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1630 Ulster Muster Rolls.

Ulster, 1630. Several Muster Rolls exist. I know of three which have been transcribed and are available as plain text:

The lists are plain ASCII text files, with TAB characters or speces to separate the columns. Let me know if you have problems reading them.

Names frequency analysis

Since I had these names transcribed on the computer, I thought it might be instructive to do a name count - to analyse the frequency of names occurring in these rolls. This page is to explain these, to allow you to download the actual counted data and to offer a few comments.

I've not included the original lists here but could do so.

My own interest is in the surname Torrens - a John Torrenc and a Mungo Torents are listed in the Donegal list, but it is believed they returned to Scotland. I will therefore offer a few comments on the forenames.

I analysed some 1300+ names

Note that 398 of them are John. An astonishing 30%. No wonder the name John is of zero genealogical value and virtually untraceable!

Next commonest is William (11.4%) and Robert (9.2%). Interestingly, William is rare in my own group from the Bann valley.

I'm sure you can do the rest of the calculations for yourselves!

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