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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents


From Page 111-112. Londonderry District Will Book 1864-1871

Marginal Note: Torrens, John; died 20 Sept 1864. Amount of Assets 2819 Pounds 14 shillings and 4 pence.

In the name of God Amen I John Torrens of Gorton do make this my last will and testament. I devise will and bequeath to my son Hugh Rankin the sum of Five Hundred and Twenty pounds Sterling, my Executors to give him from time to time what will be sufficient to pay for Education Board and Clothing and the remainder to be paid to him on his attaining the age of twenty one years. Likewise to my son Samuel the sum of Six hundred pounds, and also what will be required to pay his school account up to November next, my Executors in like manner to give him sufficient to pay for his Education Board and Clothing till he attain the age of twenty one years when he is to be paid whatever may be left of the above sum of 600 pounds. I devise will bequeath to my daughter Martha Anne the sum of Six hundred pounds Sterling to be paid her on her attaining the age of Twenty one years or marrying with the consent of her mother, the Clergyman for the time being of the Presbyterian Church Garvagh and her uncle H.R. Morrison for her sole use and benefit, and free from the control of any husband with whom she may marry which sum of six hundred pounds is to include a small legacy of sixteen pounds or thereabouts, left her by her Grand Father James Torrens. Likewise to my son Robert the sum of Six hundred pounds to be paid him on his attaining the age of twenty one. I devise will and bequeath to my wife Martha my farm in Gorton, the Farming Implements the crop the furniture, and a sufficient Stock Say Two horses, Six cows during her life, and at her death then to my son Robert who is to pay for the same to each of his three Brothers and sister the sum of Fifty pounds (in all 200 pounds. During my sons (Robert) and my daughters (Martha Ann) minority my wife is to get the interest of Twelve hundred pounds as above bequeathed to them unless in the case of Martha Ann marrying before the age of twenty one with the consent as aforesaid - in lieu of which she is to give them a good English Education with Board and Clothing. My sons Hugh and Samuel to get the interest of their legacy from the first day of May next. And also that during a regular College course of Education this this [sic] house be a residence for them during Summer and vacation same as it was hitherto. In case any of my above named children die before attaining the age of twenty one or Martha marrying as aforesaid with the consent of her mother and then in that case I desire that their share be divided equally with the survivors. If there is any money over and above the above bequests I desire that it be divided share and share alike with my Sons John, Hugh Rankin, Samuel, and Robert, my daughter Martha Ann, and my wife Martha. I hereby nominate and appoint John Adams Esq of Ballydevitt Henry Wallace Esq of Movenis and Hugh R. Morrison of Moneydig Executors of this my last will and Testament. Signed by me the above named John Torrens this 26th day of February 1864, in presence of us, Robert Lynn & H.R. Morrison.

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