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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attached to JWK's letter of 4/5/20.

Exchequer Bill:  James, George, Ane & Jennett Cresswell, minors by their
Guardian John Dining, Plts.
          Abraham Torrence, Jenett his wife, John Moore & Robert
Cresswell, Dfts.
          Bill 3 July 1711. No answer.

Plaintiffs, James Cresswell, George Cresswell the younger, Anne Cresswell
& Jennett Cresswell, minors under 21 by John Dinning their Guardian, shew.
That George Cresswell the elder, late of Cormadle, Co. Londonderry,
deceased, Plt's. father, about 5 years ago was possessed of goods of
considerable value & also of one or two beneficial leases of sd lands of
Caremuddle & other lands in Co. Derry, and being so seized did die in 1706
intestate, leaving Jennett Cresswell his widow & Plts. very young & unable
to take care of their own effects, That Jennette Cresswell the widow soon
after George's death had letters of admon granted to her of his effects of
which she possessed herself and soon after did marry one Abraham Torrence
who thereby got into his possession all the goods whereof George Cresswell
died possessed of, & he with Jennett have sold or disposed of a great part
of said effects for their own use. That on 18 July 1709 Plts. chose John
Dining to be their Guardian & had letters of tutelage granted to him out
of the diocese of Derry; and Dining seeing  that Abraham Torrence was
wasting Plts. effects desired him to come to a division thereof & of the
benefit of the leases; which Torrence refused to do or to make out an
inventory thereof; but at length Torrence was prevailed on to return an
inventory to the diocese of Derry whereby the effects were valued by John
Moore & Robert Caldwell to the sum of 48 whereas the real value thereof
was 300 & upwards. Now so it is Abraham Torrence & Jennett his wife
combining with sd John Moore & Robert Caldwell have concealed the greatest
part of the effects & Torrence doth persist to sell & dispose of same to
his own advantage & to refuse to come to a fair account thereof.

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