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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attachment to J W Kernohan's lettter of 18.1.1921

Exchequer Bill: Agnes Torrens, Widow - Plt.
                Wm. Robinson & Adam Teadlet, Deffs.
                Bill, 3 July 1813. Answer both 6 Nov. 1813

Plaintiff, Agnes Torrens of Carruwmuddle, Co. Londonderry, widow, sheweth:
That in January last one Wm.Robinson applied to Plt., who is an infirm old
woman of upwards of 87 years of age, for paymeny of a judgement debt for
100, with a large arrear of interest due thereon, which he alledged had
been obtained against Plt. by one Adam Teadley, by virtue of a power of
attorney executed by Plt. upwards of 9 years ago on a bond for the penalty
of 200 executed at same time. to said Adam Teadley, conditioned to pay
100, and which bond Adam assigned to Wm. Robinson.

That Plt. never executed any bond or security whatever to Teadley, and if
any writing or security purporting to be such is in the hands of Teadley,
same was a forgery inasmuch as Plt. not being able to write and could only
make her mark, and if it was procured from Plt. it was by some trick or
imposition as Plt. never had any consideration given her by Teadley, and
Plt. has no recollection of ever executing such a bond.

That Teadley was a person in a low and indigent circumstances and a
distant relation to Plt. and had no means either to lend Plt. so large a
sum as 100, nor was he in such a situation of life as to render to Plt.
any services to induce her to pass him such security.

That Plt. upon applying to her solicitor for advice respecting the above,
has discovered that Teadley in ichs. 1809 obtained a judgement in the
Court of the King's Bench against Plt. in the penalty of 200 on an
alleged bond dated 25 May 1805 - and Plt. charges that as no interest was
ever demanded from her by Teadley (and only by Robinson as aforesaid) she
had no notice there was such a bond.

That Judgement is evtered against Plt. by the name of Anne in which name
Plt. supposes the bond is executed, and Plt's name is Agnes and not Anne,
which shows the bond was never executed by Plt.

That so conscious was Teadley that he could never take effectual
proceedinfs against Plt. he never applied to her for payment on foot of
the bond, but on 7 Nov 1810 assigned his alleged interest to Robinson.

That Robinson having the assignment from Teadley and in collusion with the
latter to obtain money from Plt. , he (Robinson) has actually sued out an
Elegit on foot of the judgement and has brought an ejectment whicfh has
been served on Plt. and her undertenants on said lands of Carrowmuddle, in
order to dispossess her of her possession of said lands. &c. &c.
3 July 1813

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