Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Registry of Deeds 596-402-408312
Registered May 7 1808 by Alexr. Orr.

Memorial of lease & Release dated 3 & 4 April 1808 Whereby Alex. Orr of
Landmore, Co. L'derry, Esq. in conson of 600 assigned to James Torrens of
Moyaghill, Co. L'derry, gent. that part of the lands of Mayoghill alias
Gorton with the dwelling, house, garden & apptes thereunto belonging with
half the lower bleach green of Gorton aforesaid: containing in the whole
20 a I.P.M. in an ample manner as formerly enjoyed by James Orr & later in
posson of sd Alex. Orr To Hold for the lives in a lease therein mentioned
& still in being.

Witnesses to deeds & memorial: Samuel Martin, attorney-at-law, and Edward
Boyle, both of M'Linavady, Co. L'derry.

Edward Boyle swears as to witnessing at Dublin 7 May 1808.

Lease as quoted in JST p 201

Memorial of a registered lease dated 3rd April 1808.

Alexander Orr, of Landmore, County Derry, Esq., in consideration of 600
assigned to James Torrens, of Moyahill, gent. (grandson of Hugh and
Eleanor Torrance) that part of the lands of Moyahill alias Gortan, with
dwelling house, garden, etc., with half the lower bleachgreen of Gortan
aforesaid, in all 20 acres as formerly enjoyed by James Orr and late in
possession of said Alexander Orr, to hold for lives in lease still in

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