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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

From: Doug Andrijasevich

I like the idea of a Torrance list. Below is a letter written by Joseph
Huston Torrance (b. 26 Apr 1795, d. 31 Mar 1880) to Alexander Torrance
(b. 20 Sep 1837, d. 11 Oct 1918.  Joseph was the son of James Torrance
and Margaret Stewart. Alexander was the son of Cunningham Torrance and
Margaret Cunningham.  Alexander's older sister married George C. Smith
and this my line.  Joseph and Cunningham were brothers.  Now if I don't
have everyone confused, enjoy the letter.  Note that he refers to his
wife as Dorcas while most records call her Rebecca.  Maybe a nick

Tyrone Feb. 18th, 1861
Dear Nephew

I received your favour of the 8th inst, with great pleasure. In the year
1859  I received 3 letters from you, one May 21st ans, June 2nd another
July 7th the 3rd Sept. 24th.  The two letters I know not whether they
were ans or not before the first of Feb 1860.  As we were much in
trouble with sickness.  But we wrote to all of our friends immediately
after the death of our children which took place as follows. Betsey Jan
29th Rebeckah March 13th
Joseph May 24th
Eliza Jane June 28th all in 1860
Thomas March 16th/59
if we did not write direct to you, we
did to your Father which we thought about the same thing.  Now I will
inform you that through the mercies of God, the rest of us is able to
move round although we are not stout.  In June and July last I was very
low in Typhoid fevour and have not recovered to my former strength, and
the boys are so young that I had more to do than was right.  The
situation I was in during last fall, and your aunt Dorcas was very
poorly,  all last fall, and is far from being stout yet.  I suppose
through trouble and fitegue, of the fore part of the season, for she
was the only one that could be said was not sick.  But we had the best
of neighbours.  They turned in to help us in every way that they
thought would make us comfortable, and with the out door work, the
friends here are well and the neighbours are healthy.  Now I shal give
you the births of our children.  But I will inform you first that if
this should miscarry I think I give them in full in a letter to your
aunt Margary.

Rebeckah was born September 16th 1828

James was born November 18th 1830

Mary Ann was born June 14th 1832

Adam was born April 5th 1834

Thomas was born January 3rd 1836

Eliza Jane was born December 24th 1837

Betsey was born June the 26th 1839

Joseph was born October 10th 1840

Joshua was born March 21st 1844

Caroline was born August 5th 1845

Caleb was born May 28th 1847

Samual was born Sept. 20th 1848

As you gave the births and marriages of your father and mother so will
I.  Joseph H Torrance was born April 26th 1795. 
Dorcas was born May 17th 1806, and was married
November 27th 1827.
James Torrance & Sarah
Elenbarger was married August 4th 1853.  and has
four girls.  They are living in the house that I built between here
where John Newcomer used to live.  He learned the carpenter trade and
put up a barn for me about 4 years ago, 72 ft long, and 40 wide.  It
stands a little above where that stone pile at the back of the wagon
shed.  I do not remember wheather we wrote the act of it before or not
but I think not.  It being the first he ever under took to build there
was two persons at the raising so well pleased that they had him to
build one of the same dimention and since them he built one in the
forks said to be the best in Pennsylvania.  Any requests, or
information that you or your father wish one to communicate I will
atend to it if my health be spared;  no more but remains yor
afectionate Uncle while life remains.

					Joseph H & Dorcas Torrance

to Alexander Torrance

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