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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Exchequer Bill:- Alexander Terrence, Plt
                 Thomas Holland & John Forrest, Defts.
                 Bill 26 Oct. 1725, No answer

Plaintiff Alex. Terrence of the city of Dublin, merchant sheweth
That Samuel Jackson of the city of Dublin Esq., being in his lifetime
seized of some ground and houses in King street,in the parish of St.
Peter, Dublin, to farm let to Plt. that messuage with a new brick house
and backside, then in possession of Plt. situate in King street, Dublin,
aforesaid, containing in front 37 feet & at back 36 ft. & in depth 88
feet; to hold from 25 March then next for 41 years at 10-10/- rent. That
Plt. laid out a sum of 200 to improve the premises and to advance the
value thereof, and did continue in posson. thereof by himself & his
tenants until very lately he was turned out of posson. by John Forrest,
That in 1716 Plt. borrowed 50 from Thomas Holland of Dublin, brushmaker,
with whom he was a particular and intimate acquiantance & to whom he
mortgaged the above premises as security to pay the debt by deed dated 16
July 1716, and Plt. deposited the original lease with Thomas Holland; the
deed of 16 July 1716 being between Alex. Terrence of city of Dublin,
carrman, of the one part; and 
Thomas Holland of city of Dublin, brushmaker of the other part, which deed
contains a provisoe of redemption, and at same time as collateral security
Plt. did execute a bond to Holland, and counterparts of which are in the
hands of Andrew Harvey, Plt's attorney, ready to be produced.
That the remainder of years unexpired of said lease was sufficient to pat
the debt, and the lease produced 20 above the reserved rent, and Plt.
also gave Holland a list of names of under tenants & the rents they paid
to Plt. which amounted to 30 & upwards, including landlord's rent, &
Holland having enquired into the list did acknowledge it to br correct.
Now so it is Holland, well knowing sd debt of 50 is long since paid him,
and coveting the premises for himself, has registered said deed of
mortgage and has also of late entered judgement agst Plt. on foot of the
bond and procured a piri facia marked 55-1/6 debt directed to John
Forrest, Marshall of the City of Dublin, by virtue whereof on the 20th
inst. they did seize the premises & on same day posted by advertisement
to sell same by auction on the 28th inst. &c &c.

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