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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attachment to J W Kernohan's letter of 18.1.1921

Exchequer Bill: Agnes Torrens alias Martin, widow, and Agnes Torrens, a
minor, by sd Agnes her mother, Plt.
      James Lynch, Deff.
      Bill 27 Feb. 1775. No answer

Plaintiffs Agnes Torrens alias Martin, widow, and Agnes Torrens, spinster,
a minor of tender years by her mother said Agnes shew. That Wm. Baird of
Strabane, co. Tyrone. gent., being seized of the Quarter and half-quarter
of lands of Carrowmuddle, co. L'Derry, by lease of 3 lives renewable for
ever, did by lease 2 January 1734 (-5) to farm let to Jacob Martin of
Carrowmuddle for such time as he, Wm. Baird, held same. That Jacob Martin
by virtue of sd. lease was seized of sd. lands, and had issue one only
daughter, Plt. Agnes, and that Jacob previous to the marriage of Agnes
with James Torrens (since deceased) did give as a marriage portion with
Plt. Agnes, by Articles dated 13 May 1749, a settlement of one half of sd.
quarter and half quarter of Carrowmuddle, to be to the use of Plt. Agnes
and her issue by James Torrens. That the marriage took effect and James
Torrens and Plt. Agnes became possessed of half of sd. lands and continued
so possessed till James Torrens died in Oct. 1767 leaving. Plt. Agnes his
widow and Plt. Agnes his daughter and no other issue. That on the death of
her sd. husband, Agnes became seized of half sd. lands and appointed her
father Jacob Martin to be her agent or attorney to set the lands for her
and he (Jacob) by articles dated Nov. 1767 to farm let sd. half of the
lands to James Lynch of Dowland, co. L'Derry, farmer for the term of 7
years from 1 Nov. then instant at 18 rent payable to Plt. That James
Lynch did by sd. article covenant to surrender the lease at the
termination thereof. That Lynch accordingly entered upon the lands and
regularly paid his rent till of late. That the term of 7 years terminated
on 1 Nov. 1774 when Plts. required possession of the lands from Lynch, who
absolutely refused and still doth refuse to surrender and withholds the
lands from Plaintiffs contrary to equity and justice, &c. &c.
Bill entered 27 Feb, 1775

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