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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attached to JWK's letter of 4/5/20.

Elizabeth Torrance = Samuel Heslet. Dau to Alex. T. of Mullahinch.

Derry Will Book 1786-90 1I-5-23

John Haslett
    To my beloved wife Elizabeth Haslett & my son Wm. Haslett & my dau.
Mary Haslett all my substance equally (with clause of survivorship).
    Appoint Charles Colhoun of Lisenude Cross & Wm. Kyle of Brockagh, to
ber exors.
    In witness whereof 29 July 1785              John Haslett.
    Witnesses: Anth. Auchenleck
    Lowry Kyle
    Willliam Kyle
Codicil: My farm, crop & cattle to be auctioned & all my furniture to be
sold save a cow & 2 beds & such thigs as my wife may think neccessary to
keep: proceeds of the sale to my wife and sd 2 children.
    In witness whereof 25 May 1788              John Hazlett.
    Witnesses: Anth. Auchenleck
    Willliam Kyle                           (probate not in will book)

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