Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attachment to J W Kernohan's letter of 9.12.1919

Raphoe Admon Bond:                  Co. Donegal

Moses and Mary Torence, both of the parish of Conwall, barony of
Killmacrennan, 10, Donegall, bound to the Bishop of Rapho in 30 on 31
Oct. 1721. Condition of the bond that admon is hereby gdd to above Mary
Torrence to admor the goods of John Torrenes, late of Killcolug, to
faithfully admor same.

                      Signed           Moses Torrans
                                       Mary Torrence

Witness: Izek: Conyngham
         Charles King

Indorsed: "Conwell Bond and Investor of John Torrance 1721"

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