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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Transcribed from copy of will, in notes of Don Chambers.

In the name of God Amen. I Robert Torrens of Drumsara do make this my last
will and Testament I first leave my farm of land and stock and all my
chattels or money I may have at my death. The management and use of all to
my wife Jane Torrens during her life if she lives after me And after my
wife's death If she lives after me I leave the following Legacies to be
paid out of my Personal and real estate I leave & bequeth to my son Thomas
Torrens of New Zealand the sum of fifty pounds stlg. I also leave to my
daughter Elizabeth Ann Torrens now Mrs. Daldey being married the sum of
Fifty pounds stlg. I also leave to my daughter Isabella Torrens now Mrs.
Taylor being married the sum of Fifty pounds stlg. these two daughters
both living in New Zealand I also leave to my daughter Martha Torrens of
Drumsara who lives at home the Sum of one hundred pounds stlg. And I also
leave my house Furniture to my wife Jane Torrens to Dispose of it as She
may think Prosper I also leave all I have after these legacies is paid all
the rest of my Estate both Real & Personal to my son John Torrens whom I
alow to be the Legatee of all the Residue of my effects And I now appoint
as my Executors to carry out this my last Will and Testament my Son in law
Robert John Paul of Trinaltinagh & my nephew Hugh Torrens of Drumsara And
I now sign my name this 2nd day of July 1896 in the presence of these
Witnesses who in my Presence and each others presence Subscribe their
names as Wittnesses ________ Robert Torrens ________ Witnesses present
________ James Johnston _________Hugh Torrens _____ December 29. 1902.
Robert Torrens authorises Hugh Torrens and Robert J. Paul to erect a
suitable monument costs to come out of his personal estate. In the event
of his son John Torrens dying or not turning up he would resist his wife
Hessey Torrens or child from deriving any benefit from his estate but the
property to be sold and Robert John Paul his son in law to be he purchaser.

Robert X Torrens

Witnesses present ___Hugh Torrens ___ Mary H. Johnston ______ Dec 29th 1902

  We certify that we have compared the foregoing engrossment with the
original Will and Codicl and that same is a true and correct copy of said
Original Will and Codicil respectively.

		Macaulay & O'Neil, Solicitors, Coleraine

Afft. of due execution filed. Howard A Nelson, Dist. Regr.
 		In the High Court of Justice in Ireland - King's Bench Division.

		The District Registry at Londonderry

Be It known that on the 19th day of March 1903 the last Will with one
Codicil a copy of which is hereunto annexed of Robert Torrens late of
Drumsara in the County of Londonderry Farmer deceased who died on or about
the 31st day of December 1902 at same place and who ay the time of his
death had a fixed place of abode at same place within the District of
Londonderry was proved and regostered in the District Registry of the said
Division at Londonderry and that the administration of the personal estate
of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to Robert John
Paul of Trinaltinagh (Garvagh) and Hugh Torrens of Drumsara Kilrea Nephew
of deceased both in said County Farmers the Executors named in the said
Will they having been first sworn.

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