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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

                           Derry Will

Archibald Torrence of Carnroe, parish of Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry, yeoman

I bequeath 20 to my eldest son David, who is now abroad, if he returns
and demands it within 7 years, till which term I allow it to be put at
interest and the yearly interest to be equally divided among my three
daughters Janet, Mary and Marion, and if said David returns not in said
term of 7 years, I appoint said 20 equally among my said three daughters
or the survivor of them.

To my son-in-law , William Archibald, and his wife Elizabeth, my eldest
daughter for their children's use, 20.

To my son-in-law, Samuel Millar, and his wife Janet, for their children's
sole use, 25.

To my second son, Alexander (if he in person demands it within 7 years)
the sum of 50.

To my daughter Mary, if my executor and overseer thinks she deserved it,
the sum of 60.

To my daughter Marion, if my executor and overseer thinks she deserved it,
the sum of 50.

My horses, Black cattle, sheep, all household goods and furniture,
together with my lease of Carnroe, and all corn, standing or cut, to be
sold by public sale by me executors (and out of proceeds:)

I bequeath 2 to my cousin, Alexander Torrence of the half town of

I bequeath to the Rev. John Elder of Rusky, Clerk, 2.

The overplus, if any, to be disposed of as my exor and overseer thinks fit.

I order my exor and overseer to divide the 50 above bequeathed to my son
Alexander among my surviving children as they think fit and "if he returns
not to demand it in 7 years," as above mentioned.

I appoint and order all the money in hand or that shall be got of debts or
for goods and chattles to be lodged in my cousin David Snell's hands.

I appoint my cousin, Alexander Torrence, aforesaid executor and the Rev.
John Elder aforesaid overseer.

In witness whereof 3 June 1748.                 Archibald Torrence.
Witness Da: Snell
        John Spence
        Charles Dempsey (educated hand)

Probate gtd. at Derry 10 Aug. 1748 before John Torrens
Indorsed 1748 Aghadowey Archd. Torrens Will.

This will connects with the 1717 will of Alexander Torrence of Carnroe

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