1893 Letter from (Thomas) George John Charles Devine to George Devine and Elizabeth Emma World

This is a letter from Tom (Thomas) George John Charles Devine (1 Jul 1872 - 7 Dec 1901) to his parents George Devine (1838.05.15 - 1915.03.31) and Elizabeth Emma World (1836.07.01 - 1915.03.31)
Gosport 26th 3 1893

My dear parents
You must excuse me for keeping you so long without a letter but you see by this what caused my not writing to you. We are at Gosport we arrived here last Saturday week. I was scarcely arrived when my cousins found me out and every night since I go down to their house. Uncle Jack and Uncle Fox are two jolly old men. Uncle Jack is very like Uncle Bill aunt is very like your father. She showed me a likeness of you when you were a boy and another when you were a sailor I have seen all my cousins except Miss Elliott & Louie. I was on picket last Sunday in Portsmouth & I am on guard today just the day I wanted to be off duty but we must be satisfied we have finished out firing with the exception of volley firing we will be finished that on Thursday so when you write, address to the old place Portland. I have made a good hand at firing I have got marksman I got 7 bullseyes at 3 hundred yds out of seven rounds. But now I must write no more as I must do my two hours sentry go.
I am your loving son.

I will write as soon as I get back.

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