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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attachment to JWK letter of 6 June 1920.

Exchequer Bill: John Miller, Plt.
                George Gage, Clke, James McMullan, Duncan O'Dempsy
                Robert Patterson, Moses Gordon, John Gilmor, Robert
                Rudel, Jonathan Jameson, Archibald Shields, Archibald
                Terence & John Terence, Defts. No answer
                Bill 17 Nov. 1719

Plaintiff John Miller of Rashrkine, Co. Antrim, gent., sheweth.
That John McMullan being for some term of years possessed of the Manor,
the town and tands , & the Water corn mills of Killrea, Co. Londonderry, &
of the success of sd Manor, by lease from the Society of Mercers of London
(who are seized as of fee in the same), he by lease dated 6 March 1715
demised to Plt. inter alia', all the Water corn Mills of Killrea, together
with 4 acres of land adjoining the Mills, & all water courses, toll, grist
& Mulcture to sd Mills belonging, with liberty for Plt. to build a mill at
Plt's. own costs on such parts of the lands of Lisnagroat or Fullogy as
Plt. should think convenient, to hold to Plt from 1 Nov. 1714 for 41
years. That Plt. accordingly became possessed thereof & kept the mills in
good repair & condition, fit to grind the corn of the Manor, & more
especially at the Defts. hereafter mentioned. Now so it is George Gage,
Clke, James McMullan, Duncan O'Dempsy, Robert Patterson, Moses Gordon,
John Gilmor, Robert Rudel, Jonathan Jameson, Archibald Shields, Archibald
Terence & John Terence, with intent to render Plt's. lease of no worth to
Plt. they, being tennants on the Manor of Killrea & have considerable
holdings therein, & severally hold lease under sd John McMullan, & by sd
leases are respectively bound to grind all the grain & corn they shall use
on the premises to be ground in the mills of Killrea,  or in default to
pay 22 pence for every bushel they shall grind at any other mill, yet
notwithstanding the Defts. have ground upwards of 1,000 bushels of grain &
corn at other mills other than the mill at Killrea, contrary to the
covenants of their leases, which the Plt. was to enjoy, and tough Plt. has
requested them to grind at the mills of Killrea, yet they refuse,
pretending sd Mills are not in repair, & do give out they will sue Plt.
for not keeping the Mills in repair, although they know well the Mills are
in good repair. Prays that writs of subpeonea may be granted, etc.
               17 Nov. 1719

See abstract of will of Archibald Terrence of Carnroe (already sent). I
believe the above to be the sons there mentioned. Carnroe was on Mercers
estate. J.W.K. 

Tennants were expected to grind their corn at the mill of the Manor, and
in this case Plaintiff complains that the tenants (probably some of the
most representative of them) did not do so. This was not uncommon.

In a rent roll of 1814 of this Mercers Estate that I have the Torrens
cliant was William Torrens with 11 acres.

George Gage, Clerk, was a rector belonging to an old Ulster family. I was
born a short distance from these corn mills at Kilrea.

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