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Hugh Torrance of Ireland

This is the Section on Hugh Torrence as originally published in the book, uncorrected. Re-written section

701. Hugh Torrance1

of Mayoughill, Note 179-1 Parish of Aghadowey, Barony of Coleraine, County of Londonderry, Ireland, is believed to be the son of Hugh Torrance, of Caheny and Culnamen, Parish of Desertoghill, same county, whose name appears on the Hearth-money Rolls of 1663. His name was mentioned in Sessions, July 20, 1714, concerning a matter in the Bishop's Ecclesiastical Court which was active, at this time, in the persecution of Presbyterians. He was born circa 1685; died 1779, leaving his wife, Eleanor, surname unknown to compiler. Children of Hugh and Eleanor Torrance, seven:
  1. ¶702. i. Jean Torrance2 married John Torrance.
  2. ii. Robert Torrance2 born in Mayoughill, County Londonderry, Ireland, in 1736; died 1816; came to America in 1754, and settled in Middlebury, Vermont. He married Lucy Peck, and was the ancestor of Jared Sidney Torrance, of Torrance, California, whose very excellent book, The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliott, was published in 1923. In this book, may be found the names of the descendants of this Robert Torrance.
  3. iii. Thomas Torrance2 born in Mayoughill in 1739; died April 10, 1804; married Margaret McComb; remained in Ireland. Issue, two sons and four daughters, names unknown.
  4. ¶703. iv. Hugh Torrance2 married Jean Cochran.
  5. v. Martha Torrance2 born at Mayoughill; married William Hog, of Caheny, and went to South Carolina, America, in the year 1774. Martha Torrance's brother, Hugh Torrance, married Jean Cochran, hence the following items, which include the names, Torrans, Cochran, and Hogg, may have some bearing in this connection: "Married on Thursday evening last, by the Reverend Dr. Hollingshead, Mr. Thomas Cochran, Jr to Miss Eliza Torrans, both of this city, December 24, 1799, Charlston, South Carolina." Note 179-21

    "The exception to grant, is to Andrew Hogg, of Lot 344, on October 30 1718. This is the only grant of a lot west of Charles St. at that date." Note 179-3

    Original giants of land in Beaufort-Andrew Hogg, October 30, 1718." Note 179-4 179

    "Mr. Alexander Hogg, 54, of this town, married Mrs. Brisbane, widow, July 19, 1773." Note 180-1

  6. vi. Mary (Molly) Torrance2 died after April 19, 1803, having married Neil MeFetrich, who died in 1789. No issue.
  7. vii. James Torrance2 of whom nothing is known, other than that his name is mentioned in a letter by Robert Torrance. Note 180-2

702. Jean Torrance2

(Hugh1), was born at Mayoughill, in 1729, and died in 1803, aged 74 years. Her husband's name was John Torrance. He came from Coolyman, or Culnamen, Parish of Desertoghill and died in 1804, aged 87 years. It is believed that Jean's husband, John Torrance, of Culnamen, is a son of Albert Torrence, the first of the name to come to America.

On June 16, 1804, Robert Torrance, of Mayoughill, Jean's son, wrote a letter to his uncle, Robert Torrance, Jean's brother. (This uncle Robert Torrance, went first to Chester, Pennsylvania; second, to Woodbury, Connecticut, at which place he married; third, to Salisbury, Connecticut, and fourth, to Middleburg, Vermont, where he settled.) In the letter, Robert, the nephew, said: "My father requests that if you know anything concerning his brothers Samuel and Thomas Torrance, you will let him know in your next letter, as he has not heard any account of them, since before the American War." Since the records show no other Torrances than Samuel and Thomas Torrance, from northern Ireland, who settled in Roxbury and Bristol, parts of Woodbury, Connecticut, and were brothers, it would appear that these men are those referred to in this letter. In addition, the family records of Thomas Torrance, of Woodbury, Connecticut, state that he came to America with his brother, Aaron Torrance. The history of Aaron Torrence shows that he had a brother Samuel. Aaron Torrence is known to have been a son of Albert Torrence, who settled on the Conococheague Creek, near Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and it would follow that Samuel, Thomas, and John, all being brothers, would all be sons of Albert Torrence. According to old letters, Jean and John Torrance had fourteen children, of whom, five sons and five daughters were living in 1804. Of these, the names of three are known.

Of the children of John and Jean (Torrance) Torrance, the names of those known to the compiler, three 180

  1. i. John Torrance3 who was born at Mayoughill, prior to 1754, according to family letters, is known to have gone from Ireland prior to 1804 Note 181-1, to Chester, Pennsylvania. The U. S. Census of 1790, gives the names of John Torrons, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and James Terrence, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. In John Hill Martin's History of Chester and its Vicinity, Delaware County, Pa., under the subject of John Crosby, 3rd., a son of John and Eleanor Crosby, born in the old mansion, on Ridley Creek, March 12, 1747-1748, and known as Judge Crosby, there is mentioned John Terrance, who had been a school-fellow of John Crosby, in his youth, and who had lived on a plot of ground on his estate for many years. It is not known where he finally went, or who his descendants are. Note 181-2
  2. ii. Alexander Torrance3 born in 1754; remained in Ireland.
  3. iii. Robert Torrance3 born in 1778, was the author of the very important letter, quoted above, from which much valuable information was given concerning members of the family.
  4. Note 181-3

703. Hugh Torrance2

(Hugh1), born in Mayoughill, in 1746; was living in 1804; married Jean Cochran.

Children of Hugh and Jean (Cochran) Torrance, three:

  1. ¶704. i. James Torrance5 married Ann Dorrens.
  2. ii. Ellen Torrance3
  3. iii. Sarah Torrance3

704. James Torrance3

(Hugh2 Hugh1), of Gortin, was born in Mayoughill, in 1768, and died May 2, 1852. He married Ann Dorrens. Both are buried in Aghadowey Churchyard.

Children of James and Ann (Dorrens) Torrance, seven:

  1. ¶705. i. Hugh Torrance4 married Nancy Miller.
  2. ii. Agnes Torrance4 baptized May 6, 1807. (Garvagh Presbyterian Church Register.) 181
  3. iii. Mary Torrance4 baptized January 1, 1813, and died April 9, 1896, married William McFetridge of Movenis. (Garvagh Register.)
  4. ¶706. iv. Samuel Torrance4 married Nancy Kennedy.
  5. v. Jane Torrance4 married Alexander McFetridge, of Mayoughill, and died there in 1875.
  6. vi. Margaret Torrance4 married Samuel Lytle, of "The Lea" in Cullyrammer, Parish of Desertoghill, County Londonderry; died March 12, 1887.
  7. ¶707. vii. John Torrance4 married Martha Morrison.

705. Hugh Torrance4

(James3 Hugh2 Hugh1), born in 1800; married Nancy Miller, of Dernagross.

Children of Hugh and Nancy (Miller) Torrance, four:

  1. i. Hugh Torrance5 went to America, and died in 1920.
  2. ii. James Torrance5 baptized February 23, 1828; died March 17, 1914; married Martha Miller, of Cahney. Issue, seven:
    1. 1. Annie Torrance6 born February 16, 1858; married John Gilmore, of Farmhill, Bochilboy. Issue, one:
      1. i. John Gilmore7 born August 2, 1902.
    2. 2. Hugh Torrance8 of Mayoughill, born December 15, 1859.
    3. 3. Maggie Torrance6 born October 10, 1861; died 1872.
    4. 4. Thomas Torrance6 born July 12, 1863; went to New Zealand to live.
    5. 5. Martha Torrance6 born June 20, 1868; married Joseph Anderson, of Belfast.
    6. 6. Elizabeth Torrance6 born March 18, 1871; married a Mr. Holland, of Mayoughill.
    7. 7. William Torrance6 of Mayoughill, born February 15, 1873; married Margaret Johnston, of Caulhame. Issue, four:
      1. i. James Torrance7 born September 14, 1913.
      2. ii. Elizabeth Torrance7 born December 5, 1916.
      3. iii. Rachael Torrance7 born October 7, 1918.
      4. iv. Annie Torrance7 born October 30, 1920.
      5. iii. Jane Torrance5 baptized June 19, 1822; died February 25, 1902; married Alexander Miller, of Cahney.
      6. iv. Mary Torrance5 baptized April 12, 1824. (Garvagh Register.)

706. Samuel Torrance4

(James8 Hugh2 Hugh1), of Mayoughill, born in 1804; died April 29, 1888; is buried in Monedig Note 182-1 graveyard. He married Nancy Kennedy, of Tamlaght, who was born in 1807; died May 17, 1881.

Children of Samuel and Nancy (Kennedy) Torrance, seven:

  1. i. James Torrance5 of Mayoughill, born February 18, 1830; died September 4, 1849. (Garvagh Register.) 182
  2. ii. John Torrance5 born February 8, 1833; died May 3,1874.
  3. iii. Thomas Torrance5 born February 8, 1833. (Garvagh Register.)
  4. iv. Anne Torrance5 born 1839; died May 21,1913; married Daniel MeAleese, who died September 7, 1908.
  5. v. Samuel Torrance5 of Tamlaght, was born in 1840; died August 17, 1920. (Garvagh Register.) He married Mary Jane Woodburn, who died in 1920. Issue, seven:
    1. 1. Annie Torrence6 born August 24, 1881; married James Finlay, of Glasgort, had a daughter, Mary Finlay.7
    2. 2. John Torrance6 born April 8, 1882.
    3. 3. George Torrance6 born June 30, 1883; died in United States, 1911.
    4. 4. Samue1 Torrance6 born November 10, 1884.
    5. 5. Jane Torrance6 born April 21, 1886.
    6. 6. William Torrance6 born September 23,1887.
    7. 7. James Torrance6 born January 6, 1891.
  6. vi. The Reverend William Torrance5 born March 27, 1847.
  7. vii. Elizabeth Torrance5 married William Ross, of Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland.

707. John Torrance4

(James5 Hugh2 Hugh1), died September 20, 1864, as shown by an inscription on a monument in Monedig graveyard. He married Martha Morrison, of "The Fort", who died October 21, 1891, aged 81 years.

Children of John and Martha (Morrison) Torrance, six:

  1. i. John Morrison Torrens5 (notice the spelling is here changed to Torrens), J. P., born January 25, 1840, at Cullyrammer; lived at Gortin, Mayoughill, and removed to Braiduile House, Drumbo, County Down, where he died November 13,1910.
  2. ii. James Dorrens Torrens5 of Gortin, Mayoughill, was born on March 27, 1842, and died at Bank Buildings, Belfast, May 22, 1862.
  3. iii. Hugh Rankin Torrens5 BA., M.D., L.R.C.S., Edinburgh, was born at Gortin, Mayoughill, February 9, 1845. He married Harriet Thompson, of Drum House, Drumbeg, near Dunmurray, County Down, the third daughter of the Right Honorable Robert Thompson, J.R., M.P., D.L. of Belfast. Issue, two:
    1. 1. H. R. Torrens8 born December 11, 1902, at 1 College Square, Belfast.
    2. 2. R. J. Torrens6 born August 25, 1907, at Drum House, County Down.
  4. iv. Samuel Torrens5 born in 1847; died in 1864.
  5. v. Martha Anne Torrens5 born October 4, 1850, at Cullyrammer; died December 10, 1915, at Braiduile House, near Lisburn, County Down, Ireland.
  6. ¶708. vi. Robert Jameson Torrens5 married Elizabeth Long.

708. Robert Jameson Torrens5

(John4 James3 Hugh2 Hugh1), born in Ireland, February 10, 1853; died at St. Louis, Missouri, U. S. A., August 7, 1896, where he is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery. He 183 married Elizabeth Long, of Youghal, County Cork, before coming to America.

Children of Robert Jameson and Elizabeth (Long) Torrens, five:

  1. i. John Morrison Torrens6 M.P., ST., born at Sligo, March 11, 1877; married Sarah Emma Devine, of Youghal, County Cork, where they reside. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Robert George Torrens7 born August 4, 1903, at Youghal; was a medical student at Trinity College, Dublin (1920).
  2. ii. Martha Elizabeth Torrens6 born January 8, 1880, at Youghal, County Cork, married John Brooks, of the same county. Issue, two:
    1. 1. Lillian Iris Brooks7 born December 3, 1916.
    2. 2. John Hugh Brooks7 born March 2, 1920.
  3. iii. Alice Mary Evelyn Torrens6 born November 27, 1882, at "Passage West", County Cork; died at Tralee, County Kerry, April 6, 1912; married Thomas Rickerby, of Tralee. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Mary Torrens Rickerby7 born February 21,1912.
  4. iv. Robert Gordon Torrens6 born at "Passage West", County Cork, July 18, 1884; came to America; married Erviette Miller Evans, (or Coons), of New York, N. Y. Issue, one:
    1. 1. Robert Torrens7 born January 27, 1913, of New York, N.Y.
  5. v. Hugh Merrick Torrens6 born at Limerick, Ireland, July 3, 1886; died in September, 1919, at New York, N. Y.

The reason for including the account of this branch, is that it carries out that part of the family from which Mr. Jared Sidney Torrance came, and was not included in his book. It may assist in connecting the several widely scattered branches, and prove to be of value to descendants.

This data, beginning with Hugh Torrance, born 1685, died 1779, was charted by Mr. J. W. Kernohan, M.A., of Seaforde, Park Road, Belfast, Ireland, November 2, 1921, and was kindly given to the compiler by Mrs. Isabel Torrance Henderson, of Torrance, California. The local references have been added. 184

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