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Youghal Genealogy


Around 1895 my own Great Great Grandmother (Nee: Elizabeth "Jenny" Long) moved with her children 'back' to Youghal. She was born in Youghal and was on her own as explained in the mini-biography of Robert Jameson Torrens.

Her eldest son, my Grandfather, John Morrison Torrens, was 19 at the time and took charge of the family. He also ran the chemists shop in North Main Street and was a pharmacist, dentist, artisan, organ builder and general dabbler in science. A separate page gives a short biography of him.

It is through him that I have quite a collection of social and genealogical material relating to Youghal. This site is dedicated to presenting that information and collecting more.


This is still a young site: much of the data has not yet been transcribed to the www so this is in part a list of what is yet to come. Please join the mailing list (use the Join Us button) if you are interested. Some of these are permits or certificates: these may need to be photocopied rather than transcribed.

Connected Families

These are the other Youghal families to which the Torrenses connect and about which I have information

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