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Youghal Genealogy
The Will of Henry Long of Youghal - Memorandum of Agreement

Henry Long of Youghal died at 5.10 p.m. 6 Feb 1911. He was an important person who owned much property. He had 3 sons and two daughters. His will was a little confused and caused controversy amongst his beneficiaries. After many years, they finally came to an agreement and this is a copy of that legal agreement.

The document in my possession is a copy of the original, typed of the back of a letterhead of 'J.M. Torrens, The Pharmacy, 85 North Main Street, Youghal.'

Memorandum of Agreement made and entered into this day of March One thousand nine hundred and twenty five Between R W Long of 29 Broadway, New York, USA and Joseph Holmes of Forstal Villa, Aylesford, Kent, parties of the first part and John M. Torrens, North Main Street, Youghal, Ireland, and Thomas Rickerby of Oak View, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, parties of the second part.

Witnesseth that whereas the parties of the second part are assumed to have an interest in the estate of the late Henry Long of Youghal, Ireland, and whereas representatives of the said estate have offered the said second parties One hundred pounds each in lieu and in settlement of their claims whatsoever against said Estate.

It is therefore now agreed on between the said parties that said second parties will do and hereby agree to accept One Hundred Pounds each as a fair, honourable and equitable settlement of any claim or interest they the said second parties may have in ot to the said estate and in consideration of same the said first parties do and hereby agree to guarantee the payment of said One Hundred pounds to each of said second parties at and upon the same time they the first parties receive their legal interest in said Estate and that in consideration of said guarantee by the first parties the parties of the second part do and hereby agree not to be parties to or countenance any action at Law or otherwise against said Estate. In like manner the said first parties agree to protect the parties of the second part from any legal expenses which may arise by reason of any action at Law necessary to the clearing up of said Estate.

And whereas it is not known by the first parties whether the late Hugh Torrens, a fifth member of the Torrens family, left a will or not, devising or otherwise his assumed interest in said Estate the second parties do agree to indemnify the said first parties against any claim that may be made hereafter under the Will of the late Hugh Torrens for their portion, individually, of the £400 offered to the Torrens family in settlement of their assumed interest in the said estate.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands on the day and date as above written.

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