloninger; married, second, Enos Boughman. No issue.
      7. vi. Mattie Torrence4 married Lee Fulton.
      8. vii. Della Torrence4 married William Alton.

107. John C. Torrence3

(Hugh2 Hugh1), born April 19, 1812; died August 24, 1879; married, February 16, 1836, Mary Smith, born January 12, 1815; died June 30, 1886; lived in Olney, North Carolina.

Children of John C. and Mary (Smith) Torrence, four:

  1. i. Dr. Newton Torrence4 lived in Blackhurg, South Carolina; married Mrs. Sally Oates, a widow, of Charlotte, North Carolina. Sally Ostes had a daughter by a previous marriage, named Willie Hill. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Ann Torrence5 married John Atcheson.
    2. 2. Lloyd Torrence5 lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  2. ii. James Torrence4 married Sarah Detter. Issue, five:
    1. 1. Garland Torrence5 married Sally Eury. Issue, two:
      1. i. Ruth Torrence,6 lives in New York, N. Y.
      2. ii. Ralph Torrence6 lives in Gastonia, North Carolina.
    2. 2. Spratt Torrence5 married Mary Broome; lives in Florida. Issue, one:
      1. i. Ann Torrence6 married C. Morton. Issue, two:
        1. 1. Robert Morton7
        2. 2. Mary Elizabeth Morton7
    3. 3. Fry Torrence5 of Lenoir, North Carolina.
    4. 4. Ella Torrence5 married William Sudreth; lives in Lenoir, North Carolina.
    5. 5. Maude Torrence5 died unmarried.
  3. ¶113. iii. Joseph Laban Torrence4 married Love Ann Wilson.
  4. iv. William Torrence4 served in the Confederate Army, and was killed in action.

108. Samuel Torrence3

(Hugh2 Hugh1), was born in 1814; married Rixie White, and lived at Long Creek, North Carolina.

Children of Samuel and Rixie (White) Torrence, six:

  1. i. Sally Torrence,4 lived at Kings Mountain; unmarried.
  2. ii. Albert Torrence4 unmarried.
  3. iii. Mattie Torrence4 married James Ware, of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Issue, two:
    1. 1. White Ware5 married Carrie Wilson, lives in Gastonia, North Carolina.
    2. 2. Carlisle Ware5 lives at Kings Mountain, North Carolina; unmarried.
  4. iv. Annie Torrence4 married twice. Married, first, Wilson Thomas Love, and had issue, two:
    1. 1. Wilson Thomas Love, Jr.5 married Elizabeth Horton, of Lenoir, North Carolina; a banker, and manufacturer of 158 Gastonia, North Carolina. Issue, three:
      1. i. Thomas Love6
      2. ii. Elizabeth Love6
      3. iii. Samuel Love6
    2. 2. Leonora Love5 married Michael Plonk, of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Issue, two:
      1. i. Grier Plonk6
      2. ii. Annie Plonk6 married G. V. Patterson. Issue, one:
        1. 1. Leonora Patterson7 married J. Caswell Taylor; lives in Gastonia, North Carolina.

    Annie Torrence Love4 after the death of her first husband, married, second, Edward Carson, of Linwood Road, Gaston County, North Carolina. No issue.
  5. v. Lucy Torrence4 married Benjamin Bradley. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Mary Bradley5 married Dr. Frank Wilson, son of Colonel R. Newton Wilson, of Gastonia, North Carolina. Issue, one:
      1. i. Lucy Wilson6 who after the death of her parents, lived with her grandmother, Lucy Torrence Bradley. She married William Henry Patrick, of Gastonia, North Carolina.
  6. vi. Hugh Torrence4 married Sue Ferguson; lived at Long Creek Church. Issue, six:
    1. 1. John Torrence5
    2. 2. Curtis Torrence5
    3. 3. Ella Torrence5
    4. 4. Viola Torrence5
    5. 5. Fuller Torrence5
    6. 6. Martha Torrence5 secretary of Gray-Separk Mills Offices, builder of the Girls Club and Welfare Houses, in Gastonia, North Carolina.

109. Robert (Robin) Torrence3

(Hugh2 Hugh1), was born October 15, 1814; died January 7, 1888; is buried in Olney Churchyard, Gaston County, North Carolina. On February 18, 1830, he married Delilah Falls, born February 16, 1812; died December 26, 1879.

Children of Robert and Delilah (Falls) Torrence, nine:

  1. i. Erixina Mary Ann Torrence4 born March 28, 1831; married William Falls. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Dora Jane Falls5 married E. C. Faires. Issue, ten:
      1. i. Minnie Faires6 married Ellis Dodson.
      2. ii. Birdie Faires6 married Joseph Wallace.
      3. iii. Horace Faires6 married Gladys Blue.
      4. iv. Mary Faires6 married Harry Suggs.
      5. v. Edwin Faires6 married Lulu, surname not known to the compiler.
      6. vi. William Faires6
      7. vii. Miles Faires6
      8. viii. Minter Faires6
      9. ix. Nellie Faires6 married Ralph Bason.
      10. x. Lloyd Faires6
    2. 2. Robert Falls5 married Minnie Faires.
  2. ii. Margaret Elizabeth Torrence4 born June 3, 1834; married David J. Howe.
  3. iii. Harrison Alexander Torrence4 born January 30, 1837; died February 26, 1894; buried at Olney; resided at Union Road, at the foot of Jackson Knob Mountain. He married Seraphina Robinson, by whom he had no issue, but he adopted his nephew John Robinsn, who inherited his estate known as "Oakhurst". John Robinson married Ola Craig, and had issue, one:
    1. 1. Martha Robinson5 who married John Rivers, a banker of Charleston, South Carolina.
  4. iv. Esther Emeline Torrence4 born August 30, 1839; married, August 16, 1867, Jesse Alexander Fairs, son of Captain Elias M. Fairs. Issue, seven:
    1. 1. Mattie Fairs5
    2. 2. Robert Fairs5
    3. 3. Lillie Fairs5
    4. 4. Bunyan Fair5
    5. 5. Mary Fairs5
    6. 6. Jennie Fairs5 married Lewis Kerr, of 159 Gastonia, North Carolina.
    7. 7. Elizabeth Fairs5 married Marshall Davis; resides in Gastonia, North Carolina. Issue, thirteen:
      1. i. Hazeline Davis6 married Yates Howell.
      2. ii. Thelma Davis6 married Paul Howe.
      3. iii. Isabel Davis6 married Brady Dixon.
      4. iv. Esther Davis6 married Ciot Hoffman.
      5. v. Robylee Davis6 married John Hall Robinson.
      6. vi. Aubrey Davis6 married Roy Capps.
      7. vii. Buena Davis6 married Hubert Howell.
      8. viii. Lillian Davis6 married James Costner.
      9. ix. Delilah Davis6
      10. x. M. C. Davis6
      11. xi. Mabel Davis6 married Marion Craig.
      12. xii. Joseph Davis6
      13. xiii. Gene Davis6
  5. v. Rebecca Geminia Torrence4 born September 13, 1841; married twice. Married, first, October 18, 1878, Nathan Mendenhall; married, second, John L. Rhyne.
  6. ¶114. vi. Robert Sylvanus Torrence4 married Elizabeth Holly Capps.
  7. ¶115. vii. Oliver Newton Torrence4 married Mary Ann Holland.
  8. viii. Sarah Jane Torrence4 born August 14, 1850; died January, 1936, at the home of Mrs. Marshall Davis.
  9. ix. NancY Naomie Torrence4 born May 15, 1853; married J. L. Quinn. Issue, five:
    1. 1. Mary Quinn5
    2. 2. Beulah Torrence Quinn5 married Felix Thomas, and left issue.
    3. 3. Lena Quinn5 married Clyde Kendrick, and left issue.
    4. 4. Eulalia Quinn5
    5. 5. Charles Quinn5 unmarried.

110. Dr. William Junius Torrence4

(William3 John2 Hugh1), born June 13, 1839; died May 11, 1907. Was a graduate of the Medical College of Charleston, South Carolina; practiced medicine in the region of Crowder's Creek Station, Little Jackson Knob Mountain, where he had large cotton plantations, and in Gastonia, North Carolina, where he established the first county drugstore. He married twice. His first wife was Isabell Falls, by whom he had five children. He married, second, Elizabeth Moore, of Columbia, South Carolina, by whom no issue.

Children of William Junius and Isabell (Falls) Torrence, five:

  1. ¶116. i. Frost Torrence5 married Mary Kennedy.
  2. ii. Motte Torrence5 born February 3, 1870; died March 31, 1902; lived at Toccoa, Georgia, and was connected with the Southern Railroad.
  3. iii. Bright Torrence5 born in 1872; graduate of G. F. College, Greensboro, North Carolina; married Victor M. Hanner, of Florence, South Carolina. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Torrence Hanner6 graduate of Clemson College, South Carolina.
    2. 2. Mary Manning Hanner6 graduate of Winthrop College, South Carolina.
  4. iv. Sparke Torrence5 born January 1, 1874; graduate of Lynwood College, North Carolina; is Secretary of the Gaston Coal and Ice Company; married T. W. Campbell, of Gastonia, North Carolina.
  5. v. Dr. Crown Torrence5 born in 1877; died in 1912; married Helen Sloan, of Charleston, South Carolina. He was a graduate of Charleston, and 160 Chicago, Medical Colleges; practiced in Charleston; is buried in the Sloan plot, in the Episcopal Churchyard, Pendleton, South Carolina.

111. Sarah Priscilla Torrence4

(William3 John2 Hugh1), was born March 28, 1851; died October 16, 1906. She married William D. Glenn, who lives on a plantation at Crowder's Creek, North Carolina, where he is a merchant.

Children of William D. and Sarah Priscilla (Torrence) Glenn, ten:

  1. i. Howard Glenn5 born February 24, 1882; died May 3, 1906.
  2. ii. Carrie Glenn5 County Supervisor and Instructor.
  3. iii. Lena Glenn5 Instructor in English.
  4. iv. Annie Glenn5 Instructor in English.
  5. v. Leonidas C. Glenn5 Dean of Vanderbilt University, of Nashville, Tennessee; married Nellie McCullogh, of Darlington, South Carolina. Issue, two:
    1. 1. David Glenn6
    2. 2. Hugh Glenn6
  6. vi. Dr. Lucius Newton Glenn5 founder of the City Hospital of Gastonia, North Carolina. He married Mena Ray. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Robert Glenn6
    2. 2. Charles Glenn6
    3. 3. Mary Glenn6
  7. vii. William D. Glenn5 a textile manufacturer; lived in Lincolnton, North Carolina; married Mayme Love. Issue, four:
    1. 1. Sarah Glenn6
    2. 2. Priscilla Glenn6
    3. 3. Elizabeth Glenn6
    4. 4. Susan Glenn6
  8. viii. Earnest Glenn5 died while a student at Catawba College.
  9. ix. Eula Glenn5 an English scholar, and instructor; died at the age of fifty.
  10. x. Gertrude Glenn5 spends her time between New York and California.

112. Joseph Lambert Torrence4

(Lawson3 John2 Hugh1), born June 7, 1852; in Galley Rock Township, Pope County, Arkansas and died April 20, 1884 in Arkansas; lived at Lymann, Arkansas. He married Sarah Ann Cloninger November 26, 1872, daughter of John Cloninger and Linnie Teeter. She was born December 23, 1855, and died February 09, 1935.

Children of Joseph Lambert and Sarah Ann (Cloninger) Torrence, six:

  1. i. Linnie Jane Torrence5 b. September 01, 1873; d. October 30, 1955, Glendale Hospital, Stroud, Texas. Married James Wesley Booker August 29, 1895 in Atkins, Arkansas. He was born May 08, 1856, and died 1942. Lived in Depew, Oklahoma.

    The following notes suppplied and family info updated by Herb Evans of Columbia, Mo.

    Mrs. Linnie Jane booker was born September 1, 1873 in Atkins, Arkansas and passed away Sunday morning, October 30, 1955 in the Glendale Hospital in Stroud at the age of 82 years. She had been in ill health for the past year and was taken Friday to the hospital to be treated for a heart ailment.

    Mrs. Booker was married August 29, 1895 to J.W. booker in Atkins, Ark., who preceded her in death in 1942. to this union eight children were born, three preceding her in death and four daughters Mrs. Anna Lou Hampton, of Bristow; Mrs. Ollie Klump, of Rogers, Ark., Mrs. Mable Carter of Hobbs, New Mexico, Mrs. Josephine Cromwell, of Hayes, Kansas and one son, Gene Booker of Mountainberg, Arkansas; one sister, Mrs. Henry Evans, of Quitman, Texas; six brothers, Rev. Ira W. Torrence, Minneapolis, Kansas. Rev. Elon L. Torrence, of Topeka, Kansas, L.A. Torrence, Russellville, Arkansas, Carl Geer, of Westminster, Texas, Guy Geer of Westminster, Texas and Olin Geer, La Port, Ind., seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

    Mrs. Booker was christened in the Methodist Church by her parents, later becoming a member, living in this faith until her death. She was a devout Christian and a good mother and grandmother. Just to know her was to love her, and she will be missed by her many friends, both young and old. Mrs. Booker chose the Bible for her favorite book and was well versed in any of the chapters, having read all [the copy ended here].

    Children of Linnie Torrence and James Booker are eight.

    1. Gene Booker6, m. Elsie Rockhold, July 14, 1928.
    2. Josephine booker, m. John Cromwell, Pratt, Arkansas.
    3. Mable Booker, m. John Carter, Springdale, Arkansas.
      Notes for Mable Booker:
      Linnie Jane Booker's obituary listed her daughter, Mrs. Mable Carter of Hobbs, New Mexico.
    4. John Albert Booker, b. 1896; d. 1900.
    5. Edgar Booker, b. 1897; d. 1958; m. Agnes Waters.
    6. Anna Lou Booker, b. 1898; m. (1) Willie Milligan, Bristow, Oklahoma; m. (2) Cromwell; m. (3) Hampton.
    7. Ollie Booker, b. 1899; m. Klump, Rogers, Arkansas.
    8. Robert Joseph Booker, b. March 19, 1900.
  2. ii. Melvine Ezra Torrence5 born February 7, 1875; was Postmaster at Atkins, Arkansas; married, December 5, 1900, Melissa Annetta Martin, born January 11, 1877. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Joseph Martin Torrence6 born October 1, 1901; married, September 5, 1925, Grace Marie Smith, of Eudora, Kansas; live in Princeton, Kansas; minister of M. E. Church. Issue, two:
      1. i. Helen Isabell Torrence7 born August 11, 1931.
      2. ii. Mary Ann Torrence7 born August 4, 1934.
    2. 2. Frederick Ezra Torrence6 born February 4, 1908; lives at Atkins, Arkansas. In 1936, he was a student at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has given the compiler these family connections, 161 which are gratefully acknowledged.
    3. 3. Carl Kermit Torrence6 born April 5, 1909; lives with his father at Atkins, Arkansas.
  3. iii. John Albert Harvey Torrence5 married, December 18, 1895, Leucinda Ann Robinson, who was born December 10, 1867. They lived at Russellville, Arkansas, and left issue, nine:
    1. 1. Alfred Robinson Torrence6 born 1896; died 1898.
    2. 2. Olo Josephine Torrence6 born April 12, 1898; married, April 16, 1919, John Edward Reasoner; lived in Delaware, Arkansas. Issue, four:
      1. i. Eric Elon Reasoner7 born January 19, 1920.
      2. ii. Mary Bell Reasoner7 born May 19, 1922.
      3. iii. Dorothy Estelle Reasoner7 born September 5, 1925.
      4. iv. Harold Reasoner7 born April 29, 1932.
    3. 3. Elsie May Torrence6 born April 19, 1900; lived in Russellville, Arkansas.
    4. 4. Ira John Torrence6 born July 17, 1902; died March 13, 1922.
    5. 5. Ebal Pinkson Torrence,6 born October 29, 1904; married Rosa Lee Parker; lived in Russellville, Arkansas.
    6. 6. Gladas Elizabeth Torrence6 born January 31, 1909; died March 22, 1922.
    7. 7. Madge Eva Torrence6 born February 21,1915; married, September 14, 1933, James Gillmore Mayo. Issue, one:
      1. i. James Gillmore Mayo, Jr.7 born May 13, 1935; lives at Covington, Oklahoma.
    8. 8. Joel Albert Torrence6 born 1917; died an infant.
    9. 9. Jewell Torrence6 twin of Joel Albert, died an infant.
  4. iv. Ira Webster Torrence5 born June 27, 1879; married, June 21, 1911, Madge Ada Chamberlain, born May 20, 1884. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Margaret Ruth Torrence6 born June 29, 1918.
    2. 2. Vernon Keith Torrence6 born November 18, 1921.
    3. 3. Lois Evelvn Torrence6 born July 6,1924.
  5. v. The Reverend Elon Leroy Torrence5 born April 14, 1881; married, September 5, 1905, Mary Evalene Mowrey, born October 22, 1879. Has charge of M. E. Church, Meridan, Kansas. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Eunice Agatha Torrence6 born July 4, 1907; married, July 3, 1934, Charles August Nordquist, of Blue Rapids, Kansas.
    2. 2. Elmer Robert Torrence6 born January 12, 1909; married, July 21, 1931, Eleanor Ann Hollinger, of Chapman, Kansas; live 6601 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    3. 3. Elon Mowrey Torrence6 born January 24, 1917, at Bassett, Nebraska; is a student at Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas (1936).
  6. vi. Ellen Joan Torrence5 was born March 24, 1883 in Atkins, Pope County, Arkansas and died February 11, 1956 in Quitman, Wood County, Texas. She married William Henry Evans November 11, 1900 in Anna, Collin County, Texas, son of Daniel Evans and Martha Moore. He was born February 28, 1871 in Columbiana, Alabama, and died January 29, 1952 in Paris, Texas.

    Notes for ELLEN JOAN TORRENCE: and family info supplied by Herb Evans

    Obituary for JoEllen Evans (from photocopy of newspaper article)

    Van Alstyne Woman's Mother Dies at 72

    McKinney -- Mrs. Ellen Joan Evans, 72, died at Quitman Saturday.

    Survivors are four sons, W.R. Evans, Pasadena, Tex.; C.R. Evans of Mineola; J.O. Evans of Union, Miss.; H.O. Evans of Henderson; five daughters, Miss Virgie Evans of Mangrum, La.; Mrs. R.L. Dalrymple of Denton; Mrs. Jack Kizzia of Hot Springs, Ark.; Mrs. E.C. Nixon of Van Alstyne; Mrs. A.S. King of Chula Vista, Calif.; three brothers, E.L. and I.W. Torrence both of Kansas; J.A. Torrence of Russellville, Ark.; and three half brothers, C.W. and G.S. Geer of Westminster and O.M. Geer of La Porte, Ind., and 22 grandchildren.

    Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Westminster Baptist Church conducted by the pastor and Rev. Howard McSpadden of Denton. Burial in El Grove Cemetery directed by Crouch-Moore Funeral Home of McKinney.

    Burial: Westminster, Collin County, Texas


    One of the family said William Henry Evans was born February 28, 1871; Ellen Joan Torrence was born March 23, 1883. They were married November 11, 1900.

    Pa Henry moved from Columbiana, Alabama, to Whitewright, Texas. No date was given.

    From, I think, Herbert O. Evans, Sr.,

    Henry Evans, twenty-nine, and Ellen Joann Torrence, seventeen, were married on November 11, 1900, in the farmhouse home of her mother and stepfather. The farm was located about one and one-half miles southwest of Westminster, Texas. [The names and birthdates of their eleven children were then listed.]

    More About William Henry Evans:
    Burial: January 31, 1952, Westminster, Collin County, Texas

    Children of Ellen Torrence and William Evans are:

    1. Mamie Katherine Evans6, b. February 16, 1902, Hadley, Tarrant County, Texas; d. July 29, 1923. of typhoid fever.
    2. Virgie Mae Evans, b. January 01, 1904.
    3. Edwin Evans, b. February 16, 1906, Hadley, Tarrant County, Texas; d. February 21, 1906, Hadley, Tarrant County, Texas.
    4. William Rual Evans, b. March 18, 1907, Hadley, Tarrant County, Texas.
    5. Bessie Jo Evans, b. May 13, 1909, Eulass, Tarrant County, Texas.
    6. Clarence Raymond Evans, b. November 29, 1911, Hadley, Tarrant County, Texas; d. November 19, 2003, Mineola, Texas.
    7. Madge Ola Evans, b. July 18, 1914, Binger, Caddo County, Oklahoma.
    8. John Oliver Evans, b. August 09, 1917, Binger, Caddo County, Oklahoma.
    9. Herbert Olin Evans, b. March 08, 1920, Ector, Fannin Co., Texas; d. August 21, 2005, Boerne, Texas.
    10. Linnie Evelyn Evans, b. July 30, 1923, Ector, Fannin County, Texas; d. January 06, 1988, California.
    11. Frances Lavonia Evans, b. October 28, 1927, Anna, Collin County, Texas.

113. Joseph Laban Torrence4

(John1 Hugh2 Hugh1), married Love Ann Wilson.

Children of Joseph Laban and Love Ann (Wilson) Torrence, two:

  1. i. Elizabeth Torrence5 married Carl P. Robinson; lives on Union Road, Gastonia, North Carolina. Issue, six:
    1. 1. Carl Robinson6 married Aline Crawford; issue, two:
      1. i. Don Robinson7
      2. ii. Caroline Robinson7
    2. 2. Torrence Robinson6 married Mabel Watson.
    3. 3. Price Robinson6 married Margaret Craig; issue, five:
      1. i. Margaret Ann Robinson7
      2. ii. Myra E. Robinson7
      3. iii. Price Robinson7
      4. iv. Samuel Craig Robinson7 162
      5. v. Barbara Yvonne Robinson7
    4. 4. Elizabeth Robinson6 married the Reverend Paul Thrower.
    5. 5. Kathleen Robinson6
    6. 6. Frances Louvan Robinson6
  2. ii. Bess Torrence5 married Parks Huffstetler, of Gastonia, North Carolina. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Hubert Huffstetler6

114. Robert Sylvanus Torrence4

(Robert3 Hugh2 Hugh1), born October 2, 1844; married Elizabeth Holly Capps; and resided in Pineville, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Children of Robert Sylvanus and Elizabeth Holly (Capps) Torrence, five:

  1. i. Lonnie Torrence5 married twice, and left issue by both marriages. He married, first, Jennie, surname unknown to compiler. Issue, six:
    1. 1. John Torrence6 married Louise Hoover.
    2. 2. Lottie Torrence6 married Harold Todd.
    3. 3. Edna Torrence6 married Fred Gallant. Issue, two:
      1. i. Margaret Gallant7
      2. ii. McDonald Gallant7
    4. 4. Allie Torrence6 married C. Ammons. Issue, two:
      1. i. Katherine Ammons7
      2. ii. Dera Ammons7
    5. 5. Elma Torrence6
    6. 6. Isabel Torrence6

    Lonnie Torrence married, second, Emma Winget. Left issue, but names are unknown to compiler.
  2. ii. Samuel Torrence5 married Ada Harris. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Albert Torrence6 married Edith Hutto. Issue, one:
      1. i. Robin G. Torrence7
    2. 2. Josephine Torrence6
    3. 3. Doris Torrence6
  3. iii. Richard Torrence5 married Sally Capps. Issue, three:
    1. 1. Mary Torrence6 married Elliott Parks.
    2. 2. Robert Torrence6 married Virginia Parks.
    3. 3. William Torrence6 married Catherine, surname unknown to compiler. Issue, one:
      1. i. Louise Torrence7
  4. iv. Lena Torrence5 married Springs Parks. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Elizabeth Springs Parks6
  5. v. Charles Torrence5 unmarried.

115. Oliver Newton Torrence4

(Robert3 Hugh2 Hugh1), born September 4, 1847; married Mary Ann Holland.

Children of Oliver Newton and Mary Ann (Holland) Torrence, four:

  1. i. James Torrence5 died young.
  2. ii. Edward Torrence5 married Adah Kendrick. Issue, four:
    1. 1. George Torrence6 married Kathleen Harper. Issue, two:
      1. i. George Torrence, JR7
      2. ii. James Torrence7
    2. 2. Sue Torrence6 married Frank White; reside at Spindale, North Carolina. Issue, two:
      1. i. Gene White7
      2. ii. Vivian White7
    3. 3. Margaret Torrence6 married Harley Beattie, of Cliffside, North Carolina.
    4. 4. The Reverend Robert Torrence6 a Presbyterian minister; resides at Winter Park, Florida.
  3. iii. William Torrence5 married Ava Jane Pearson. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Lois Torrence6
    2. 2. Elizabeth Torrence6
  4. iv. Lizabeth Torrence5 married Banks Robinson; resides near Olney, North Carolina. Issue, four:
    1. 1. Roy Robinson6 married Lida Stacy.
    2. 2. Banks Robinson, Jr6
    3. 3. Helen Robinson6
    4. 4. Mary Lee Robinson6

116. Frost Torrence5

(William4 William3 John2 Hugh1), born February 14, 1868; died July 31, 1931; was educated at Kings Mountain Military Academy, and Bell's School in Shelby, North Carolina. He became a prominent textile manufacturer; operated the Avon, and Ozark Mills in Gastonia, North Carolina; the Delta Mills, in Mississippi, and a chain of coal and ice plants. He was president of the Men's Bible Class, of the First Presbyterian Church, where, in 1890, he married Mary Kennedy whose father was the clergyman in charge. She served as State Officer of the Federation of Music Clubs of North Carolina, and was president of the Gastonia Women's Club.

Children of Frost and Mary (Kennedy) Torrence, six:

  1. i. Marie Torrence6 born May 14, 1891; married L. M. Lattimore, of Shelby, North Carolina; a son of C. Mills and Laura Wilson Lattimore, of Georgia, now living in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Marie Torrence Lattimore is widely known because of her vocal attainments in concert, and radio. She served overseas during the World War, as a member of the well-known Dixie Unit. No issue.
  2. ii. Hallie Torrence6 born December 10, 1892; married George A. Gray, Jr., of Gastonia, North Carolina, a prominent textile and cotton merchant, son of George Alexander Gray, pioneer textile magnate, of Gaston County, North Carolina. Issue, two:
    1. 1. George A. Gray, 3rd7 born November 29, 1917.
    2. 2. Nancy Gray7 born May 23, 1920.
  3. iii. Lois Torrence6 born March 23, 1895; married, March 18, 1920, W. A. Julian, of Thomasville, North Carolina, a son of Dr. Charles A. and Helen (Cramer) Julian, of Thomasville, North Carolina. He is manager of the Avon Cotton Warehouses, and a cotton broker of Gastonia, North Carolina. No issue.
  4. iv. Charlton Kennedy Torrence6 born December 10, 1897; a graduate of Georgia Tech.; served in the U. S. Navy during the World War; manager of the Ozark Mills, in Gastonia, North Carolina; married, July 16, 1924, Marguerite Ring, of Kernersville, North Carolina. Issue, two Note 164-1 :
    1. 1. Jean Marie Torrence7 born May 11, 1925. died October 24, 2018
    2. 2. Charlton Kennedy Torrence, Jr.7 born October 5, 1928. died November 9, 2018Note 164-1
  5. v. Nancy Florien Torrence6 born 1900; died 1902.
  6. vi. Helen Torrence6 born August 29, 1903; a graduate of Brenau College, and of Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland; married, March 18, 1925, John Odell Durham, of Gastonia, North Carolina, son of Stonewall Jackson Durham, and Ollie Odell Durham.
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