Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Attached to JWK's letter of 4/5/20.

529-126-346645 Registered 17 July 1800 by Paul Torrens

Lease & Release dated 6 & 7 April 1800, whereby Paul Torrens of
Ballymacran. Co. Derry, in conson of 200 released to Wm. Sherrard of
Ballymacran and Wm. Hunter of Brougter, Co. Derry. those 8 acres of the
lands of Ballymacran, situate in the manor of Limavady, Co. Derry. To hold
as same are now laid of to the sea shore, with privilege to gather seaweed
on half the breadth of sd Paul Torrens farm and during the lives in a
lease therein recited under a covenant of renewal forever, at 2-8/- rent.

Said deeds & this memorial witnesses by Samuel Martin* of Culmore,
attorney at law, & John Martin of Carrymuddle. both in Co. Derry.

S. Martin swears as to the witnessing at Dublin, 17 July 1800

*Father, I believe, of Judge Martin, Baron of Exchequer.

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