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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Index of Registry of Deeds for Torrens

This is the reult of a search in the Index of the Registry of Deeds for the name Torrens, submitted by Derek Torrens. Information is incomplete owing to Derek's time constraints.

Comments are those odf Derek. Links to other documents are added by Richard Torrens.

Book No 15, Page 372, Ref No 7805.
1708 - 1729. Alexander Terrance, of Dublin, and some man Holland.
See Exchequer Bill of 1725

Bk 172, P 99, Ref 115227.
1730 - 45. William Torrence, Merchant, Dublin, Involving Upton.

Bk 195, P9, Ref 128705.
1758. William Terrance, and Margaret Terrance, Dublin,

Bk 248, P 198, Ref 159737.
1766. John Torrence, of Ballymecran, involving Paul Torrence, (I think it said he was John Ts son) also mentions Johns wife Ann, son James and Executor was Catherine Torrence, a Thomas Moore was also mentioned.
See also Abraham Torrance of Ballymecran and Diocese of Derry Wills

Bk 270, P71, Ref 169758.
1768-76. Hugh Torrens and Jennett Torrens, also mentioned was a John Torrens all of Ballynorag, and it also mentioned George Cresswell.
See also Exchequer Bill: James, George, Ane & Jennett Cresswell

Bk 270, P71, Ref 169758.
Bk 357 Page 58, Ref 238630.
Bk 353,P 392, Ref 239624.
Bk 337, P 547, Ref 228226.
Bk 345,P 379, Ref 233842.
These four all was involved Andrew Torrens of Dublin. The year was not noted. Probably sometime between 1776 and 1790.

Bk428 P259, Ref 280122.
Bk 437, P 552/7 ?? Ref 281540/110 ?? (Writing was hard to make out). 1791. Mary Torrens, Widow, of Belfast, involving a James McMaster, Merchant, which was involving changing property in Belfast, I think this is the same Torrens I found in the Belfast Newsletter a few years ago where it concerned Torrenses owning a shop of store of somesort.

Bk 471, Page 164, Ref; 298501.
1793. Robert Torrens and a McNaughten, in Co Antrim. I was pretty sure that this was some of our Ballymoney Torrens, as the name McNaughten was a Landlord and owned a huge amount of Townlands throughout North Antrim but I was dissapointed as it only concerned a Robert Torrens, Shoemaker and Elizabeth Torrens (his Wife) alias Sterling of Ballymena and a McNaughten a Butcher of Ballymena.

Bk 528, Page 784, Year 1800.
Bk 536, P 275, 1801
Bk 548, P 473, 1803.
Bk 560, P 519. 1804.
Bk 575, P 198.
Bk 587, P 29.
Bk 584, P 263.
Bk 601, P 47.
Bk 602,
Bk 614,
Bk 608,
Bk 536,
All the above concerned a John Torrance of Limerick, a Merchant. I looked up only about 3 of the actual books but due to time limit I thought that these were all of the same man so I didnt look up all of these.

Bk 553, Page 95.
1803. Andrew Torrens of Dublin.

Bk 573, P 250.

Bk 580, P 60.

Bk 582, P 276.

Bk 580, P 546.

Bk 593, P 220.
1805 - All the above concerned Andrew Torrens of Dublin.

Bk 614, P 73.
1809. Involves John Torrens of Glenone, Co Londonderry.

Bk 583, P 350.

Bk 544, Page 1.
1807. Involves Paul Torrins.

Bk 657 ? , P5, Ref; 449829.
1810 - 1812. John Torrens.

Bk 716, P74, Ref; 429bog.

Bk 721, P43, Ref; 44929bg.
1816. All the above concerned a John Torrens.

Bk 756, P 597, Ref; 514132.
1819. Rev John Torrens.

Bk 16, P 187.
1842. Jane Torrens of Castledawson, Co Derry.

Bk 5, P 261,
1843, James Torrens of Co Antrim.

Bk 13, P 104.
Bk 18, P 19,
1846, All involved a James Torrens of Co Antrim.

Bk 23, P 231.
1879. Thomas Torrance of Culneman and Hugh R. Morrison, (I just got time to have a quick glance at this one but ran out of time).

Bk 19, P 240.
1872, Alexander Torrens and James Cramsie. (Possibly a Ballymoney/ Vow Torrens as Cramsies where well known Landlords in those areas).

Bk 20, P 257.
1877. James Torrens, Samuel Torrens and Alexander McFettridge,
Alexander McFettridge married Jane Torrens, one of the daughters of James Torrens of Mayoughill. Samuel was a son of James.

Bk 42, P 283.
1878. Robert J Torrens and Joseph Richardson.

Bk 42, P 98.
1872. Stewart Torrens and Hugh Caldwell. (Must be a Kilrea Torrens as I think there was a Stewart T in that area ?? ).

Bk 35. P 215.
1876. Thomas Torrens and Patrick McCann, of Co Derry.

Bk 1, P 114.
1879. William Torrens and William Graham of Co Derry. Derek coments
Im sorry but that is all that I coppied out of the Index Books, I may haveskipped a few years due to time limit.

think I may have skipped from the early 1800s to the 1840s then from there to the 1870s when it was then that I started to find some Torrens people that was more interesting to my own area.

But I do hope these indexes will perhaps give some of us studying Torrens famillies either within or outside of the Bann Valley some idea where to look and if anyone decides to visit the Registry of Deeds to take a look for themselves, make sure to take this list with you to save time !!

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