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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

PRONI T748 p.146  this is I think a transcript made by Crossle

Exchequer Bill Anne Torrens widow James Torrens executor of Alexander T.
and Alexander T.

Plaintiff Anne T. widow of Alexander T. late of Mullahinch, Co. Derry,
farmer, dec'd, sheweth

That said Alexander T. being possessed of a valuable leasehold interest in
his farm of Mullahinch and of effects to a considerable amount in value
died in 1771 having made his will dated 31 Dec 1770 whereby he bequeathed
to deponent Anne his wife 80 to be paid her by his two sons James and
Alexander, to be by them paid at the rate of 10 a year till all was paid,
did also bequeath 12 guineas to pay for his funeral, also to dep. her bed,
chest and chest of drawers, and at dep.'s death to leave the chest of
drawers to his son Alexander, to his eldest son James 40 and his clothes
and to his youngest son Alexander all his goods, horses, cows, and
household furniture, save one cow to his son James, and he appointed said
James T. his son sole executor in the diocese of Derry, and who possessed
himself of all the  effects and Alexander the younger son possessed himself
not only of the goods left him but also continued in possession of the
farm and never paid the 40 he was desired by said will to pay to Dep.

That James T. not only paid dep. 12 guineas to pay for the funeral but did
also pay dep. the 40 his part to discharge the 80 so bequeathed to dep.
and did also pay the other legatees named in the will. That dep. repeatedly
applied to Alexander T. to pay her the 40 as he was directed by the will
which he was well able to do, being in receipt of the profits of the farm,
but he absolutely refused to do so, and referred dep. to James T.

That dep. therefore applied to James T. for the 40 but he also refuses to
pay same, alleging that Alexander is well able to pay it.

That dep. is become very old and infirm and for want of provision in as much
as neither Alexander nor James will pay her the 40 which remains due in
part of the legacy of 80, with the interest thereof.

Prays that writs may be granted vs James T. as executor of Alexander
T. dec.d and vs Alexander T. to answer in these premises.

25 November 1780

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