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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attachment to JWK letter of 6 June 1920.

Exchequer Bill: William Faith. Plt.
          Edward Carrey, Thomas McCastin, Jeffry Fanning, Thomas Terrence
          Thomas & Mary their children, Wm. Keever, husband of sd Mary,

          Bill 20 July 1717. No answer.

Plaintiff, Wm. Faith of Dungiven, Co. Londonderry, admor of the goods of
his father, Thomas Faith, deceased, sheweth. That Edward Carrey, senior,
of Dungiven, esq., deceased, being possessed of several lands & tenemants
in and about the town of Dungiven, Co. Derry, by virtue of a lease of 70
years from the Society of L'Derry, whereof 30 years are yet unexpired, he
(Carrey) demised to sd Thomas Faith of Dungiven, deced, a house & tenemant
adjoining his own house, with a park northwards of his (Carrey's) orchard
containing about 5 acres, situate in the town and lands of Dungiven, for
21 years. renewable every 7 yEars on paymenT of a year's rent, at the rent
of 20/- per ann., and there are yet 7 years of sd lease unexpired. That
Thomas Faith actually possesses the premises, paid his rent and performed
the duties of his lease. That Edwd. Carrey, senior, died and his son Edw.
Carrey, junior, (the Deft) as admor is intitled to the rent and reversion
of the premised, and who in 1703 or 1704 renewed sd lease, pursuant to
covenant to sd Thos. Faith for 21 years more. That Thomas Faith borrowed
5 from the Deft. Thomas McCastin about 5 years ago and did pledge sd
lease for the debt and did also at same time execute a bond to McCastin to
secure payment. That McCastin for the last 5 years has received 1-12/8
yearly towards discharging sd 5, and the debt with interest is now more
than paid off. That sd Thomas Faith being indebted to Plt. in about 10, &
Plt. therefore as principle creditor & next-of-kin obtained letters of
admor of the goods of Thomas Faith (who dies intestate about 3 years ago)
in the Diocese of Dery. That Plt. made an agrement with one Jeffry
Fanning, a clergyman, and son-in-law to Deft. Carrey, for Fanning to have
half of sd tenement about Nov. last, for which Fanning was to pay Plt. 4
& Plt. reserved the other part of the tenement, the park & the rest of the
land to himself, as appears by a written agreement whoch now lies
deposited in the hands of Deft. Thomas Terrence, indirectly in trust for
Plt. & Fanning. But now so it is McCastin refuses to deliver the ;ease up
to Plt. notwithstanding he is more than paid the 6 bedt & interest, &
refuses to cancel the bond, but insteasd combines with the Defts. Carrey &
Fanning. That Carrey  refuses to renew the lease & Fanning insists that
without the original lease he cannot pay sd 4 or execute the written
agreement. In order that the bond may be cancelled & the original lease be
returned to Plt. by McCastin , prays that writs may be granted agst sd
Edward Carrey, Thomas McCastin, Jeffry Fanning & Thomas Terrence, also
agst Thomas & Mary the children of sd Thomas senior (evidently means
Thomas Faith senior) and to William McKeever' sd Mary's husband to answer
in the premises; and also to grant a writ of ducter, directed to Plt.
particularly to McCastin & Terence to bring in the writing's in their
Bill entered 20 July 1717

JWK notes: this is probably the first of the other Co. Derry Torrence
family. see their chart.

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