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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Derry Will attached to JWK's letter Dec 9 1919

Derry Will:

Abraham Torrance of Ballymecran

To my brother Paul Torrance, all my title and interest to one quarter of
Ballymecran, with all houses, goods, and chattels thereunto belonging,
which I leave in possession of said Paul Torrance and William Torrance, my
brother, together with all my other goods and chattels whatsoever now
belonging to me, only said Paul Torrance to pay my father and mother 5/5
and to my brother George Torrance 2/8 and to my brother William Torrance
aforesaid 2/8.

Appoint Johnathan Martin of Carrowmenaght and Solomon Martin of Colmore,

Witness whereof, 3 Aug. 1763

John Peery				Abraham Torrance
Adam Gatt
John Martin

Probate gbd 8 Sep. 1773 to Paul Torrance brother to the witness, Abraham
Torrence and . . . . in said will named. (The exors having renounced)
before "T.Torrens
Indorsed 1773 - Abraham Torrens's.

And from JST...

Mecklenburg, N.C., Will
In the name of God, Amen. The 26th day of November 1768, I, Abraham
Torrance, being in a weak state of body and in perfect memory, calling to
mind my mortality, do make this my last will and testament. I commit my
soul to God, who gave it to me, and my body to be burried at the
discretion of my friends. First of all I bequeath to my brother Hugh
thirty pounds and one pair of silver buckles, four shirts. After all my
debts are paid I bequeath to my brother Paul my whole estate. To my
brother George, one shilling sterling. To my brother William one shilling

I constitute of this last will and testament, John Baird and David Miller
		(Signed) Abraham Torrence (seal)

Witness	Hugh Torrence

The will of Abraham Torrence was probated in Charlotte, Mecklenburg
County, N.C., and 1768 and recorded in Book D, page 26. Signed - J Lester
Wolfe, C.S.C., September 28, 1936

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