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Exchequer Bill, Jane, James and John Terran

Exchequer Bill: James Byrne. Plt.

Jane Terran, James Terran & John Terran. Defs

Bill 9 Nov. 1699. Ans. James & Jane Terran 1 Dec. 1699
Rep. 1 Mar. 1699. Ans John Terran 24 Apr. 1700
Rep. 29 May 1700. Rej. all 28 Nov. 1700

Plaintiff James Byrne sheweth: That 3 or 4 years ago there happened a
communication between Plt. and Jane Terran, James Terran & John Terran,
for a marriage between Plt. & Mary the dau. of Jane Terran & sister of
James Terran, and that Jane in consideration of the marriage did promise
to give Plt. 30 as a portion with Mary. James did promise to pay his
sister Mary 10 or value thereof in goods or cattle, and John Terran did
also declare that he had 10 belonging to his sister Mary, which he
promised to pay. That Plt. soon after married Mary according to the laws
of the church, and did apply to James, Jane & John Terran for the marriage
portion, and they paid 9 to Mary after the marriage. That in August
following 9 more in money & corn, & about the following May 12, in all
30 was paid to Plt. That Plt. frequently demanded the rest of the money
but could not get it & did also suffer great loss as follows: that Plt.
was forced to sell 30 barrels of green corn at 6 the score & at delivery
thereof bear was sold at 18/- per barrel, so that Plt. sustained losses
thereby to the value of 18-18/-, & for want of said money Plt. borrowed
6 from Wm. Terran, brother to James & John Terrran. That upon some
difference relating thereto Plt. was ordered by arbitration to pay Wm.
Terran 8-15?-, so that Plt. lost 2-15?-. That Plt. and Defs. had 14
several meetings & references to the differences between them "at Killcock
Monouth *(or Mououth) and other places in order to end said differences,
but could not. At which meetings Plt. expended 4-16/11 and much more
besides loss of tine, & that on said account Defs. are in Plts. debt in
the sum of 46-9/11, besides the interest of Plts. wifes fortune. That
said marriage portion was secured in the hands of the Deft. by Mary's
father by some deeds or writings which the Defs. retain in their hands and
refuse to produce same, and they allege the 30 already paid to Plt. was
their own money and was only a loan to Plt. & they threaten to sue Plt.
for same. Prays that writs may be gtd. agst. James Terran, James Terran, &
John Terran, to answer.

Bill entered 9 Nov. 1699. Attornees Ri: Delamare #
                                    Ri: Aldworth

*This is the only place mentioned in the bill by which to locate the

# Delamare frequently conducted causes for Dublin & Connaught people.

Kilcock and Maynouth are 20m west of Dublin on the Meath / Kildare border.
This makes it unlikely that these were of Scottish descent.

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