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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attached to JWK 9 June 1920

Exchequer Bill:- John Boyde, Plt.
                 Elinor Terrence, Robert Laton, Francis O'Neill, Wm. Cowan
& John Magee, Defs.
                 Bill 16 Dec 1725. Answer Action 1 July 1726.
                 Answer Cowan & Magee 1 July 1726. Answer Terrence 1 July
                 Exceptions to Terrence 8 July 1726.
                 Rep. to Cowan and Magee 20 May 1728.

Plaintiff, John Boyde sheweth: That the Rt. Rev. late Bishop of Down &
Connor being seized of fee in the town & lands of Connor, Co. Antrim, in
right of his See, did by lease demise same to the Rt. Hon. Clotworthy late
Lord Mascreen for 21 years. That Lord Mascreen demised a house & farm in
the townland of Connor (part of sd lands) to William Terrence late of
Connor, aforesaid, since deceased, for 21 years at (  ) rent. That sd Wm.
Terrence about 16 years before he died made his last will  and thereof
appointed his wife Ellinor Terrence to be exix and bequeathed to her his
interest in sd farm. That Ellinor being so entitled demised the premises
to Plt. for 10 years at an advanced rent. That the said late Lord Visct.
Mascreen having died his exor the present Lord Visct. Mascreen obtained a
renewal of the above lease about 2 years ago from the Rt. Rev. Francis
present Bishop of Down & Connor for another 21 years, and his Lordship
also renewed the lease to Ellinor Terrence for 21 years. That thereupon
Plt. and Ellinor, in Nov. 1724, came to an agreement in writing that Plt.
should hold the premises for 16 years at £5-6/- rent, and Plt.  to pay
Ellinor £10 as a fine, sd £10 to be pd in two instalments of £5. That the
agreement was lodged for safe keeping in the hands of Robert Laton, Doctor
of physick. That Plt. enjoyed the premises and on 1 Nov. last tenderered
to Ellinor £5 the first installment of sd £10 but she refused to take it.
Now so it is Ellinor Terrence combining with sd  Robert Laton, Francis
O'Neill, Wm. Cowan & John Magee, she had by sd Francis O'Neill her signed
leases brought an action toconvt. Plt. in Trinity Term last, and is
proceeding thereon with vigour. That Robert Laton, contrary to his trust,
has destroyed the agreement deed, and Ellinor hes demised the premises to
Magee and Cowan, and doth refuse to allow Plt. upon the premises.

16 Dec. 1725


Note by JWK: This Torrance (Terrence) family were a good way across the
country from Aghadowey, but we have an old congregatoonal book partly in
William Terrence's handwriting.

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