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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

This list appears in Kernohan's notes as the last attachment to his letter of 17 March 1920. It is useful as JWK's opinion as to cross refs between Freeholder's lists and 1821 census.

Refers to file 'Freeholder'

Freeholders Lists

Names are here re-arranged.

1796 Samuel Torrens       (1821 census)
     Thomas               (Thos. aet. 29 or 57) 
     Hugh                 (Hugh aet. 28 or 60)
     John                 (No John in 1821)

1807 James Torrance       (aet. 42)

1806 Alexr. Torrance      (Alexr. aet. 40)
     Robert               (Robert aet. 50)
     Andrew               (Andr. aet. 38)
     Alexr.        senr   (Alexr. aet. 65)

1814 Thos Torrans

1818 James

Compare list of members of Garvagh Presbyterian Church.

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