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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Derry Will

Alexander Torrans of Mullahinch, parish of Aughadowey, Co. Londonderry,

To Ann my dearly beloved wife the sum of £80 to be paid her by my two
sons, James and Alexander at £10 a year till the whole be paid; also her
bed and chest of drawers, and at her decease the chest of drawers to my
son Alexander.

To my eldest son James the sum of £40 and £5 to his son Alexander.

To my youngest son Alexander £20.

To my son-in-law Hugh Henery and his wife Ann, my eldest daughter, £20 and
£5 to their son Alexander.

To my son-in-law Samuel Heselet and his wife, my youngest daughter
Elizabeth £20, and £5 to their son Alexander.

To my eldest daughter's child Ann £5.

To my sister, Margaret Hunter £2.

To my brother's son Robert Torrans. £2.

To my sister's son John Anderson's child Archibald, £2.

To my beloved wife 12 guineas to pay my funeral charges.

To my eldest son James all my wearing clothes.

To my youngest son Alexander all my goods, horses, cows and household
furniture, save one cow to my son James, and if James survives Alexander,
at Alexander's decease my son James to have the clock.

If there be anything left over after my "bequeathments" it us to be
divided at the discretion of my exor and overseer, and if my effects come
short the legacies to abate in proportion.

Appoint my son James Torrans sole exor.
Appoint John Karr of Droghat and Alex. Torrans overseers.
In witness whereof, 31 Dec. 1770.      Alex. Torans (a scrawl)

Witness: Wilam Torans.
         James Walker
         Robert Patterson.
         John Kerr.

Probate gtd. 20 Feb. 1771 to the exor, before "Thos. Torrens,   "
Indorsed "Aghadowey 1771 Alex. Torrens's Will."


C.f. doc Searched1:

Boveva Old Book. no Torrens appears in this record of the Presbyterian
Congregation of Boveva, except in a marriage Register (1761 - 1767). They
are really proclamations of Marriage, and the marriage itself is to be
presumed, as it is not stated.

"1761 March 8 Sam.l Haslet in con.n
                Elizebeth Torrens in ye p.h of Bovidie"

Hazlet was a member of Boveva Congregation, while the bride was in Boveedy
Congregation. There was no Parish of Boveedy. The reference is to the
parochial district which was equivalent to the congregational area or
district. See above (p.1) where Sam. Torrence appears as elder with the
minister of this congregation.

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