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[4qd-bannvalley] McKAY and CAMPBELL, Lislea townland, Kilrea parish

Alison --

Don't have anything specific on your family per se.  However, I'm also 
looking for a McKay/McCay/McKie connection just down the road.  My family 
is from Gorteade, in Maghera parish, SE Co. Derry.  My greatgrandfather was 
Bernard Kane/O'Kane (b ca. 1821) and was married Mary 
McKay/McCay/McKie.  They lived in Gorteade until about 1861-63, when they 
moved to Gateshead, England, just across the Tyne River from 
Newcastle.  The family began migrating to the US from about 1882 thru 1890, 
landing primarily in Philadelphia.  Although my family are Roman Catholic, 
intermarriage was not unheard of.  Would love to hear from you if you think 
there may be any connection.


At 12:01 PM 1/9/2005 -0400, you wrote:
> From the "hope springs eternal" department:  :-)
>Our 3xGreat-Grandparents were John McKAY and Mary CAMPBELL of Lislea.
>One of their daughters, Jane, married Samuel KILPATRICK at Kilrea First 
>Presbyterian in 1834.
>Although I've found out quite a lot about Samuel's family, any more 
>information about Jane's has eluded me thus far ... except that her 
>sister, Margaret, died in 1847 while accompanying Samuel & Jane on their 
>journey to Canada.  Two of Samuel's and Jane's children also perished 
>during the passage.
>Are there perhaps other listers researching the McKAYs and/or CAMPBELLs 
>from Lislea townland? or who have made a connection with the John McKay & 
>Mary Campbell family specifically?
>Pauline O'Keeffe, who with Helen Evans, transcribed gravestone 
>inscriptions from the Kilrea First and Second Presbyterian graveyards last 
>fall, was in touch with me last year ... and if I recall correctly, her 
>McKAY interests are tied up with Neil McKay of "The Isle" in Lislea.  I'm 
>not sure whether we can make a connection there or not, although it does 
>seem plausible that there might be one.
>I think these McKAYs may have been Church of Ireland parishioners.
>Alison Causton
>Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia