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John Morrison Torrens

11.3.1877 to 1944

Diary Extracts

My grandfather, John Morrison Torrens (1877.03.11 - 1944.02.22) kept a diary. Only extracts of it remain and (being a pharmacist) JMT wrote in that hand decipherable only to doctors and pharmacists. These extracts were transcribed by my father, Robert George Torrens, himself a Dental Surgeon. There may be reading errors in my father's transcript - in particular, I am not sure about some of the exact dates - as they are not in chronological order.

The diary notes have been combined with other documentary evidence in my possession. Because this is therefore a composite record, I have made a 'Source' column. This is a key to the record's source as follows:

DEDiary Entry
MRMasonic Record
LDLetter or Document
LLLong Papers
LSLantern Slide

The Lantern slides have been scanned in and are available on this site, use the link above.

...The Diary of John Morrison Torrens
11 Mar 1877.LDBirth (Certificate)
3 Aug 1883.LDFramed certificate: Jameson made Freeman of Borough of Youghal
1890.LSJ.M.T. with dogs
6 Jun 1894[Wednesday]DEApprenticeship to Sumner
LDCertificate of Apprenticeship
1 Oct 1894[Monday]DEP S Ireland - Preliminary exam
5 Oct 1894[Friday]LDCertificate: Pharmaceutical soc of Ireland.
1 Jan 1895[Tuesday]DEWent to Good Templars
26 Feb 1895TuesdayDEAt 6 a.m Mother died. buried Thursday Went to Killegh with a mixed group started home at 10.
15 Apr 1895Easter MondayDEGot down by 11.53 train from Cork
17 Apr 1895WednesdayDEGot Microscope
3 Jun 1895Whit MondayDEWent over Ferry at 4.30 with Mr & Mrs Devine, Mrs Corr, Mrs Topp, L Lee, L Corr, K Corr, Hannah, A Thomas and about as many more.
6 Jul 1895[Saturday]DEWent to Cappoquin with Jack Hannah, Gordon and Hugh
9 Jul 1895[Tuesday]DEWent over ferry at 8.00 p.m.
3 Aug 1895[Saturday]DEOpen Session at I.O G.T. accompanied T Sheils on violin (Poor old Jeff)
10 Aug 1895[Saturday]DEJoined I.O.G.T. (Independant Order of Good Templars)
17 Aug 1895ThursdayDESocial Tea in I.O.G.T.. Played Bohemian Girl, part 1 on violin, no accompanist
21 Aug 1895SundayDEHarvest Thanksgiving at Templemichael, went with T Sheils (shorthand note...??)
20 Jan 1897[Wednesday]DEI.O.G.T. G L Session in Cork. Stayed at Soldier's home
1 Mar 1897MondayDES.E.D. dicebat amavit me.
6 Jun 1897[Sunday]DECompleted apprenticeship
24 Oct 1897[Sunday]DEReceived loan of £60 from Dr H Torrens
3 Oct 1897[Sunday]DETook possession of shop at 102 North Main Street
13 Oct 1897[Wednesday]DEMr Curran took part of house at £1 per month in advance.
21 Oct 1897[Wednesday]DEOpened shop
14 Jun 1898[TuesdayDEFilmed at sumer (RGT hand, illegible)
31 Dec 1900[Monday]DERobert Gordon T indenture
17 Apr 1901[Wednesday]DETook Hugh as apprentice
25 Apr 1901[Thursday]DEWrote to Rev. W Day (Killegh) for license
4 Jun 1901[Tuesday]DEGot married. Left by train arrived in Killaloe 9 p.m.
LDMarriage Certificate.
5 Jun 1901[Wednesday]DEHere's first breakfast. SET (note in her hand). left Killaloe 8 a.m. Arrived in Athlone 4.30 stayed at Victoria Hotel.
6 Jun 1901[Thursday]DELeft Athlone 7.30 by boat Drumsna 12.15. Went to Cavan by train. Left Carrick (on Shannon) by 4.6 train, Arrived in Dublin 7.30 stayed in Rosse's Hotel.
7 Jun 1901[Friday]DEWent to Botanic Gardens. do. City and People's Gardens.
8 Jun 1901[Saturday]DEZoo Gardens and Botanic Gardens
9 Jun 1901[Sunday]DEAll Saints 11.30, St Patricks 3.15 Blackhall Place (methodist) 7
10 Jun 1901[Monday]DEWax Works and Rathmines
11 Jun 1901[Tuesday]DEMoorfields
12 Jun 1901[Wednesday]DEBray 12.30 Westland Row, returned Harcourt St. 9.15
13 Jun 1901[Thursday]DELucan two trains returned by 4
14 Jun 1901[Friday]DEPoulpoucha, went by 11 train returned by 4
15 Jun 1901SaturdayDEHowth by train got back at 6.25
16 Jun 1901[Monday]DE11.30 Christchurch Cathedral, tea at White's, 7 Clonliffe Methodist Church
17 Jun 1901[Tuesday]DEBray 2.45 train
18 Jun 1901[Wednesday]DE(Drive) Started 10.30 for Powerscourt Waterfall via Darell. Home by Rocky Valley at 2. Left at 3.30 for Glen of the downs, Delgany and Greystones back at 6.30
19 Jun 1901WednesdayDEWent to Dalkey by train 11, returned from Kingstown by 1 train
20 Jun 1901[]DELeft Bray 10.10 train for Rathnew, drove through Devil's Glen to Glendalough, left at 5.45 for Rathdrum via. Vale of Clara and train to Bray
21 Jun 1901.DEDrove to Scalp and Eniskerry
22 Jun 1901.DELeft Bray at 11.30 for Dublin
24 Jun 1901.DEVisited Christchurch Cathedral and St Patricks. Tea at Nugents, Sandymount
26 Jun 1901.DELeft Dublin at 6.30 in S S Innisfallin
27 Jun 1901.DEArrived in Waterford at 4 a.m., left at 1.30 arrived in Cork at 10 p.m. Slept on board
28 Jun 1901.DELeft Cork by 9.45 train for Youghal
15 Jul 1910..Mark
12 Sep 1901.DEGran died [assumed to be unknown wife of Henry Long (i.e. Elizabeth's mother)]
4 Apr 1903.DEAttended Middleton Sessions on Civil Bill for £35 for removing Drug Hall fixtures. Case not called
24 Apr 1903FridayDEDrug Hall case. Won but paid 20/- and costs for damage to premises in removing fixtures. Went to Queenstown afterwards to arrange about Gordon's passage to NewYork.
13 Apr 1903.DERode to Lismore
18 Apr 1903.DEIllustrated lecture for Rev. Appleyard of British Columbia, Limelight.
2 May 1903.DELeft Youghal by 4 o'clock train for Queenstown with Gordon and G Devine Sen. slept at Miss Frelin
3 May 1903.DEGordon left for New York in S S Ivernia, went out in tender to see him off arrive in Youghal 2.30
4 Jul 1903SaturdayDELeft Youghal by 4 o'clock train left Cork at 6 in SS Innisfallin with G Devine Sen and Jun and A Wharton
5 Jul 1903.DEArrived at Liverpool about 10 o'clock went to St Nicholas Church at 6.30
6 Jul 1903.DEVisited Evan's and travelled along docks in overhead electric railway
.LSG Devine and son on overhead railway
7 Jul 1903.DEWent to New Brighton in ferry, rode on electric car to Seacombe and crossed to Liverpool
8 Jul 1903.DESaw G Devine and Wharton off to Canada in SS Kensington (Geo Woodman Devine)
9 Jul 1903.DEVisited Ayrton and Saunders [wholesale chemists]. Left Liverpool in SS Kenmarr at 10 p.m.
10 Jul 1903.DEArrived in Cork went to see Exhibition, slept at Metropole
19 Oct 1903.DEArrived in Youghal with G D sen at 8 a.m. by bathing train
4 Aug 1903.DERobt Geo born 1.10 p.m.
10 May 1904.LetLetter from Buck Palace
18 May 1904.LLLetter from Richard W Long. Mentions Post Office, Gordon.
4 Aug 1904.DocRGT born
18 Mar 1905SaturdayDEStarted extracting teeth
8 May 1905.DEHugh launched his canoe
9 May 1905.DEHad my canoe out in morning for first time for year.
12 May 1905.DEFire occurred in back of shop owing to ??? taking fire
2 Mar 1906.LLLetter from Richard W Long. Mentions Mortgage on 85.
24 Apr 1906.DERemoved to 85.
30 Apr 1906.DEGave up possession of 102
29 May 1906.LLReceipt for £200 re mortgage (Long Papers)
1 Jun 1906.LLLetter fr R W L mentions Devonshire Sq., Gordon
11 Jul 1906.LLLetter fr R W L mentions lease
3 Aug 1906.LLLetter fr R W L mentions rent
6 Aug 1906.LLLetter fr R W L mentions rent, Bee
1 Jan 1907.LDAgreement between JMT and Hy. Long, cabinet maker and Richard W Long of NY. Lease on 85 North Main Street.
2 Jan 1907..Initiated §68
17 Jan 1907.LDReceipt for £200 paying off Mr Green's mortgage on old Post Office.
1 Apr 1907.DEDrive to Lismore
2 Apr 1907.DEIOGT limelight concert. Wore evening dress first time
3 Apr 1907.DEGot 2nd Degree (Masonic)
8 Apr 1907.DEAttended Middleton sessions, obtained decrees against J Ahern £1/5/5
1 May 1907..Raised
16 Sep 1907.LDCertificate 3 shares in The Youghal and Blackwater Tourist Steamer Company Ltd.
29 Oct 1907.DEIOGT elected C. T [Chief Templar] in side room
15 Oct 1907.DEIOGT open session visit from Showell
21 Oct 1907.DEHugh comes as part time assistant
25 Oct 1907.DEGot Vulcaniser etc.
4 Nov 1907.DEAttended Prov. G Lodge masonic also D.L. [District Lodge] with Showell
6 Nov 1907. DEMasonic elected I G [Inner Guard]
3 Mar 1908.DETo Grand Masonic Concert in Mall House, took tickets at door. All brethren appeared in full regalia including Sir. Henry Blake
4 Mar 1908.DEWent to Cork by 4 train presided at district Lodge in Tuckey Street
5 Mar 1908.DEReturned by 9.50 train
11 Jun 1908.DEAttended J.W. Masonic Service in St. Finn Barr's Cathedral at 3.30. Dinner at Imperial at 7
13 Jun 1908.DERex 3 ½ hp motor cycle arrived
15 Jun 1908.DEFirst ride on motorcycle, went near Killeagh and ran into path and lamp post on way back.
17 Jun 1908.DERode to Clonmel 3 to 6.20
18 Jun 1908.DECame home left 10 arr. 2. Roads very greasy
4 Nov 1908..S.D.
1 Mar 1909.DEGot Black stopwatch for £2/7/6 sold other one for £2/6/0
6 Apr 1909.LDFramed certificate: JMT made Freeman of Borough of Youghal
12 Apr 1909Easter MondayDEClosed from 12 to 9. Rode to Lismore and Tallow, Em and Bob drove with party.
16 Apr 1909.DEWent to Cork by train to see J C Burk return by 5.10
21 Apr 1909.DELillie Married [John Brooks]
LSJ.M.T.and I.O.G.T.
5 Jan 19101..S.W.
15 Jul 1910..R.A.C.
..LSJMT and friends on bicycles at Gouganebarra
10 Nov 1910.DEleft 8 train arr. Dublin 4.45 Grand Lodge of Irishmen
11 Nov 2010.DEStay at Rosses. Got typewriter. Masonic Lodge. C.C.L. [?]
12 Nov 1910.DELeft Dublin 6.40am arr. 12.10
13 Nov 1910.DEUncle John dies [John Morrison Torrens, JP]
14 Nov 1910.DEHugh leaves for Belfast
4 Jan 1911..W.M.
6 Feb 1911.DEH Long died at 5.10 p.m.
9 Feb 1911.DEH Long buried
7 Apr 1911.LLLetter fr R W L.
10 Apr 1911.LLLetter fr R W L.
31 May 1911.LLLetter fr R W L.
19 Apr 1911.DEMay married [Rickerbee at Youghal]
30 Oct 1911.DEpresided at meeting of Irish Temperance League at Methodist School
6 Nov 1911.DEwent to Cork, attended Provincial Grand Lodge acted as P.G.S.W. pro tem
1913.LSWolseley near Kenmare
1913.LSCamp at Blackwater, Kerry
..LSDereen, Co Kerry
..LSCo Kerry
..LSCamp at Ferns
..LSOn Road S. of Newry
..LS2 Slides Pass of Keighmaneigh
3 Jan 1914.DEIllustrated lecture on India by Sir W R Crook-Lawless in Parochial Hall
14 Jan 1914.DERAC visit from Comp. Dodd
17 Jan 1914.DEattended D.L. executive meeting with Em in Cork.
21 Jan 1914.DETallow in Turner's Belsize with Em, P James & Turner. Home 2.30 am Thura. Had to take on Wolseley and tow from milestone at middle of Lombard Hill
23 Jan 1914.DEBob broke collar bone [spinning top in Green Park]
19 Apr 1914SundayDETook Em and Bob behind Ardsallagh
20 Apr 1914.DETook H Hanrahan to Ardmore
22 Apr 1914.DETallow with Em put up shelves in Tallow shop. Illustrated Rev Hodges lecture on cruelty to animals in Parochial hall.
25 Apr 1914.DEStarted Organ lessons from Westbury
14 Apr 1914WedDETallow with Em came home via Killeagh
2 May 1914.DETowed Regan on Vindec back from Tallow
2 Jun 1914.DETook H Hanrahan to Tallow. 7.30pm left him and brought back a load of goods.
3 Jun 1914.DEBrought Hanrahan back from Tallow. Acted Steward at §68
6 Jun 1914.DETallow Closed branch
12 Jan 1915..W.M. & E.K.
14 Jan 1915.DEReceived 4" Patrick Lathe
15 Feb 1915.DEWestbury came as unbound apprentice at 15/- per week out doors or to be kept indoors.
24 Feb 1915..P.G.S.
25 Feb 1915.LLLetter fr. R W L
1 Mar 1915.DEJ Owen came as apprentice
22 Mar 1915.LLLetter fr. RWL
31 Mar 1915.DEGeo Devine sen. died
1 Apr 1915.DEBuried with milit. honours
22 Jun 1915.DEBelfast via Newtownbreedy 12m [Braidujle House]
..LSBraidujle Ho. Drive
..LSBraidujle Ho. front
..LSBraidujle Ho.
23 Jun 1915.DEGortin and back. 110m
24 Jun 1915.DEBelfast
25 Jun 1915.DEMalone Rd. Belfast
26 Jun 1915.DEBelfast
27 Jun 1915.DEstarted home via Belfast, Comber, Newcastle, Newry, camped at Mellifont Abbey
28 Jun 1915MondayDEDrogheda to Dublin, stayed at College Hotel
29 Jun 1915.DETea at Curragh Camp with .... camp at 2 miles from Callan
30 Jun 1915.DEClonmel and home
18 Jul 1915.DEtook Miss Courtney to Clonmel and brought home Mrs Devine via Cloheen and Lismore
28 Jun 1915.DETook Mrs Devine to Ferry Point via bridge
1 Aug 1915.DETook Mrs Cannavan home to Tallow
3 Aug 1915.DEI.O.G.T. initiated Bob
4 Aug 1915.DETook Em and Bob to Newport Quay [S Dungarvan]
11 Aug 1915.DETook Em and Bob to Knockadoon, Lady's Bridge, Castlemartyr and Killeagh
22 Aug 1915.DETook EM and Bob to Clonmel to school
29 Aug 1915.DETook EM to Clonmel via Cloheeen.
30 Aug 1915.DEGot Thompson 1hp engine going first time.
8 Sep 1915.DEI.O.G.T. excursion across ferry
9 Sep 1915.DEArdmore with Em
12 Sep 1915.DETook EM to Clonmel
22 Sep 1915.DETook EM to beyond Killeagh
26 Sep 1915.DEWent to Clonmel via Dungarven, brought Mrs Clinghan and two sons back
29 Sep 1915.DECork by 11.10 train. Attended P.H.Lodge and Dist Grand Chapter S.Tab in latter
17 Oct 1915.DETook EM to Clonmel
29 Oct 1915.DEArdmore with Owen
30 Oct 1915SaturdayDEBob came home for weekend
2 Nov 1915.DEBob returns to school
3 Nov 1915.DEWent to Cork to P.G.L. Presided afterwards at §68
11 Nov 1915.DEEm went to Clonmel by 2 train Mrs Clinghan bad with Rheumatic fever.
8 Dec 1915.DEPresided at Band of Hope meeting in Methodist School
13 Dec 1915.DEEm returned by train. Met her at station with car.
15 Dec 1915.LLLetter fr RWL
18 Dec 1915.DEBob came home for holidays
27 Dec 1915.DEWent to station to meet Liz Clinghan
28 Dec 1915.DEWent to station to meet Addie Smallhorne - as assistant.
3 Jan 1916..Own Diary starts [note by RGT]
6 Jan 1916.DEMary Ann World died 2.40
5 Mar 1916.DEMrs Devine died at 1.30 a.m.
19 May 1916.LLLetter fr RWL
9 Jun 1916.DEWent to Cork by train. Engaged Irene Munyard as Apprentice to come at beginning of July
10 Jun 1916.DEA Smallhorne left and went to Merricks.
24 Jun 1916.DEBob arrived for holidays
26 Jun 1916.DEReceived £150 left by aunt Martha from Uncle Hugh [U. Hugh is Dr HRT, Martha is Martha Anne, d. 10.12.1915]
27 Jun 1916.DEIrene Munyard started work as apprentice.
28 Jun 1916.DEacross Ferry in Aherne's boat with Bob, Em, J.Brooks, Irene
Munyard, and ..... Craddon. Went to cinema with Bob afterwards
5 Jul 1916.DEOver Ferry with I.O.G.T. party
16 Jul 1916.DEUp river with Bob and Em camped at Cooneen Quay
10 Jan 1917..
18 Jul 1917.DETreasurer and S.T.Went to Cork. Bob by train 11. Dinner and tea with Geo. Con [?] Visited Cathedral Organ, and Shandon Bells. Went to Palace afterwards and returned by 9.45 train
23 Jul 1917.DEEmergency Lodge §68 to confer 1 on Ranalow
29 Jul 1917SundayDEPowders run over by Ford Landaulette near Ry. Station
8 Aug 1917.DEVisited Passage Docks and Queenstown with Em and Bob
15 Aug 1917.DEAcross Ferry with Em, Bob and Rene.
21 Aug 1917TuesdayDEBob returns to school
24 Aug 1917.DEpresided at D.L. in Cork returned by 9.45 train
3 Sep 1917.DEleft for Dublin by 11 train with Em accompanied as far as Mallow by J.H.Long and Harold the latter going to Kilkenny to school. Stayed at College Hotel.
8 Jan 1919.DEInstallation dinner at §68, wore evening dress. R.A.C. afterwards conferred M.M.M. on Bros. Price, Arden and H.Thomas.
13 Jan 1919.DEIllustrated Rev D Jourdan's lecture on Rouen in Parochial Hall
14 Jan 1919WednesayDEWent to Cork by 1.15 train with Bob and Em, went on board
...German Submarine U.B.98, Afterwards call on Elliotts traveller.
16 Jan 1919.DEBob returned to school by 8.15 train. He bought Dr. Foley's 'new
...Hudson' 2½hp motor cycle for £20
28 Jan 1919TuesdayDES.J.Merrick's funeral
19 Feb 1919WednesdayDEKate World died 4 am
21 Feb 1919.DEBuried 3 pm
25 Feb 1919.DEJ.P.Owen ended 4 yrs apprenticeship
4 Mar 1919.DESpecial lodge of instruction at §68 at 8.30
10 Apr 1919.DEWent to Garryduff with Em
14 Apr 1919.DEDrove Em to station en route for Clonmel
20 Apr 1919.DEMet Em and Bob at station
21 Apr 1919Easter MondayDEFair Day no holiday
23 Apr 1919.DEMetal Bridge, Bob's first lesson on motor cycle
24 Apr 1919.DEArdmore with Bob and Em started st 7.30
28 Apr 1919.DEBob returned to school
1 May 1919.DELabour Day, holiday, took Em beyond Kilnatoora, Miss Martindale, Ivy, Rene and K. White cycled
9 May 1919.DETook Em to beyond Grange 8.30-9.30
21 May 1919WednesdayDESpent from 2.30 till 5 adjusting Jacob's Daracq. At 7 o'c went to Ardmore with Em and Moll Rickerby.
26 Apr 1919.DEWent to Goish Bridge with Em ?? after 7.30
27 May 1919.DETemple Michael
VV Date VV??
7 Jan 1919SundayDETook Em and I Munyard to Clonmel via Dungarvan and Carrick. Returned via Modellingo. Owing to shooting of a soldier in Fermoy by Sinn Feiners we were stopped 5 times by patrols of military and police.
9.DETook Lil Brooks to Tallow for servant
10.DETook Em and Mrs. Thomas beyond Ballynatray. Dick Thoms drove his 5hp Wolseley, and Westbury on M/C Tea on road side
12.DETook Em and Miss Humphries to Killeagh
17WednesdayDETook Em to Killarney, camped at Derrycunnihy.
18.DEWet, went to Windy Gap, broke spring, got it repaired at Killarney, and went on via Killorglan.
8.20.DERev Beresford Poer, and visited church at Portlaw.
12 Aug 1920.DEBob left Clonmel for Dublin via Thurles 2.55 train
1 Oct 1920.DETook Em and Lil Clinghan to Coolnashorna and Slate Quarries and Rathgormuck. Returned via Carrick. Lunch and tea on the road. Walked (alone) up mountain East of Coomshinawn.
2 Oct 1920SaturdayDEcame home via Carrick and Dungarven
12 Oct 1920..RAC elected Reg and GTr.
7 Oct 1920ThursdayDEWhite and I.Munyard passed prelims
8 Oct 1920FridayDE.. do...
27 Oct 1920.DEEm and I had tea with Rev A Burd, Templemichael, went and returned by Lombard's Hill. I.O.G.T. held at / owing to condition of town, afterwards took Em and Mrs. Munyard out Killeagh Rd. in car
30 Nov 1920.DEOrgan tuned by Magahy's man
3 Dec 2020.DEConst. Prenderville shot
16 Dec 1920.LDLetter from Co. Inspector's office thanking JMT for kindness to wounded officers
17 Dec 1920.DEMet Bob at Station.
27 Dec 1920.DEstarted charge on Tudor 120 amp accumulators [for house lighting]
2 Feb 1921.DEM.M.M. Lodge
3 Feb 1921.DEBlack & Tan in Royal Irish Constabulary barracks
4 Feb 1921FridayDEA Kidney shot, rendered first aid
17 Mar 1921.DEBob came home for Easter
25 Mar 1921.DEJ Cathcart shot [At home in Devonshire Square]
28 Mar 1921Easter MondayDEH.H.Price married
4 May 1921.DETook Organ to pieces
9 May 1921.DEBob returned to Dublin
20 May 1921.DEAt Heathfield Towers auction. Tea afterwards at Muckridge.
7 May 1921.DETwo soldiers and girl shot near Green's Quay about 5 am while returning from a dance in military barracks. At about 10.30
Margaret Chard says of this entry:
They were members of the band that had performed at the barracks. One of the men was Thomas Christopher Collins. He was a singer with the band. I know, because he was my grandmother's brother. He died from his wounds aged 29 leaving a widow and 3 children under 4.
...about 50 of the Cameroons broke out of Barracks and broke practically every uncovered window in town
8 May 1921SundayDEGot Murray's men to board up windows.
..LSSlide of Youghal with windows boarded up
..LSSlide of street with soldiers
10 May 1921TuesdayDEJ Quain (jnr) shot by marines near Piltown.
11 May 1921.DEEm and I left Youghal by 8.10 train, left Cork 1.10 arr Kingsbridge 7.30
12 May 1921.DEVisited St Michan's Church with Bob, also T.C.D. Tram to Kingstown SS. Anglia to Holyhead. Rev J.R.Hodges, his wife and daughter also on board and Dub. O.T.C. Stayed at L&NW Hotel
13 May 1921.DEleft 11.3 arr Manchester 4.30 met at station J.Holmes. Stayed with J&B Holmes at Mrs Cheshires, Sharston Green, Northenden
14 May 1921.DEvisited in morn Northenden tea with Walks of Cheadle Heath
16 May 1921.DEMorning examined Northenden Methodist Organ and afternoon walked with the Dorringtons to a farm where we had tea on grass
17 May 1921.DEin Manchester
18 May 1921.DEEm and I spent the day in Manchester
19 May 1921.DEMorning in Northended and afternoon walked to Peel Hall
20 May 1921.DEwith School excursion in Northended to Ringway, walked back to Sharston
21 May 1921.DENorthenden in morning, stayed at Sharston all afternoon
22 May 1921SundayDECheadle ch. in morning and Gateley in evening
23 May 1921.DEspent morn in Manchester and afternoon in Belvue Gardens
24 May 1921..walked to Cheadle with J&B Holmes and Em. Took bus to Alderley Edge arriving 1.50. I went on to Maclesfield by 2.25 bus returning by 5.20. Tea with Dorrington family
26 May 1921.DEWalked to Gatley, leaving Sharston 8.10 am, train to Stockport and left here by 9.40 train via Crewe arriving Chester 11.20,
...visited city, arr. Conway about 4.30 tried several hotels for rooms finally getting one from Misses Hodgetts, Plas Mawr Cafe.
27 May 1921.DEExplored Conway, left by bus 12.5 for Llandudno, returning by 5.45 bus.
28 May 1921.DEVisited Aber Conway, oldest house in Wales, built cir. 1200 arrive Bangor 3.20 stayed at Rowlands Hotel.
29 May 1921.DEWent to Bangor Cathedral 11.30 after lunch walked to Menai. At evening service in St. Mary's Bangor
30 May 1921.DEleft B. on 8.50 train arr Holyhead about 10. Left at 3 on Mail Boat, had very rough passage to Kingstown arrive about 6.15 Train to Westland Row, Put up at College Hotel
31 May 1921.DEleft Amiens St Station arr Belfast. Trained by 11.30 back to Dunmurray and walked to Braidujle Ho.
9 Jun 1921.DEspend day in City with Em. interviewed Grat and Burkey
14 Jun 1921.DEcycled to Lisburn and back
17 Jun 1921.DEInterviewed Grant, Cole and Dundee
27 Jun 1921.DETook Em to Hollywood by 1 train from Belfast. Went on to Bangor by 3.45, left B. for Belfast 6 pm walked to B.Ho. from tram.
1 Jul 1921FridayDEWent home with Em
4 Jul 1921MondayDEWent with Em to Newtownards and then to Donahadee
12 Jul 1921.DEafter watching procession in Lisburn Road, spent afternoon at Bertha Ho.
15 Jul 1921.DEDrove to Lisburne with Aunt Hattie
21 Jul 1921.DEDrove to Lisburne with Aunt Hattie and Em
22 Jul 1921.DEDrove mare and cart twice to Lisburne for timber. rove into Lisburne with Aunt Hattie and Em to meet Bob who arrived by train 6
26 Jul 1921.DEWalked into town with Bob
27 Jul 1921.DEWent to Donahadee with Em and Bob
2 Aug 1921.DELeft Lisburne 9am spent over one hour in Portadown. arrived Dublin about 1
3 Aug 1921.DELeft Dublin 9.30 arr home 4
NovWednesdayDE§68 & RAC Elected Rep. B.G.P.
20 Feb 1922MondayDEAll shops closed - anniversary of Clonmult ambush
22 Feb 1922.DEwent to Cork by 11.15 train attended Red Board of GP Blue Prior G Lodge and was afterwards installed C.P.V. in D. Gd.Chap
1 Mar 1922.DERAC advanced Rev. R.Cochran of Tallow to M.M.M.
25 Mar 1922.DELimelight lecture in Templar Hall (Lantern worked by Bob) 'Motor tour of E. Ireland'
18 May 1922TuesdayDEBob returned to Dublin
20 May 1922.DEKathlen White went to Dublin
24 May 1922MondayDEAll shops closed as a protest by labour against the condition of country
27 May 1922.DERev J.Whittle died
10 May 1922.DEAnniversary of shooting of James Quain. All shops closed entire day.
16 May 1922.DEEnglish soldiers left Barracks. Elected L.D.
19 May 1922.DEK.White returned to business
4 Jun 1922SundayDE2.00 a.m Cecil Woodman T born
26 Jun 1922.DEtook Miss Wood to top of Lombard's Hill and Em to Bog Road.
27 Jun 1922.DEwent to Mill Rd. to meet Miss Wood
28 Jun 1922.DEtook En, Cecil and Miss Wood to Glenbower. Tea in Wood.
23 Jul 1922.DECecil W T baptised
28 Jul 1922.DEacross Ferry in Ahern's boat
8 Aug 1922.DEFree StateTroops landed at Pier Head about 6.30am and cleared town of I.R.A.
..LS2 Slides of Quay
18 Aug 1922.DEExtracted 2 lower molars for Dr. Orpen's niece (Miss Meyrick) Dr. Kevin gave Chloroform
24 Aug 1922.DEClosed all day owing to the death of Gem Mi Collins
25 Aug 1922.DEClosed all day owing to the death of Gem Mi Collins
4 Sep 1922MondayDEUp river in McCall's motor boat with Em, Bob, Cecil and Rex Doherty. McCall worked engine
5 Sep 1922.DEwent to Cork with Bob
6 Sep 1922WednesdayDEPoor children's excursion from Cork
7 Sep 1922.DEWestbury left
13 Sep 1922.DEMagahy's man spent both days tuning organ
14 Sep 1922.DEMagahy's man spent both days tuning organ
18 Sep 1922.DEEna Donald came as junior
20 Sep 1922.DEacross Ferry
27 Sep 1922.DEacross Ferry 2 Packham's
1 Oct 1922.DEdrove Bob to11.35 train en route for Dublin
16 Oct 1922.DESocial in Methodist Hall
19 Oct 1922.DEK.White did not come back after dinner
26 Oct 1922.DEwent to Cork 11.35 train. Applied at Union Quay for motor Permit Board of Gen. Purposes at 5.0. G.Parade returned 5.5 train
31 Oct 1922.DEopen social I.O.G.T.
9 Nov 1922.DEExalted RAC Cochrane, and Marks
15 Nov 1922.DEwent to Cork to see Elliotts traveller and get permit to keep Bob's m/c
..LDOwner's Permit for Motor Vehicle. WI 75
22 Nov 1922.DEsocial in Methodist Hall
6 Dec 1922.DEPresided at §68 Raised G.Hall
14 Dec 1922ThursdayDEReceived threat from I.R.A.
15 Dec 1922..Closed from 1 to 3 for soldier's funeral
10 Jan 1923.DEAt about 8pm fire S.M.St 5.30 to 6.45
17 Jan 1923.DEWent to Cork to get books audited Atkins Chemside Rd.
17 Mar 1923.LDOwner's Permit for Motor Vehicle. IF 527
18 Jul 1923.LDDriving permit
18 Aug 1923.DELeft Bristol 9.30 for Bath, left Bath about 4.15 arr Bournemouth cir. 7 stayed with Wilneckers
19 Aug 1923.DETram to Poole
20 Aug 1923MondayDELooked round Bournemouth
21 Aug 1923.DELeft 1.30 by charabang for London arriving in Pall Mall 4.30 Tram to Imperial Hotel
22 Aug 1923.DEZoo, Hampstead
23 Aug 1923.DESeveral museums and Dental Hospital
24 Aug 1923.DEWent to Harrow works with West Kodak's manager
25 Aug 1923.DEWent to Brighton
26 Aug 1923.DESt. Paul's and Westminster Abbey and B. Museum
27 Aug 1923.DEEast End, Tower
28 Aug 1923.DELeft Paddington 5 pm for home
29 Aug 1923.DEArrive Youghal 3
30 Aug 1923.DETook Em, Cecil out Tallow Rd.
31 Aug 1923FridayDEConferred 2nd on Bob in §68
1 Sep 1923SatDEDrove Bob and Westbury to train but too late
3 Sep 1923.DETook Bob and Westbury to 8.30 train en route for Dublin
4 Sep 1923.DETook Em and Cecil via Golf Links Rd. and back Lower Rd.
5 Sep 1923.DEBrought C.Munyard from Rly. Station to Gibraltar [Terrace]
21 Nov 1923.DETallow
28 Nov 1923.DEKilleagh, Castlemartyr, Mogeely, Killeagh
12 Dec 1923.DEDungarven Road
19 Dec 1923.DEKilleagh
21 Dec 1923.DEStation to meet Bob Car total 714 miles
2 Jan 1924.DERaised Bob in §68
5 Jan 1924.DEDrove Bob to train en Route for Dublin
14 Jan 1924.DEBee Holmes died about 8pm [Nee Long - RGT's Auntie Bee]
16 Jan 1924.DEBee buried
17 Jan 1924.DEWent to Cork
23 Jan 1924.DEKilleagh
28 Jan 1924.DEIllustrated A.N.Cole's lecture 'Joan of Arc' in Methodist school.
4 Feb 1924.DELeft by train with J Brooks. Had trial run in Cork in Austin car. Left C. 3.30 arr Dublin 7.40 tea at 9 T.C.D. stayed at Wicklow Hotel
5 Feb 1924.DETrial run on 10hp Wolseley
6 Feb 1924.DELeft Dublin 7.30 arr Youghal 3pm
10 Feb 1924SundayDEExtracted about 20 teeth for Miss Hiney, Dr Orpen gave ChClO3 Extracted a8 teeth for Tom Atkins at Maryville. Dr Kevin gave ChClO3. took Em and Cecil to Killeagh returning by upper Rd.
20 Feb 1924.DETallow
27 Feb 1924.DEP.G.L. & D.G. Chap in Cork Installed P.J.G.D. & C.S.V.
9 Mar 1924.DEIllustrated evening service St. Mary's Ch.
16 Mar 1924.DELantern service in St. Mary's
17 Mar 1924St Patricks DayDEWent to Ravens Rock in car, J.Holmes, Moss S Sweetnan and M.Rockerby [?] were taken by Bobby Allen in a Fiat
19 Mar 1924.DEGlenbower Woods
20 Mar 1924Thurs-SatDEIn bed with cold. Tom Atkins ran engine on Sat eve and ran lantern in Church on Sen 23
30 Mar 1924.DELimelight service in St Mary's
2 May 1924.DEExtracted lt lr molar for baby Allen (aet circ 4) Friar St., Kevin gave ChClO3. Presided at §68 till W.M. arrived 4.30
5 May 1924.DEExtracted lt lr 3rd molar for Em Dr Orpen gave ChClO3. Presided at §68 till W.M. arrived
25 May 1924.DEWent out Killeagh Road, turned off towards Inchquin, tea on road near Ightermurragh, home through Castlemartyr and Killeagh. Received news that Bob passed B.A. exam
30 May 1924.DEKilleagh Road
2 Jul 1924.DETallow Road
9 Jul 1924.DER.A.C. Ballot on R.G.T. Blue (emerg) afterwards Cochrane broke spring of his car.
13 Jul 1924.DEBeyond Ballanastray tea on road
14 Jul 1924.DEKilleagh Road
16 Jul 1924.DELadysbridge, Garryvoe, Ballycotton, Cloyne and Middleton. Brookes family followed in their Wolseley
24 Jul 1924.DEAcross Ferry
3 Aug 1924.DEBob arrived home for holidays, having motor cycle from Gorry
4 Aug 1924.DEUp river to Cooneen with Methodist Y.P.A. Party went in 4 motor boats
6 Aug 1924.DEMark Lodge advanced Bob
13 Aug 1924.DER.A.C. §68 Bob exalted by Comp. Burchell Dist. Gd.Dir. if Cerem.
6.DEExtracted 12 teeth for Miss Nan Hurley at...
1 Apr 1925.DETook Em and Cecil to Killeagh
7 Apr 1925.DERy station
8 Apr 1925.DEMet Bob at station. resigned Tr. and Reg in R.A.C.
12 Apr 1925SundayDETea on road above Ardsallagh
13 Apr 1925Easter MondayDEShop closed. Expecting purchaser of premises. Drove out to Farrish strand and returned for lunch. Went to Kiley's cross &c
14 Apr 1925.LDLetter from Freemasons : severing connection to 68
15 Apr 1925.DEKilleagh Road
29 Apr 1925.DETook J.E.Wood to station and R.Clinghan to Raven's Rock
11 May 1925.DETemplemichael
13 May 1925.DETook Em, Bob and Cecil up Tallow Hill turned left to Ardagh Church (ruins) Tea near river Park.
16 May 1925.DEAbortive auction of business
20 May 1925WednesdayDEWent to Cork with Em, Bob and Cecil by 2.30 train
25 May 1925.DETemplemichael
27 May 1925MondayDETook Em and Cecil to Knockaderry (Castlemartyr). Bob went to
...Cork by 2.30 train and bought Douglas m/c [new]
1 Jun 1925Whit MondayDETook Em and Cecil to Glenbower. Bob rode his Douglas. Mrs. and Misses McGibney went by train left 11 home about 7.30
8 Jun 1925.DETallow Road
16 Sep 1925.DEReturned to Blarney by train. Bob went with her. I took Em and Cecil to Cork and brought Bob back. Called at Hodges and had tea there
20 Sep 1925.DETook Em, Bob and Cecil to Clonmel and returned by Dungarvan.
23 Sep 1925.DETook Bob to Cork. Attended D.G.Chap. and D.G.S.T. Brought Robin Atkins back. Bob returned on his motor cycle which was repaired.
27 Sep 1925.DELeft with Em and Cecil for Clonmel via Dungarvan. Slept at Clinghans.
28 Sep 1925.DELeft Clonmel 10am Kilkenny, Carlow, Naas arr Dublin 4 o'c stayed ay Jury's Hotel
29 Sep 1925.DELeft Dublin 10.45 arr Braidujle at 6.30 (cir) Lunch at Dundalk with Kiernan
30 Sep 1925.DETaken round Ards peninsula in Aunt Hattie's Alvis
1 Oct 1925.DEIn Alvis, Larne, Antrim Coats, Giant's Causeway, back via Gortin and Randals Town, Giant's Ring, Drumbo
2 Oct 1925.DEIn Belfast for lunch. Theatre. Tea at Bertha House
3 Oct 1925.DERound Belfast
4 Oct 1925.DEVisited Brown's in afternoon
5 Oct 1925.DELeft Drumbo 9.20, Dundalk, Balbriggan
12.25.DEWent to Blaney Br. Thompsons were away
15 Dec 2025.DEI.O.G.T. session lectured on Borderland of plant and animal life with microscope.
16 Dec 2025.DETook Em and Cecil to foot of Dungarvan Sweep, returned via Ballymacart and Kelly's Cross.
31 Dec 2025.DEXmas Tree and dance in Parochial Hall
5 Jan 1926.DESocial in Good Templar Hallo
6 Jan 1926.DEInstalled Sec. §68
11 Jan 1926.DEWorked lantern and described motor trip to Braidujle under title 'Crossing the Border' in Methodist School,
13 Jan 1926.DEProtestant Social Dance on Parochial Hall
20 Jan 1926.DETook Em. Cecil and Mrs Robert in car, Glendine, Headboro and Tallow. Tea at Roberts on way home
25 Jan 1926.DETook Em and Cecil to Dungarven en route for Bournemouth. Took Ena Donald as ballast.
27 Jan 1926WednesdayDEPresided at I.O.G.T. District Lodge in Christchurch Lodge, Cork. Returned by 6.15 train. Rene Munyard and Ena Donald also present
2 Feb 1926.DEExtracted 14 teeth for J.F. Foley, Windmill Lane. Dr. Kennedy gave Chloro and Ether.
10.DEWent to Cork in Austin to see Elliots
9 Nov 1927.DEBrought Em and Cecil back from Clonmel
1311SundayDEEm and Cecil to Clonmel
14 Nov 1927.DEIllustrated Rev. J.Neil's Lecture 'India' in Methodist School
24 Nov 1927ThursdayDETook Em and Cecil to Clonmel
25 Nov 1927.DEDungarven
27 Nov 1927.DEClonmel
30 Nov 1927.DEStradbally, turned North and joined Waterford road 2 miles beyond Lennybrian 57miles
5 Dec 1927.DEIllustrated Rev. V.W.Darlings lecture 'History of St Mary's Church' in Methodist School
6 Dec 1927.DEOpening social of Y.P.S. in Parochial Hall
7 Dec 1927.DEMiss Levingston's Organ Recital in St. Mary's Church. §68 afterwards
24 Dec 1927.DETook Cecil to Dungarvan to meet Bob
26 Dec 1927.DEClonmel
27 Dec 1927.DEdo.
28 Dec 1927.DEDungarvan. Tea at McCarthy's Abbeydide
29 Dec 1927.DEIllustrated Bob's lecture 'Bournemouth' in Parochial Hall
30 Dec 1927.DEBob enrolled as Freeman
2 Jan 1928.DETook Bob to Dungarvan en route for Bournemouth
4 Jan 1928.DEArdmore
6 Jan 1928.DE(9 to 2am) Fancy dress dance in Parochial Hall (Y.P.S.S.)
7 Jan 1928.DEShort dance in Parochial Hall after Xmas Tree
8 Jan 1928SundayDETook J.C. Clingan to Clonmel
11 Jul 1928..K.T. No. 1 Mourne Preceptory, Cork
17 Oct 1928.DETook Lucy and Mona Collier to Cork and queenstown
20 Oct 1928.DEWolseley engine died circ. 25 years
22 Oct 1928.DEGot Star engine from E.Thomas for £4. Drove Brooks car to Dungarvan harvest festival.
24 Oct 1928.DEConferred M.M.M. on W.F.Hall
28 Oct 1928SundayDEArdmore with Lucy and Mona Collier
31 Oct 1928.DEWent to Cork 10.15am Took Lucy and Mona Collier, after lunch went to Bandon. Home 6pm. Social in Parochial Hall afterwards Y.Y.M.P.A.
4 Nov 1928SundayDEClonmel with Lucy and Mona Collier
14 Nov 1928.DETook L.Collier to Cork. Bought Austin engine and dynamo from xPort's
14 Nov 1928..K. Hospitalier of St. John of Jerusalem
17 Nov 1928.DEEngine and dynamo delivered.
24 Nov 1928.DEWent to Cork Attended meeting of Great Priory of Instruction in Tuckey St. at 4pm. Dinner 6.30. 8o'c Kt of Malta received the degree
29 Nov 1928.DEDrove Brook's car to Lismore re opening of Methodist Church
9 Dec 1928.DETook L.Collier to Clonmel
12 Dec 1928.DETook L.Collier to Roch's Point to see wrecked Celtic
4.DELectured in I.O.G.T. Hall 'Cork and Kerry'. Darling in Chair, Davidson operator
22 Dec 1928.DEStarted for ....
4 Mar 1929.DECecil went to National School. Joan Morgan came as apprentice
6 Mar 1929.DETook Em and Cecil to Ardmore. Fixed cipher on Mrs.Fogarty's American organ, and put one new pull down on Church organ.
10 Mar 1929.DEEm and Cecil to Clonmel, took them and Lil. Clinghan round by Golf Links and Slate Quarries
12 Mar 1929.DEIllustrated Rev. Baker's lecture 'Bees' in Parochial Hall KilleafhMt. Uniacke, Inch in car. Presided at R.A.C.
18 Mar 1929MondayDEFair Day. Closed at 1 o'c. Went to Fermoy via MT. Uniacke and Ahern. Returned to Ballyduff and Cappoquin
19 Mar 1929.DEWent to Cork with Em and Cecil. 2pm attended Kt. of Malta degree
20 Mar 1929.DE§68
27 Mar 1929.DEClonmel, got Maxwell (?) to measure car for new mudguards
1 Apr 1929Easter MondayDEWent to Fermoy, Donerail, Buttervant, Limerick, visited Ardnacrusna [This is in Clare?]. Returned via Tipperary, Clonmel and Bungarvan. Total 178 miles
5 Apr 1929.DERev. Rarker Johnson arr. 4.20 by bus. Showed Lantern in Parochial Hall 'Legend Land of the G.W.Railway'.
7 Apr 1929SundayDETook P. Johnson to Knockanore, Cappoquin
1 Sep 1930.DEInnishaun and two Bandon Churches. Tea with Miss Wood
3 Sep 1930.DEAcross Ferry
7 Sep 1930SundayDEClonmel
10 Sep 1930.DEWent to Bournend (?) with car alone see special tool
1 Oct 1930.DECame home
5 Oct 1930SundayDEClonmel
8 Oct 2030..Registrar
16 Oct 1930.DEBrought Em home
19 Oct 1930.DETook Em and Cec to ....
22 Oct 1930.DEWent to Clonmel with Cecil via Clashmore and Modellingo, Cappoquin, Lismore. Harvest Festival in Lismore Meth Ch. and supper afterwards. Home through Tallow
2 Nov 1930.DELeft Em in Clonmel
7 Nov 1930.DEI.O.G.T. Social
12 Nov 1930.DEBrought Em home from Clonmel in Donald's car
19 Nov 1930.DELil Clinghan died
21 Nov 1930.DEWent to Clonmel. Lil Clinghan's funeral. Brought Em home.
24 Nov 1930.DEMet Ena Donald on bus Clonmel at Dungarvan.
26 Nov 1930.DEGlendine
3 Dec 1930.DEGlenbower
10 Dec 1930.DEVisit from J.McDonagh re biz
31 Dec 1930.DEQueenstown
25 Oct 1931SundayDEClonmel
28 Oct 1931.DECork
30 Oct 1931.DEY.Y.M.P.A. dance
4 Nov 1931.DECork
10 Nov 1931.DEGlenbrook, said goodbye to Rev. Hodges [of Youghal]
12 Nov 1931.LDLetter from I.O.G.T. re leaving Ireland
23 Nov 1931.DECappoquin, Lismore, Cloheen, Cahir, Clonmel
24 Nov 1931.LDletter from I.O.G.T.
29 Nov 1931.DEMacroom, Inishcarra (tea with Mrs. Miss (?) Gosust (?), Blackhouse (Mr Cannaven) Queenstown
1 Dec 1931.DEWestbury took over business
2 Dec 1931.DEI.O.G.T.farewell
4 Dec 1931.DEAuction
..LDSolicitors Bill re costs
7 Dec 1931.DESet off Wallis van with furniture etc.
8 Dec 1931.DELeft Dungarvan 8.37pm
9 Dec 1931WednesdayDEArr Bournemouth 2.30
18 Dec 1931.DEWallis's van arrived with furniture etc
26 Dec 1931.DEMeacham's party
13 Mar 1932.DEInstallation in Mark Lodge Boscombe
22 Mar 1932..St. Michaels
9 Sep 1932.DEChristchurch I.O.G.T. social
10 Sep 1932SaturdayDEDurdle Dor and Charlton (?)
11 Sep 1932.DEWinton P. Methodist Church, Longham, Hampreston, Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, Sturminster Marshal, Badbury Rings (tea), Holt, West Moors. 6.10 Ferndown Methodist School
14 Sep 1932.DEYN Gen Meeting 3pm
9 Dec 1932.LDLetter ft I.O.G.T. re leaving.
31 Dec 1932..Resigned
1 Jan 1933.DEUncle Hugh died [don't know who Richard Torrens]
3 Jan 1933.DE6 Kinson Lodge
17 Mar 1933.DEMethodist entertainment, Winton
19 Mar 1933.DESt. Marks Talbot. Afternoon, Bob's car Ferndown, Verwood, Ibsley, Ringwood etc
22 Mar 1933.DECecil got measels
10.DEI.O.G.T. Lantern lecture Holmes family arrived. Morn: took J. Holmes to Kinson and Winton. Afternoon Wareham, Swanage and Kingston
13.DECar stopped Charminster end of King's Road. Rev. R.J.Aldridge in MY 1258 collided and bent wing, torque tube and steering, broke spokes Camera club 8
13 Mar 1933.DEReg Poole's organ recital Baptist Ch. Poole
14 Mar 1933.DEHolmes family went home. F. Wilnaker died. Pd Haynes 12/10 for repairing car
17 Mar 1933.DEF. Wilnaker funeral
30 Oct 1933.DEWent to London in Maxwell's car, bought outfit for Ferndown
31 Oct 1933.DE8 Caledonian Dance. Cadena
29 Jan 1934.DEOpened branch at West Moors, room from Mrs Brewer (Sutton's manager) @ 10/- per week
12 Apr 1934.LDAgreement re Glendower
21 Apr 1934.DEMoved from Dudsbury Av. to Glenbower Victoria Rd [The name was originally Glendower but the o.m. changed it]
20 Apr 1934SaturdayDERingwood. Burley Street, Lyndhurst, Hythe (Motor boat exhibition), Lepe, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Burley, Picket Post, Ringwood.
13 Oct 1934.DESouthampton ran into at Cadnam by Talbot (Mr Batslow). Austin burned. Returned in Ambulance to S Hants Hospital.
14 Oct 1934SundayDESouthampton in Bob's car to see Em in hospital
18 Oct 1934.DEEm died in Southampton Hospital 4 pm
..LDDeath certificate and Photos of car
1 Jul 1935.DEInvite Boscombe I.O.G.T.
2 Jul 1935.DEElected member of Wimborne K.T.
29 Jun 1935.DEIDS Lantern Sandbanks Hotel
4 Dec 1935..Hyde Perceptory, Wimborne
7 Jan 1936.DEInstalled Organist K.T. Wimborne 5.45
4 Jan 1936.DECorfe Mullen, Lytchett Minster, Morden, Bere Regis, Milborne St. Andrew, Winterborne, Whitchurch, Bailey Gate, Wimborne
...Camping tour, Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, Pangbourne, Wallingford, Long Crendon etc
22 Aug 1938.LDLetter JMT ->Gwen details tour.
7 Sep 1938.DEWireless College open. Took Cecil to Calmore.
Calmore was the Wireless College at Southampton.
2.DE8pm Southampton lodge I.O.G.T.
3SaturdayDESouthampton docks
14 Jan 1939.DESouthampton
15 Jan 1939.DEtook Cecil to Calmore
16 Jan 1939.DEFordingbridge Lodge
17 Jan 1939.DE7.45 IDS
18 Jan 1939.DECecil has German measles
1 Feb 1939.DELunch at Pembroke Hotel with Bob and M [Margaret]
22 May 1939.DEM received into C of E Hampreston
10 Jun 1939.DEBob and Margaret married 8 am
1 Nov 1939.DEBrought Cecil home from Calmore after exams
15 Jan 1940.DESouthampton. Cecil fixed up with Marconi 6.30 Church Council
16 Jan 1940.DEKT
17 Jan 1940.DECecil instructed by 1pm by phone to call on Marconi 9am
7 Jan 2041.DE2.30 K.T. Wimborne Installed organist again
25 Feb 1942.DE5 Mark Lode Bournemouth Bob installed V.W.M.
5 Jan 1943.DEK.T. wimborne Installed S.B. Tea followed car home.
4 Jan 1944..2nd Herald
22 Apr 1944..Died
..LDObituary note by RGT.

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