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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Lease attached to JWK's letter 22nd October 1919

Reg. of Deeds. 248, 198, 159 737.

Reg. 21 April 1766 by Paul Torrence.

Lease and release dated 1 April 1766, the release between John Torrance of
Ballynacran, Co. Londonderry, of the one part; and Paul Torrence, also of
Ballynacran, son of said John of the other part. Whereby John Torrence in
conson of 48-10 sold to Paul Torrence the one-fourth part of the Townland
of Ballynacran aforesaid which he, John, holds from the Righ Hon. Henry
Lord, Visct. Cunningham by lease of lives renewable for ever. To hold to
Paul Torrence at the rent therein mentioned. Covenant that said granted
premises should be enjoyed by X "Ann Torrence", * otherwise the wife of
"said John, and by James Torrence, son of said John during their lives and
afterwards the premises to be the property of Paul Torrence.

Witness, Thomas Moore and John O'Bryan of Carriclare and John Martin of
Crindiealin, Co. Londonderry, farmer.

         witness of Thos. Moore and Dominick McCourland of Dublin.


X* "Ann Torrence otherwise" Query her maiden name   :Hld from the original
when transcribing into the book. By looking at the original (extra office
charge of 6d) we might find her maiden name, as these transcripts are
deplorable and full of errors.  

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